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Trade Promotion Master is an AI-enhanced trade promotion management solution designed to improve planning & revenue for global CPG companies Read more about Trade Promotion Master
Vividly’s cloud-based trade promotion management software gives consumer packaged goods brands the insight they need to streamline operations and transform how they do business. Read more about Vividly
Blacksmith TPM is a cloud-based trade promotion management solution for businesses within the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry. The platform offers features including promotions planning, approval workflows, deductions management, contract management, analytics, and more. Read more about Blacksmith TPM
Checkmob is a cloud-based field service management solution designed to help organizations manage on-site operations through the creation of custom forms, real-time collaboration & activity planning. Features include data synchronization, reporting, location tracking, analytics & fuel reimbursement. Read more about Checkmob
No-code task management software for distributed teams, with a mobile app for the frontline, and reporting dashboards for leaders. Assign work, receive proof of completion, and measure execution to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce risk, and increase competitive advantage. Read more about FORM MarketX
Streamline your trade promotion management automatically and intelligently with direct connections to your retailers’ social pages. Read more about ThumbStopper Brand Manager
Blacksmith TPO is a trade optimization software that helps businesses in the food service and CPG retail industries build baseline models and automatically perform post event analysis (PEA) to improve promotional strategies. Managers can store data related to POS consumption, shipment, and more. Read more about Blacksmith TPO
Exceedra Trade Promotion Management is a SaaS solution designed to help businesses of all sizes set up objectives, allocate funds, and optimize trade events. Managers can forecast demands and collaborate with staff members on various operational planning processes. Read more about Exceedra Trade Promotion Management
CPGvision, a leader in Trade Promotion Management Software, is built for the CPG industry. Regardless of where you are in your RGM journey, CPGvision equips you with the solutions you need to optimize your revenue growth, built on the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce. Read more about CPGvision
Trademo Intel provides AI Enriched Trade Data Analytics on our Intuitive UI, making it most Accurate and Reliable Trade Intelligence Platform which is trusted By 1000+ businesses participating in global supply chains Read more about Trademo Intel
SAP Trade Management is a software that helps manage the business processes related to trading, from making quotes and deals to paying invoices. It is deployed either on-premise or in the cloud, depending on the requirements. Read more about SAP Trade Management
Unity allows you to: • trade all type of assets • serve brokerage flows of retail/institutional segments • manage client apps and professional web-interface • support trading with cryptocurrencies 24/7 • use single margin collateral Read more about Unity
Vistex is a cloud-based software that helps automate trade and channel programs, facilitates master data management, and provides visibility into vendor performance and program profitability. The platform allows you to manage various operations, including trade partner management, supplier data management, contract management, and more. Read more about Vistex
Datasembly provides instant access to retail product data from every store across retailers. The proprietary technology platform allows users to obtain and share pricing, promotions, and assortment insights with store-level detail. Read more about Datasembly
BluePlanner is a bottom-up Sales Planning, Trade Promotion Management (TPM), and Analytics software solution dedicated to helping fast-moving consumer goods companies. BluePlanner is an integrated and real-time system, designed to be accessible to all business functions. While giving the Key account managers maximum visibility on the performance... Read more about BluePlanner
TPO Planner is a white-space solution that integrates seamlessly with Trade Promotion Management (TPM) applications for closed loop trade promotion management. The application enables users to manage business constraints and to optimize to various objective functions, including maximum profit, maximum revenue, and maximum volume at the click of a... Read more about Trade Promotion Optimization
Promomash is the only all-in-one promotion management platform for growing CPG brands in retail. Plan, execute, analyze, and optimize all your retail trade promotions, field sales & marketing activities, and outsource your biggest headache, deductions, with a turnkey end-to-end managed process. Read more about Promomash
Cherry is a marketing automation and trade promotion management solution that helps businesses utilize machine learning technology to manage promotional offers and campaigns, optimizing the overall retargeting processes. It allows staff members to generate personalized offer recommendations by tracking customer behavior and attributes. Read more about Cherry
SaaS service for the - brand and sale management for CPG manufacturers and distributors, - standards control for retail chains and franchising, - marketing strategies` management for pharmaceutical manufacturers Read more about effie
Export Genius is a \market research and trade intelligence platform. The evaluation of international data provides a comprehensive insight into the market trends of various countries for different commodities to businesses belonging to different industries from all over the world. Read more about Export Genius
effectmanager is a web-based account management solution, which helps businesses plan, analyze and improve customer relationships as well as marketing campaigns. The trade promotion management module assists enterprises with managing delivery dates, evaluations, baseline calculations, and more. Read more about Effectmanager
DemandTec Lifecycle Pricing by Acoustic is a cloud-based software designed to help retailers and CPG partners manage product sales by offering optimal pricing, deals, promotions, and markdowns to buyers. Features include consumer behavior tracking, demand forecasting, data export, and commenting. Read more about DemandTec
Analytical solution that helps gives clear visibility into sales, revenue, costs, margins, inventory, and more to drive better decisions to continually create greater value for your business. Read more about Margin Minder
Trade and revenue management software solutions for managing advanced pricing, rebates, claims and deductions, and promotions pricing. Read more about Flintfox FFA
Acumen Invest is a leading trade promotion management and optimisation tool for consumer goods companies. Read more about Acumen Invest
Leafio Promotion Intelligence - it’s a leverage power of algorithms to keep your focus on gaining a competitive advantage and growing your business. Trade promotion management functionality: 🔹sales promo calendar 🔹selection of products for promotions 🔹sales forecast 🔹supplier conditions Read more about Trade Promotion Intelligence
Manhattan Active Omni is a cloud based solution that helps businesses in the retail industry streamline operations related to order management, customer engagement, point of sale and more. It is a digital self-service portal that lets organizations handle multiple order fulfillment methods, including ship to home, pick up in-store and single day... Read more about Manhattan Active Omni
Lett is a solution that is divided into modules, responsible for creating and executing digital trade marketing strategies to boost e-commerce sales. The platform collects and analyzes information about the positioning of products and their main competitors. Read more about Lett

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