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62 Software options is a cloud-based enterprise risk management suite designed to help businesses across retail banking, eCommerce, FinTech, eCommerce, government, hospitality, and other sectors detect and prevent identity frauds using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Read more about
CapitalDigital is an online banking platform designed to help organizations manage retail, corporate and private banking services, maintain digital wallets, and streamline customer onboarding, real-time support, and market segmentation, among other processes from within a unified platform. Teams can gain insights into utilized features through... Read more about CapitalDigital
Backed by Visa's 99.999% uptime, easily connect payments to every part of your business, including shopping carts, accounting, subscriptions, over the phone, in-store and more. Accept payments today. Read more about
Fast and easy global B2B payment solutions for freelancers, sellers, SMB/SMEs, and enterprise-level businesses. Metaprise enables you to quickly pay and get paid in multiple methods around the world, all in one platform. Read more about Metaprise
Chime is a mobile banking software designed to help teams and individuals streamline tax returns, unemployment benefits, paycheck deposits, and government stimulus payouts. It lets users track account balances and daily transactions, receive balance notifications and transaction alerts, and send money to friends and family. Read more about Chime
Plaid is a technology platform which allows users to create connections between applications and bank accounts to authenticate accounts, check balances in real time, verify identities, validate income, pull transaction data, and verify borrower assets Read more about Plaid
Serrala is a global financial automation and B2B payments software company creating more secure payment capabilities worldwide for enterprises of all sizes. Offering truly differentiated on-premise, cloud and SaaS solutions. Read more about Serrala Suite
Open is a cloud-based software designed to help startups and small to midsize enterprises manage payments, virtual accounts, cash, invoices, taxes, expenses, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes payroll management functionality, which enables businesses to track employees’ attendance and leaves, create payslips, and analyze reports... Read more about Open
Are you looking for a core banking system? Oradian covers each step of your loan workflow so if you are looking for a loan management system that can seamlessly process more loans and serve more clients faster, choose Oradian. Oradian's core banking system covers each step of your loan workflow with features such as integrated accounting, deposit... Read more about Oradian
Zil Bank offers a convenient banking solution for startups and freelancers. Read more about ZilBank
Jamio is a no-code business process management platform designed to create cloud applications. The applications created on Jamio openwork platform helps companies drive digital transformation. It can automate and simplify company procedures, manage documents , offer collaboration tools and much more Read more about Jamio openwork
The most user-friendly online banking software platform in the world. Online in 24 hrs with your own branding. Read more about EBANQ
Acorns is a personal banking solution for individuals or groups that consolidates personal checking, investments, and retirement financial accounts in one location. The system manages daily checking deposits such as direct deposits, check deposits, and mobile check deposits while providing a smart deposit assistant, which automatically sets money... Read more about Acorns
PayNet offers fully managed and ready to use - Neo Banking and Payment software solutions to enable use cases on: - Payments - Lending - Deposits Read more about PayNet Banking Platform
Musoni is the specialist digitalization partner for financial institutions. The multi award winning cloud banking system has been proven to help MFIs to efficiently manage & grow their portfolio. Read more about Musoni
NexorONE is an online banking platform which offers a variety of modules that help serve different financial institutions. The cloud-based software aids with transaction management, allows users to send international wires, works as a payment platform and allows customers to communicate online. Read more about NexorONE
BankOne is an online and mobile banking software designed to help businesses in the financial sector with account management, funds transfer, payment gateway integration, and much more. The platform enables managers to handle penalties, amortization, automated credit assessments, and treasury. Read more about BankOne
Bankingly is a SaaS cloud-based platform for financial institutions, enabling seamless digital banking solutions. The platform is designed to help financial institutions automate online banking processes via iOS and Android mobile applications. Read more about Bankingly
Intergiro is a Swedish business banking provider and payment processor that offers merchant business accounts with an API-driven platform. Enjoy same-day settlements (T+0), reliable and efficient processing solutions with rapid merchant onboarding, and you get business banking services for free. Read more about Intergiro
Kapowai Online Banking is a multifunctional remote banking system which allows users to manage accounts, cards, payments, transfers, and more, all in real-time Read more about Kapowai Online Banking
Macrobank is a ready-to-implement core banking and payment software platform for fintechs, digital banks, payment processors. The solution functionality provides customer onboarding and AML, digital banking, SWIFT/SEPA payments, forex, payments to card, card issuing and acquiring. Read more about Macrobank
eBanking is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate processes for performing financial transactions using mobile banking, financial reporting, and marketing tools. The touch-enabled solution lets users manage bill payments through mobile devices across multiple locations. Read more about eBanking
Backbase is a cloud-based solution which assists financial institutions with streamlining processes for digital banking, customer experience, user management, & more. It is designed to help private banks manage account opening, customer onboarding & loans, from a centralized platform. Read more about Backbase
Xobin is a glitch-free online assessment platform. Conduct Pre Employment Skills Assessments, Psychometric Assessments and Job Tests using Xobin. Choose from an Assessment Library of over 800+ Pre-Built Tests and 30,000+ Questions and automate screening and shortlisting. Read more about Interact
Corporate-to-Bank Integration Platform is a financial management software designed to help businesses integrate with banks to streamline finance operations. Treasury teams can access multiple back-office systems, payment schemes & other services provided by banking partners from a single platform. Read more about AccessPay Platform
Budget Insight brings Open Banking and Open Finance technologies to 230 companies, from major banking institutions to fintech startups. Its API and products enable its clients and their end-users to aggregate financial data and documents and to perform payment initiations. Read more about Powens
FinCell is white label mobile banking app developed by Baltic Amadeus. FinCell helps financial institutions go mobile in weeks rather than months starting with our rich out of box functionality. Read more about FinCell
Omnibanca is an omnichannel banking platform designed to help cooperatives and neo banks manage campaigns and streamline various administrative processes, such as customer experience, payment processing, document management, and more. Read more about Omnibanca
Swan is a platform that allows banking features to be directly embedded into products. It can be used to create bank accounts, issue Mastercard cards, and enable transfers and debits using IBANs. Read more about Swan
The Alkami Platform provides financial institutions a complete digital banking solution to securely onboard, engage, & grow retail & business users for banks & credit unions. Clients set the pace of innovation with customized user experiences via our platform & extensive fintech partner ecosystem. Read more about Alkami Platform
Quanto® is a software in the cloud that allows financial institutions to automate their processes, improve their productivity and achieve their strategic objectives Read more about Quanto
Revogear is a modular, scalable online banking software suite built to help private international banks, electronic money institutions, and payment provider institutions with managing electronic money payments, and international transfers. It includes multi-currency and cryptocurrency support. Read more about Revogear
Mobile Money is a cloud-based mobile banking solution which helps small to midsize financial businesses set up services for cash-in deposits, cash-out withdrawals, online payments, person-to-merchant payments, and more. The platform provides a secure wallet-on-a-phone service via mobile operators. Read more about Telepin Mobile Money
Cyberbank is the next-gen digital and core banking platform from Technisys that redefines the customer experience. Read more about Cyberbank
Q2 is a cloud-based mobile banking platform, which assists banks and credit unions with customer experience management and compliance. Key features include payment processing, process automation, data mapping, transaction monitoring, data security, fraud mitigation, and analytics. Read more about Q2 Platform
Achieve breakthrough digital experience on our innovative Mobile Financial Solutions Platform Take part in the mobile payments revolution with our custom-fit Mobile Financial Solutions Platform Read more about MFS PLATFORM
ndgit is a banking solution designed to help businesses in the finance sector streamline the online processing of various financial services in a centralized dashboard. It envisions itself as an intermediary between banks, insurance companies, and customers. Read more about ndgit
Simbuka is an online banking solution designed to help emerging financial institutions streamline loan management processes. The software allows managers to handle and control credit portfolios. Read more about Simbuka
finleap connect enables banks to digitize their businesses and use options provided by fintech services. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allows users to select appropriate functions from among its modules to implement their own digitized financial services. Read more about finleap connect
ComplianceWise is for institutions that routinely process a high volume of payment transactions. The software automatically screens scheduled payments and transactions. Workflows ensure the right person authorizes the payment after screening. Read more about ComplianceWise
Alviere’s banking technology lets you easily embed FBO (For-Benefit-Of) accounts into your platform so you can offer valuable, customized financial services to your employees and clients. Inherent to our products are advanced compliance, security and fraud protection. Read more about Alviere Hive
Financial Navigator is an integrated solution designed to help finance teams optimize cash management processes, handle payments and streamline decision-making processes. Read more about Financial Navigator
Rebank is a financial platform designed for startups. Some of its main features include business payments, intercompany transfers, or salary payments in over 30 currencies using the real exchange rate. Read more about Rebank
Oracle Banking Digital Experience is an online banking systems solution designed to help businesses manage finances, bulk payments, investments, virtual accounts, liquidities, and more from within a unified platform. Read more about Oracle Banking Digital Experience
Jeeves is an all-in-one financial and expense management platform. This solution allows users to manage global businesses and teams. Read more about Jeeves
CFG is a suite of software tools for financial institutions that allows clients to access their services remotely. It comes with an AI chatbot capable of over carrying out 500 banking tasks, customizable interfaces, a mobile-first design, transactional caps, and various user or client restrictions. Read more about CFG
eBSEG provides digital sales and Onboarding Platform for banks. It isn’t only to generate leads from bank customers. But also to attract new customers outside and upsell more products to existing customers. Read more about eBSEG Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform
A financial management platform made for ecommerce. Use Juni to make better decisions, scale up, and unlock the potential of your online business. Multi-currency cards and accounts PayPal, Stripe, and Google Ads integrations 2% cashback for your first 30 days, up to 1% thereafter And much more Read more about Juni

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