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AI-enhanced predictive trade promotion management solution
Trade Promotion Master™ within Visualfabriq's suite of revenue management products, promises an end-to-end predictive trade promotion management solution that augments internal and external data integration with AI to aid management, finance, sales, supply chain, marketing and IT stakeholders Read more about Trade Promotion Master
Sales forecasting and trade promotion management solution
effectmanager is a web-based account management solution, which helps businesses plan, analyze and improve customer relationships as well as marketing campaigns. The trade promotion management module assists enterprises with managing delivery dates, evaluations, baseline calculations, and more. Read more about effectmanager
Foodservice & retail trade promotion management solution
GoSimple is a cloud-based trade promotion and contract management solution designed for small to midsize foodservice and consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses. The platform enables users to manage workflows, pricing, claims processing, trade planning, sales forecasting and more via analytics. Read more about GoSimple
Trade management software
Blacksmith enables clients to manage trade spending and pricing profitably, specializing in solving the needs of food and packaging manufacturers. Clients rely on Blacksmith software to plan, execute, settle and analyze their trade spending and pricing programs. Blacksmith solutions enable profitable decision-making, provide insight into trade... Read more about FORGE
Sales Planning, Trade Promotion, and Analytics Software for Consumer Goods Manufacturers
BluePlanner is a bottom-up Sales Planning, Trade Promotion Management (TPM), and Analytics software solution dedicated to helping fast-moving consumer goods companies. BluePlanner is an integrated and real-time system, designed to be accessible to all business functions. While giving the Key account managers maximum visibility on the... Read more about BluePlanner
Trade Promotion Optimization Planner
TPO Planner is a white-space solution that integrates seamlessly with Trade Promotion Management (TPM) applications for closed loop trade promotion management. The application enables users to manage business constraints and to optimize to various objective functions, including maximum profit, maximum revenue, and maximum volume at the click of a... Read more about TPO Planner