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Shockingly simple idea management platform proven to transform ideas into impact. Return on Investment Guarantee, fast and easy onboarding, 24x7 customer support, and enterprise grade security. Read more about Ideawake
Intelligent innovation management software, empowering business leaders to achieve the impossible. Read more about Qmarkets
Digitize Your Business 10x Faster at One-Tenth the Cost - Transform your organization with AI-powered processes, dashboards, and applications. Read more about Praxie
Miro is #1 collaborative whiteboard platform for teams of any size, trusted by over 13M users worldwide. A quick and easy way for teams to capture, organize, and structure their ideas. Brainstorm, plan projects, map out information architecture, create org charts, and develop sales strategies. Read more about Miro
Empower your community to submit ideas and vote for existing ones with Aha! Ideas. Review, organize, and score ideas in a central location. Integrate with Salesforce to prioritize what drives revenue. Analyze feedback trends at the individual, company, and segment level. Use AI to uncover new themes Read more about Aha!
MindMeister is a cloud-based mind mapping solution designed to help organizations of all sizes manage brainstorming, collaboration, innovation, and project planning. MindMeister enables users to graphically represent information using videos, comments and PDFs or spreadsheets. Read more about MindMeister
#1 Innovation-Led Growth Platform. Collect, develop and act on the best ideas from employees and customers without any of the busywork. Read more about Ideanote
#1 Customer Rated Innovation Management Software for 3 years in a row. Learn how Brightidea can enable your innovation efforts and how our software and solutions can help you realize the innovation outcomes that are most important for your business. Read more about Brightidea
SoftExpert Suite is a purpose-built solution for managing the entire lifecycle of new idea generation, encompassing implementation and evaluation of return on investment (ROI). The tool is an innovation and change management solution designed to cater to organizations of all sizes and segments. Read more about SoftExpert Suite
Wordtune provides AI-driven rewriting suggestions, and summarizing features to enhance productivity. Read more about Wordtune
UserVoice collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback. Read more about UserVoice
Swiss online whiteboard software for creative and interactive collaboration to bring your online meetings, and workshops to the next level. The software is GDPR-compliant, and the data is hosted securely in NL and Switzerland. You can also self-host the data on-premises or in your cloud. Read more about Collaboard
Planview Spigit is the #1 idea management software for crowdsourcing ideas for enterprise innovation. Increase employee engagement, streamline processes, and more. Read more about Planview IdeaPlace
Keto is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses establish automated workflows and manage innovations, projects, teams, tasks, risks, resources, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes customizable data models, which let organizations configure data processing architecture to handle functions related to data filtering,... Read more about Keto
Canny helps product teams to collect and organize user feedback and feature requests to better understand customer needs, and prioritize their product roadmap Read more about Canny enables product teams to turn their innovative ideas into products that matter with an end-to-end platform that streamlines the entire product development process — from strategic planning, roadmapping, prioritization, and capacity planning, to portfolio management. Read more about
Planbox is an innovation management platform to seek, develop and manage ideas, feedback & suggestions from employees, customers and suppliers. Read more about Planbox Innovate
Idea Drop is an online idea management solution with native mobile app support, enabling businesses to set challenges and capture innovative solutions Read more about Idea Drop
Idea management software that feeds the innovation pipeline with feasible, desirable, and viable new products, processes, business models, and more. Read more about IdeaScale
Accept Mission is an innovation platform for idea generation, idea management, project portfolio management and analytics. Get a view on the whole innovation project portfolio and spot the right projects that deliver the most value at minimal effort. Analyse progression in just one dashboard. Read more about Accept Mission
Viima is an idea & innovation management software designed to provide medium and large enterprises with the tools they need to collect ideas and effectively manage them all the way through to innovations. Read more about Viima
Crowdicity is an online idea management platform with a collaborative, social approach to gathering feedback & evaluating responses to organizational challenges Read more about Medallia Ideas
FeedBear helps companies collect customer feedback, manage customer satisfaction scores, and communicate with their customers at scale. Read more about Feedbear
IdeaBridge is founded in 2017 and runs out of Bardez, India provides enterprise innovation and idea management platform. It allows users to manage new products and services ideas, collaborates with teams. IdeaBridge provides solutions for professional services, financial, manufacturing, marketing, g Read more about IdeaBridge
Does your company use Microsoft Teams, Yammer or Workplace from Facebook? If so, then Sideways 6 is the idea management platform for you. Organizations like Nestle, AstraZeneca and British Airways trust Sideways 6 to help them empower employees to share ideas and bring the best ones to life. Read more about Sideways 6
Integrated software for Idea & Innovation Management, Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing, Innovation Projects and Idea Campaigns. Our tools have been applied to >3,000 new products generating significant revenues for companies like Qualcomm, Munich Re Insurance, Henkel, Vodafone, Nestle, ABB etc. Read more about CrowdWorx Innovation Engine
Choose Yumana's leading collective intelligence solutions to maximize your performance. Using Yumana software, accelerate the transition from ideation to project development and ensure measurable results for your organization. Join industry leaders such as L'Oréal, LVMH, VINCI and many others: opt for Yumana. Read more about Yumana
HYPE Innovation is a cloud-based innovation management solution which helps small to midsize firms manage the complete innovation life cycle. The platform facilitates brainstorming, collaboration, project tracking, front-end portfolio management, evaluation and implementation. Read more about HYPE Innovation
Babele is a community platform to manage innovation and entrepreneurship programs. It enables users to engage stakeholders in e-learning, idea generation, business modeling, online mentoring, and peer collaboration. Read more about Babele
AEVO is a modular solution for corporate innovation management that makes it possible to stimulate intrapreneurship through the implementation of idea programs, improve the management of research projects, and use mechanisms to develop communication among teams. Available in English and Portuguese. Read more about AEVO
We offer a suite of innovative solutions to help you solve problems, empower your people, and grow your business. Read more about Innovation Minds
Capture, connect and share knowledge from experience feedbacks, documents and IoT devices to enhance your business intelligence and innovation capability. Read more about PICC Software
XLeap is the benchmark in facilitation software. Instead of emulating face-to-face workshops with their weaknesses, XLeap overcomes social and process barriers to productivity, honesty, and openness. It includes video conferencing powered by Dolby. Automatic documentation in Word and Excel. Read more about XLeap by MeetingSphere
SkipsoLabs is a cloud-based innovation and idea management solution designed to help public and private sector organizations find, manage, and develop great ideas. SkipsoLabs streamlines the idea submission process by allowing employees from various departments to submit ideas digitally, and share them with others via email or social media... Read more about Skipso
Get AI-generated answers to all your business questions about companies, markets, and trends driving transformational change Read more about Vizologi
Launch, manage, automate, measure and boost value to any program with Accubate. Read more about Accubate
Hives is an incredibly user-friendly tool that makes it easy to capture all the ideas managers need from the team and prioritize them with powerful workflows. Users won't have to worry about forgetting any fantastic ideas, as Hives streamlines the entire process. Read more about
Co:tunity is a collaborative trendspotting and idea management platform. It provides tools and processes that enable enterprises to easily gather, share, analyze and develop ideas as well as trends and scenarios. Read more about Co:tunity
Clarity is a financial reporting software designed to help businesses manage customers, finances, ideas, resources, and projects. Administrators can execute strategic investments and create project portfolios on a centralized dashboard. Read more about Clarity
SuitePro-G is a customizable project portfolio management software with an intuitive interface, easy to use, collaborative and integrated. Read more about SuitePro-G
Ezassi is a cloud-based idea management platform, which helps businesses crowdsource, assess, and acquire ideas from internal and external sources. Features include automated scoring, product lifecycle management, custom workflows, an idea repository, reporting, and analytics. Read more about Ezassi
The Nosco platform is your go-to place for all your innovation initiatives - Idea campaign, open innovation, incubation project, you name it. We help you digitise your innovation efforts, promote cross-organisational collaboration and bring your best ideas to life faster. Read more about Nosco
Howspace empowers organizations to bring their people together to learn, collaborate, and arrive at decisions that drive progress. Our platform helps guide shared journeys, make sense of large-scale conversations, and ensures that everyone has a role in creating impact. Read more about Howspace
edison365ideas enables you to democratize innovation within your business, boost collaboration and capture ideas from across your business. Read more about edison365 suite
Exago collaborative innovation app speeds up your business transformation, by connecting to your people’s ideas, anytime, anywhere. Read more about Exago Smart
One platform for innovation, transformation, and growth. ITONICS Innovation OS is for teams that want to upgrade their end-to-end innovation capabilities and drive growth systematically. Integrate and scale all your foresight, ideation, and portfolio activities in a single collaborative system. Read more about ITONICS
Beeshake facilitates collective intelligence and collaborative innovation in companies. Employees become actors of your company's life and strategy by suggesting new ideas and innovations to make it more efficient, attractive and engaging. Read more about Beeshake
PetSnap's connected innovation intelligence platform helps you connect the right dots at every step of your innovation funnel. Read more about PatSnap
SyncForce is an unique software system that connects product development with the distribution of product information. With the SyncForce Product Success Platform packaged goods manufacturers accelerate product development and ensure optimal digital availability across all channels and customers. Read more about SyncForce

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