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AspireIQ is an influencer marketing platform which enables users to identify key influencers, manage creative communities, produce branded creative content at scale, & make informed decisions with search & discovery tools, plus analytics, a content library, campaign tracking, & more Read more about Aspire
Upfluence is a cloud-based influencer management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage social media marketing campaigns. The platform allows users to manage multiple campaigns, and includes an artificial intelligence (AI) system, which suggests the best prices for each influencer. Read more about Upfluence
Audiense Insights allows you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is. Effortlessly combine numerous filter options when you create a report, such as user profiles, affinities, demographics and job roles, creating highly personalised audience segments. Read more about Audiense
Brand24 is a reliable and user-friendly media monitoring solution that empowers brands of all sizes to find best influencers to help grow their businesses. Read more about Brand24
The Buyapowa platform powers innovative advocacy and refer-a-friend programs for some of the world's leading brands, including GAP, Sprint, Expedia, boohoo, and many more. We allow brands and retailers to identify their biggest advocates, and motivate and reward them for bringing in new customers. Read more about Buyapowa
BuzzSumo is a content discovery, content curation & influencer marketing platform for agencies, brands & publishers. A free 30-day trial is available. Read more about BuzzSumo
The all-in-one influencer marketing software for growth focused direct-to-consumer brands. Read more about Grin
Trend helps organizations build and manage a team of influencers for generating and posting content across various social networks. It includes a centralized dashboard, which allows businesses to view influencers interested in collaborating, as well as view, approve or reject application requests. Read more about Trend
Meltwater media intelligence tracks over 275,000 global online news sources, and has partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring. Social media listening covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, comment, review sites, forums, message boards and over 300 million blogs. Read more about Meltwater
Julius is a influencer marketing solution which assists businesses with searching influencer profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & Twitch. It enables users to view popular social media posts, and target audiences based on location, interests & other custom criteria. Read more about Julius with HYPR
Circlewise is the Partnership Management Software of choice for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes. Our software allows advertisers to efficiently manage their partnerships with affiliates, influencers, media buyers, and ad networks enabling them to scale their affiliate marketing indefinitely. Read more about Circlewise
NetBase is an enterprise social media analytics solution for top consumer brands, their agencies, and their ecosystem to drive real business results. Read more about NetBase Quid is designed to help businesses generate interactive content, interact with influencers, and run marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms. It enables managers to build brand awareness, organize a list of influencers, and share them with marketing teams. Read more about influence
Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing solution that enables marketing agencies or SEO departments to find the right influencer to promote their content and spread awareness of their brand. PitchBox is able to integrate with SEO providers to receive reliable and brand-safe results. Read more about Pitchbox
JW Player is an online video management software designed to help businesses upload, stream, and deliver high-quality videos on a centralized platform. Administrators can track ad revenue to manage monetization and utilize video intelligence to improve audience engagement. Read more about JW Player
Tribe Dynamics is an influencer marketing software designed to help lifestyle brands and marketing agencies identify, track, and manage relationships with influencers. Administrators can track hashtags, keywords, and mentions to identify influencers and conduct measurable marketing campaigns. Read more about Tribe Dynamics
Wooly is a marketing management solution that helps businesses engage with customers to help increase brand awareness across social media channels. The platform enables organizations to create custom marketing campaigns, import customer lists, and send invites for hiring brand ambassadors. Read more about Wooly
Hivency is a cloud-based influencer management software, designed to help businesses find & collaborate with social media influencers to promote their brand. Using smart matching technology and an extensive search functionality, Hivency helps businesses find the most suitable influencer matches. Read more about Hivency
BuzzStream is an application designed to help marketers reach out to influencers and build relationships through link building and digital PR management Read more about BuzzStream
Target Circle is a partner marketing software that provides businesses with the tools to build and run affiliate programs and pay partners globally. It is designed for affiliate marketing professionals and teams that want to build or scale their in-house partner program. Read more about Target Circle
Traackr provides influencer discovery, vetting, campaign organization, measurement, and the industry’s only influencer market performance benchmark Read more about Traackr
Storyclash is the social media monitoring solution for brands to monitor the return of social media campaigns, events, and influencers. Read more about Storyclash
Heepsy is a cloud-based influencer search engine designed to help businesses discover social media influencers for specific locations, categories, audience demographics and engagement rates. Read more about Heepsy
HUI is a collaboration software suite designed to help startups, corporates, freelancers, influencers, and fundraisers manage communication, legal documentation, business analytics, pitch decks, public relation (PR) activities, sales relationships, and human resources. Read more about HUI
Pixlee is a cloud based Content Management System (CMS) that allows brands to leverage user generated content from social media profiles Read more about Pixlee
iDevAffiliate is an affiliate program, tracking, and commission management software designed to integrate with users’ existing websites Read more about iDevAffiliate
Asia's influencer marketing platform to connect brands with creative influencers, producers, writers and bloggers. We provide content marketing solution for brands and businesses. Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand. Read more about Narrators
Onalytica is an influencer relationship management software with professional services to help brands scale 1-to-1 influencer relationship management results. Configure bespoke influencer programs to better automate and streamline influencing activity & identify on-going engagement opportunities. Read more about onalytica
OpenSponsorship is an influencer marketing software designed to help businesses in the sports industry connect with athletes to facilitate digital marketing campaigns. Administrators can utilize the search functionality to identify and connect with selected personnel. Read more about OpenSponsorship
Target the most pertinent influencers for your brand in a global database of over 1,000,000 media contacts and outlets. Read more about Agility PR Solutions
HypeAuditor uses innovative technology based on AI algorithms that enable the platform to identify behavioral patterns and detect potentially fraudulent activity on influencers’ accounts. Read more about HypeAuditor
TINT is a complete social media marketing solution. With TINT you can collect, curate, and promote all your best content on any screen, anywhere. Read more about TINT is a cloud-based social analytics solution designed to help small to midsize businesses measure customer engagement across Instagram profiles. Key features include historical performance tracking, competitor analysis, influencer mapping, social activity statistics, and reporting. Read more about
SocialBook is an influencer marketing software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage brands, set up and run marketing campaigns, and track payments via a unified platform. It enables organizations to interact with influencers across social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch, measure key performance indicators... Read more about SocialBook
Influencity is a multi-influencer and marketing campaign management platform for brands and agencies to find, analyze, and organize influencers. Features include tailored workflows, cost predictions, fake influencer detection, engagement analysis, and real-time performance reporting. Read more about Influencity
Kolsquare is an influencer marketing solution, offering a qualitative database of international influencers in 180 countries, for users to understand the many challenges of influencer marketing, from the selection of influencers to the search for target audience Read more about Kolsquare
Gatsby is a cloud-based influencer marketing software that enables businesses to identify social media influencers and manage outreach campaigns. Marketing professionals can collect client information by creating customizable checkout pages or popup widgets and deploying them across websites. Read more about Gatsby
Buzzoole is an influencer marketing software, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help digital agencies and corporate businesses manage social media campaigns. Administrators can create marketing strategies and automatically match brands with suitable content creators. Read more about Buzzoole
A complete self service platform on which you can filter through over 15 million influencers, get in depth audience and influencer data. Fake followers, demographics, contact info and performance insights. which means you know exactly who you are reaching and how reliable their followers are Read more about Influencify
Favikon is an easy-to-use, time saving and accessible influencer platform that will help you find the perfect influencer for your brand! Read more about Favikon
Influentia is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses identify and collaborate with influencers across various social media channels. Features include influencer list creation, data export, instant messaging, ROI-based predictions, real-time analytics, and campaign reporting. Read more about Findly
#paid is an influencer marketing platform that helps DTC brands, fortune 500 companies and marketing agencies connect with content creators to manage campaigns. The platform enables administrators to track creators’ performance across various social media posts on a unified interface. Read more about #paid
Zignal Enterprise software analyzes digital stories in real-time. It helps users assess narratives that can help or harm them. Organizations can use the software to identify opportunities and capitalize on topics or networks to drive narratives. The system also detects and mitigates threats. Read more about Zignal Enterprise
Influry is an influencer marketing software solution, providing a campaign launch and tracking platform for brands and marketers that networks a database of social media influencer contacts, all searchable via an influencer CRM offering automated matching, campaign overviews and analytics reporting Read more about Influry
NeoReach is an online marketing solution that enables advertisers, brands & agencies to find social media influencers from a growing community of over 3 million, while uploading their own existing picks, managing relationships, running campaigns, and analyzing influencer ROI with dashboard reporting Read more about Neoreach
Continuon is a cloud-based social media marketing solution which helps small to midsize businesses analyze content, campaigns, and online communities. Continuon enables users to manage data-driven marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and return on investment (ROI). Read more about Continuon
Popular Pays is a cloud-based influencer marketing solution for businesses and content creators to increase marketing efforts through promoting brands on social media. The platform enables businesses to explore a community of influencers and creators for collaboration. Read more about Popular Pays
Blogsvertise is an influencer marketing software designed to help businesses discover content creators, collaborate with influencers, and manage marketing campaigns on a centralized platform. Advertisers can use the dashboard to search for influencers across various categories & industry verticals. Read more about Blogsvertise
Influentials is a cloud-based platform designed to connect companies with influencers. Campaign results can be followed on the platform. Budgets are held until the agreed results are achieved. Payment for the influencer is calculated and processed by the application. Read more about Influentials
Linkster is an application for managing influencers. Companies can create advertising campaigns via influencer marketing through the use of the program. The links created by the system allow influencers to track their actions. Its dashboard informs the current status of each campaign for retailers. Read more about Linkster

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