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Amanda AI is a cloud-based marketing software that helps businesses automate tasks, such as creating exclusion and remarketing lists and monitoring stock level checks. By automating paid marketing processes on Google, Meta, and Bing, users can optimize daily advertising budgets and create finance lists. Read more about Amanda AI
Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that allows users to create, send & analyze email & ad campaigns, with email templates, landing pages, and a mobile app Read more about Mailchimp
Amplify results with retargeting Run dynamic and highly targeted multi-channel remarketing campaigns across such channels as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and the Google Display Network, which includes thousands of the most-visited websites online. Read more about Marketing 360
Deliver a website experience perfectly curated to your traffic sources. Capture more leads and personalize onsite messaging with contact data. Justuno is the premier all-in-one conversion marketing toolkit with pop-ups, exit promotions, cart abandonment offers, banners, gamification, and more! Read more about Justuno
Segment your audience based on interests, activity in your campaigns, or behaviors on your website. Then, create effective remarketing campaigns and increase your results. Read more about emBlue
AdRoll is an ad retargeting platform used by brands to retarget users with ads across social media, mobile, and the web. It offers solutions for both enterprises and agencies of all sizes, helping reach site visitors at the most optimal time with the most appropriate ad on any screen or device. Read more about AdRoll
TargetBay is an eCommerce personalization tool that performs customer behavioral analysis in order to engage & target customers, and encourage repeat visits Read more about TargetBay
FROGED is an all-in-one Product Success Platform, designed to evolve your entire customer lifecycle. Made by a SaaS, for SaaS companies, and it’s easy. Like, really easy. Read more about Froged
Madgicx allows its customers to instantly launch a full-funnel targeting strategy including AI audiences for Retargeting, based on an eRFM model. Moreover, the platform lets you leverage your Facebook ad account data to Retarget your audience on Google GDN. Read more about Madgicx
Kevel (previously Adzerk) gives engineers and product managers the APIs needed to quickly build your own fully-customized ad server for sponsored listings, internal promotions, native ads, and more – so you can take back the Internet and drive more revenue. Read more about Kevel is marketing automation platform aimed at boosting engagement and improving conversion by using a single data source for your customers, reaching them through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, and many more; all available in one place. Read more about
Outbrain is the worlds leading native advertising platform. Connecting readers, publishers and marketers. Read more about Outbrain
Scalify is a marketing automation software that enables businesses to launch, analyze, optimize, and scale Facebook and Instagram ads faster with game-changing automation. Key features include AI ad copy, pre-built custom audiences, bulk scaling campaigns, quickstart strategies, and metric comparison. It also allows small businesses to launch... Read more about Scalify
OptiMonk is an all-in-one CRO toolset that provides popups, website personalization, and A/B testing. It is built for ecommerce marketers and agencies looking for quick and affordable solutions to boost the performance of their campaigns and landing pages and retarget returning visitors. Read more about OptiMonk
Brand, Track & Share your own branded short URLs through one powerful platform. Read more about PixelMe
LeadPost is a cloud-based platform, which helps marketing professionals streamline lead nurturing via direct emails, filtering, suppression lists, social media campaigns, A/B testing, and more. Key features include reporting, budget analysis, segmentation, drip sequences, and custom webhooks. Read more about LeadPost
Criteo enables marketers to acquire more customers and increase repeat purchases from existing customers using the world's largest open shopper data set and machine learning technology. Read more about Criteo
Retarget your website visitors with personalized notifications and drive conversions Read more about iZooto
Aimtell is a push notification tool for desktop & mobile websites which allows businesses to segment & target their website visitors in order to re-engage & optimize conversions. The cloud-based platform offers features for scheduling & automating the notification process & setting up event triggers Read more about Aimtell
PushPushGo is a GDPR-ready platform which enables startups, SMBs & corporations to create and send automatic web push notification campaigns on desktop and via mobile to manage various scenarios including abandoned carts, segmentation, cross-selling, customer engagement, and return rates Read more about PushPushGo
SharpSpring Ads is a mobile, social, and web retargeting platform with rule-based tag management, detailed analytics, conversion, and revenue tracking. Read more about SharpSpring Ads
The Trade Desk is a data management platform that helps advertisers handle operations related to audience mapping, cross-device targeting, video advertising, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to conduct lookalike modeling, data element reporting, and audience segmentation. Read more about theTradeDesk
Sleeknote is a marketer-friendly website engagement tool. With Sleeknote's eye-catching popups and advanced targeting options, you can show the right messages to the right website visitors at the right time. Start converting visitors into buyers with real-time data. (No coding needed.) Read more about Sleeknote
Genius Monkey provides data-driven programmatic ad-buying solutions that help brands navigate the world of digital advertising. Their platform allows marketers to run highly targeted ad campaigns that reach the right audiences in the right place at precisely the right time. Read more about Genius Monkey
Fixel is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered audience segmentation tool for campaign managers & marketers. The cloud-based platform aids users in segmenting website visitors based on levels of engagement, & can be used for dynamic remarketing & creating lookalikes based on engaged visitors. Read more about Fixel
Choozle is a cloud-based digital advertising software that provides publishers and marketing agencies with tools to build targeted campaigns and analyze the performance of advertisements on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to gain an overview of total spend, ad clicks, CPM, and CTR via actionable analytics. Read more about Choozle
Retargeting helps online stores & eCommerce businesses worldwide achieve a conversion rate increase of more than 10%for abandoned carts & increase customer LTV Read more about
Match2One is a cloud-based programmatic advertising solution, which assists businesses and agencies with audience targeting and campaign management. Key features include client management, access control, fraud detection, multi-format support, and banner creation. Read more about Match2One
Cronberry is a cloud-based marketing automation software devised to help businesses in travel, healthcare, education, real estate, insurance, banking, and other industries manage teams, marketing activities, performance evaluation, and more. The platform lets organizations send personalized messages and emails to promote products, services or... Read more about Cronberry
Cybba enables online growth by optimizing every stage of the customer journey with a full suite of digital marketing solutions. Key features include email remarketing, onsite engagement, paid social, SEM, display advertising and retargeting. Read more about Cybba
StackAdapt is a programmatic advertising platform designed to help businesses in travel, government, and other sectors plan, execute and analyze marketing campaigns to enhance the customer experience. Managers can use the Ad Previewer to view display, video, and other advertisements before launch. Read more about StackAdapt brings together on a single platform shortener for branded links pixel retargeting, and links page for social networks and QR code. Read more about
SpotIn is a cloud-based WiFi marketing platform designed to help businesses engage with clients using guest WiFi and triggered, automated, and scheduled email campaigns. Managers can receive weekly activity reports via email and utilize predefined or custom templates to create email campaigns. Read more about SpotIn
SaaS company based in Málaga specialized in data and prices extraction and monitoring, pricing, stock and catalogue intelligence tools, and dynamic repricing, competition monitoring and price automations solutions, among other features. We are a world leading company in web scraping techniques. Read more about DATA SEEKERS
ADXL's automated retargeting and one-click cross-channel targeting options make it easy to retarget not just website visitors, but also engaged visitors on social platforms. Simply upload your customer list and retarget, or use pre-matched audience lists for hassle-free retargeting. Read more about ADXL
The go platform provide all the features to create, manage and launch powerful programmatic campaigns and offers complete insight into campaigns performances and budget allocations. Read more about go district m
Reach AI-based transparent audiences or lookalikes for eCommerce businesses. Achieve higher campaign conversion and ROAS than ever before. Read more about Enhencer
Adwisely is an effective tool for e-commerce stores for creating automated ads on Facebook, Google, and TikTok Read more about Adwisely
Feathr helps you reach your web visitors where they are and bring them back to your site. Real-time conversion tracking means you can always see how your campaigns are performing and make adjustments as you go, and in-app budget recommendations ensure you never spend a dollar more than you need to. Read more about Feathr
RTB House Personalized Retargeting is a predictive analytics and retargeting software that helps businesses create customer segments, block specific websites, generate campaign analytics, and more on a centralized platform. Read more about RTB House Personalized Retargeting
RevX is a cloud-based programmatic re-engagement advertising solution for businesses of all sizes. Read more about RevX
Readpeak is a DSP platform specialized in native advertising. The platform works with premium brands and publishers and delivers both quality and performance. Readpeak users benefit from a combination of bidding and paying in CPC, and have the possibility to handpick the desired premium media. Read more about Readpeak
Adrenalead provides website publishers and advertisers with ultra-precise tools to pilot and adjust your Web Push Notifications campaigns, in real time, to make them a real new growth lever for your online business. Read more about Adrenalead
The Addrelevance AI-powered solution increases CTR and conversion rate by 50%. The individual decision-making profile of each website's visitor is analyzed so that you can optimize the consumer journey, or serve hyper-personalized content, digital ads, campaigns. Read more about Addrelevance
Cloudi-Fi is a guest Wi-Fi management software designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, retail, transportation, hospitality, and other sectors create personalized landing pages and analyze marketing campaigns. The platform allows managers to generate login credentials and automate onboarding processes via a guest management system. Read more about Cloudi-Fi
Ve Software is a cloud-based digital assistant that helps businesses provide personalized shopping recommendations to customers, improving their experience with the brand. Supervisors can automatically monitor and determine customers’ preferences to provide targeted suggestions. Read more about Ve Software
Unboxing is a personalization and packaging software that helps businesses create campaigns, track conversions, monitor order values, and more from within a unified platform. It enables staff members to create custom artwork for promotions, product recommendations, packing slips, and gift messages. Read more about Unboxing
Retargeting platform that identifies formerly anonymous visitors to your websites. See who's actually hitting your website. Run campaigns back out to them (immediately if you want!). See the power of no longer waiting for your visitors to fill a form -- Get your brand in front of them! Read more about GO Show
MNTN Performance TV is a prospecting solution designed to deliver highly-targeted, conversion-optimized campaigns to helps businesses find new customers. This solution includes TV campaign management tools that can help advertisers reach their goals at scale. MNTN Performance TV provides measurable metrics to track viewers who make a purchase... Read more about MNTN Performance TV
For ecommerce that want to grab attention, Aument holds it. Always-on email and SMS marketing. Read more about Aument

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