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Tableau Connector for Jira is an application that allows organizations to extract and migrate data from JIRA to Tableau for further analysis. Key software features include third-party integrations, data quality control, data transfer, access control management, data extraction, and analytics tools. Read more about Tableau Connector for Jira
AWS for Data includes analytics, data center, and database management solutions that help businesses extract insights from data faster, combine and replicate data across multiple data stores, manage infrastructure for data lakes, and implement machine learning and predictive analytics. Read more about AWS for Data
AWS Glue is an ETL software that helps businesses manage data preparation, discovery, transformation, replication, cleaning, and other processes from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the built-in data catalog to store and find data assets, such as table definitions, schemas, job definitions, and control information. Read more about AWS Glue
Altosio Migration Tool is a SAAS platform that allows businesses to migrate between cloud-based applications such as Trello, Asana, Planner, Microsoft365, Google Workspace. Altosio Migration Tool also offers custom scripts to help teams achieve the most out of Microsoft365 and Google subscriptions. Read more about Altosio Migration Tool
Power BI Connector for Shopify is an application for Power BI Shopify integration. It allows you to easily export the key e-commerce data from your Shopify store to Microsoft Power BI for further visualization and analytics. Read more about Power BI Connector for Shopify
CData Sync is an easy-to-use ETL solution that allows you to integrate data from any source, cloud platform, application, or on-premises system to leverage by leading analytics, BI, marketing, and accounting solutions to support vital business initiatives. Read more about CData Sync
The Tugger ETL tool allows users to safely and quickly get their data out of their source(s) and into Tableau or Microsoft Power BI for business reporting. It's the simple way to get started with data analytics or to boost what you're currently doing. Read more about Tugger
Cloud-based service for automated accounting document processing. Using sophisticated AI and OCR technologies Entera accurately recognizes, validates, and extracts data up to 10 times faster compared to human performance, even from unstructured documents. Read more about Entera
Upsolver’s data lake platform helps simplify the process for developers to integrate, manage and structure streaming data for analysis, whether on-premises or in the cloud, through a set of advanced stream processing algorithms and an intuitive drag & drop interface Read more about Upsolver
Stitch is an ETL software designed to help enterprises migrate business data from various online sources to data warehouses. It allows organizations to ensure data security in compliance with industry regulations, streamline operational workflows, and detect and report errors across data pipelines. Read more about Stitch
Backed by award-winning data analyst support, Mozart Data’s all-in-one modern data platform empowers anyone to centralize, organize, and analyze their data without engineering resources. Instead of piecing together tools, companies get everything needed to spin up a reliable data stack in an hour. Read more about Mozart Data
Altova MapForce is a data mapping tool that enables users to define, execute, and manage complex data integration and mapping relationships. Read more about Altova MapForce
Qubole provides a managed Big Data service that makes it simple to prepare, integrate and explore Big Data in the cloud. It is trusted by the largest brands in social media, online advertising, gaming and other data-intensive companies such as Pinterest, Quora, MediaMath and TubeMogul. Read more about Qubole Data Service
Atlan is a cloud-based data workspace solution designed to help businesses manage their entire data ecosystem, with tools for data discovery, quality profile generation & automatic lineage construction. The query builder allows non-technical users to query across data lakes, databases & warehouses. Read more about Atlan
Dancing Numbers is a data management software designed to help small to midsize businesses import and export data in bulk to/from QuickBooks. It allows managers to delete unwanted transactions and secure the transferred files or information using SSL encryption. Read more about Dancing Numbers
Adeptia Connect paves a shorter path to innovation and growth through its uniquely designed AI-powered data mapping, self-service integration, and large file data ingestion capability. Read more about Adeptia Connect
With Dromo, businesses can give customers a beautiful end-to-end spreadsheet importing flow in minutes. It is designed to speed up your customer time-to-value, decrease onboarding friction, and clean up data. Read more about Dromo is a highly customizable and feature-rich ETL tool that brings transparency and simplicity to marketing data aggregation. Read more about
Data management and marketing intelligence tools For leading brands and agencies. Unstructured data is bad data and puts marketing investment decisions at risk. Run anatics to extract, transform, load your data; run marketing programs with confidence. Read more about Anatics
Etleap is a cloud-based Redshift ETL tool which allows users to combine data from multiple sources in a Redshift warehouse and apply custom data transformations Read more about Etleap
Tranzactor is a cloud-based suite of integration solutions designed to help businesses in logistics, intermodal, trucking, and warehousing sectors automate processes related to data transformation, decision support, and electronic data interchange Read more about Tranzactor
Simflofy is a cloud-based siloed content management system, which allows businesses to search for and manage documents from across multiple platforms. The solution offers features including federated search, document access and preview, content analytics, file migration, data discovery, and more. Read more about Simflofy
SysTools Migrator is a flexible cloud migration tool that migrates data from multiple cloud platforms. This tool has the ability to quickly migrate emails, address books, calendars, documents, attachments, and more. It can move data items from mailboxes to source targets. Read more about SysTools Migrator
Conversionomics is a powerful data aggregation and automation technology tool that can improve your data aggregation, automation, and visualization processes. Read more about Conversionomics
Transport, warehouse, transform, model, report & monitor. Mitto gets data flowing from hundreds of potential sources into a single destination for analytics. Please contact us for more information. Read more about Mitto
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Read more about Maple
Tableau Connector for Shopify is an app for Tableau Shopify integration. It allows you to export Shopify data to Tableau in an easy way for further visualization and analytics. Read more about Tableau Connector for Shopify
Catchr is the tool you need to extract your marketing data. Our connectors ( facebook ads, google ads, Linkedin ads, twitter ads, bing ads ... ) will allow you to make reports and visualize your efforts in a simple and fast way. Read more about Catchr
A comprehensive DataOps platform for smooth data-to-decisions journey. Create data pipelines on high performant processing engines on an intuitive, no code/low code interface. Read more about Fosfor Spectra
Pro Backup enables firms to back up their cloud apps and protect critical company data from loss or unauthorized access. Key features include data backup & restoration, Google Drive Sync, remote & offline access, data import/export, file encryption, access permissions, and more. Read more about Pro Backup
AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that enables developers and application owners to design, build, and operate production-grade GraphQL APIs at scale. Read more about AWS AppSync
Private Data Exchange is a cloud-based and on-premise data governance platform for businesses to share data across secure and personalized portals. The solution empowers organizations to establish private connections with strategic customers, suppliers, and partners while providing broad-based access to data through secure APIs. Read more about Private Data Exchange
nag nxT is a data migration and ETL solution that helps businesses handle processes related to meta-data storage, data analysis, compliance tracking, and more from a centralized platform. It allows administrators to set up multiple user profiles and configure the platform in multiple languages, such as English, French, and German. Read more about nag nxT
Power BI Connector by Alpha Serve is an integration app enabling an easy connection of Zendesk to Microsoft Power BI. Read more about Power BI Connector for Zendesk
Simple Import is your cloud-based, user friendly spreadsheet import solution. Upload and import Excel files into any object, quickly and easily through a simple interface, with customizable automated field mapping, all from within Salesforce. Read more about SimpleImport Premium
Etlworks is a modern, cloud-first, any-to-any data integration platform that scales with the business. We help people and organizations tackle their most complex challenges with data. Read more about Integrator
Diyotta is a data integration software that provides businesses with tools to automatically source, process, and analyze collected data on a centralized platform. Administrators can gain an overview of all synchronized data and variation trends through graphs & actionable analytics. Read more about Diyotta
Tom Sawyer Perspectives is a data-driven web, desktop, and cloud-based platform for building graph and data visualization and analysis applications. Read more about Tom Sawyer
Now available for NetSuite Users: Suite Stream is a cloud-based service that enables Oracle NetSuite users to extract their data and push it to Business Intelligence, CRM and other apps. Read more about Suite Stream
BDM is fully automated, requires zero maintenance, and automatically handles complex ingestion and pipeline creation at scale. We operate in your choice of environments, so your data is in control of your own at all times. Read more about Bluemetrix Data Manager Control
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. Read more about Maple Flow
FluentPro Project Migrator is a cloud platform automating project data migration. Companies can migrate projects between the most popular project management platforms, Microsoft Planner, Trello,, Trello, Asana, Project Online, and Project for the Web. Read more about FluentPro Project Migrator
Migrate from anywhere to Microsoft Teams. *SharePoint to Teams *Teams to Teams *Slack to Teams Read more about Saketa Teams Migrator
Open Flux software is a 100% configurable universal management connector.Available On Premise (Server Client) or On Demand (FullWeb). Its a ETL - iPaaS accounting. Read more about Open-Flux
Eficaz by Lera Technologies is built for creating a centralized data management platform with seamless integration from the source system. Read more about Eficaz
Optymyze is a no-code data warehousing and automation software designed to assist businesses with application development, sales performance management, staff planning, financial forecasting, and workforce performance, among other operations from within a unified platform. It enables real-time collaboration across enterprises and technical teams... Read more about Optymyze
Scaling user acquisition campaigns for all mobile games effectively and sustainably to grow LTV and ROAS. Read more about Cost Center
Daton is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses become analytics-ready by providing a no-code data warehouse platform, which can be used to consolidate their enterprise data into a single data warehouse. The application makes it easy to collect and automate all data sources, implement advanced data enrichment, perform analysis, and deploy... Read more about Daton
Flatirons Fuse is a cloud-based data management platform that makes it easy to import data into websites. With Flatirons Fuse, users can focus their development efforts on growing the business and spend less time managing data. Flatirons Fuse offers powerful frontend data cleaning and validation, backend data validation support, and AI-powered... Read more about Flatirons Fuse

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