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Apex LIS is a cloud-based laboratory information solution designed to help businesses in the healthcare sector automate processes for diagnostic testing & ensure the regulatory compliance of lab equipment. Apex LIS lets users store all information in a unified repository for future reference. Read more about Apex LIS
Agilent SLIMS combines the best of a laboratory information management system (LIMS) and an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) to enable end-to-end solutions and manage all content and all context in the laboratory. Read more about Agilent SLIMS
LABTRACK LIMS is a cloud-based laboratory information management system that helps pharmaceutical, analytical testing, food and manufacturing labs manage samples, configure forms, generate reports, and streamline collaboration among team members. Read more about LABTRACK LIMS
Quartzy is a cloud-based lab productivity and management software for businesses involved in scientific research and development. It involves an eProcurement interface which allows scientists, lab managers, researchers and R&D organizations to automate inventory management and ordering workflows. Read more about Quartzy
Clustermarket is an online lab management platform that unifies people, equipment, and data—from any location. Read more about Clustermarket
Cloud-based Lab Management Solution that helps you remotely manage your lab on multiple internet-ready devices and offer faster assistance to patients. Get complete control on finance and operations using MIS reports, charts, graphs and daily business insights. Read more about CrelioHealth For Diagnostics
CGM LABDAQ is a laboratory information system (LIS) that provides healthcare organizations, veterinary offices, reference laboratories, and hospitals with tools to manage electronic medical records (EMR) and other administrative operations. Read more about CGM LABDAQ
eLabJournal is a secure and compliant electronic lab notebook (ELN) software. It allows users to collaboratively access any samples, documents or data. It can be customized to the user's and lab's workflow. Read more about eLabJournal
NovoPath 360 is a web-based laboratory information system (LIS) that helps healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical sciences organizations streamline pathology workflows, handle claims, generate customized reports, and more from a centralized platform. It enables pathologists to evaluate specimen data, automate case distributions, collaborate with... Read more about NovoPath 360
A laboratory information system (LIS) that's comprehensive, flexible, and scalable. LigoLab Informatics Platform creates market differentiation by enabling clinical and pathological labs to become super-efficient and much more profitable. Read more about LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform
Psyche Systems is a web-based laboratory information management solution, which assists hospitals and clinical labs with reflex test scheduling, culture accessioning and record locking. Its key features include datasheet monitoring, quality assurance, synoptic reporting and patient management. Read more about WindoPath
Easy scheduling & management for your lab equipment, services, & personnel. Manage projects, equipment & consumables, track user training records, generate invoices, etc. Set detailed user access rules, & access real-time activity reports to better understand availability & usage across your lab. Read more about QReserve
All-in-one lab management software with easy-to-use modules tailored specifically for EHS, Researchers, and Lab Ops. One centralized platform with modules that scale as you grow. More research time. Less administrative hassle. Safety and compliance with confidence. Read more about SciShield
CloudLIMS is a web-based sample management solution that enables biobanks, research organizations, clinical labs, pharmaceuticals and hospitals to track and manage samples and freezer locations with virtual storage location mapping, barcode scanning, data import/export, and more Read more about CloudLIMS
CDD Vault is a drug discovery informatics platform with an intuitive web interface that allows users to manage & analyze chemical data & biological assays Read more about CDD Vault
Lockbox LIMS is a configurable LIMS (laboratory information management system) for the bio-tech, life science research, analytical test lab, manufacturing QC, and clinical lab space. Sample tracking, storage management, protocol execution, inventory management, and next gen sequencing (NGS). Read more about Lockbox LIMS
CaliberLIMS provides seamless integration and is highly compatible with ERP systems, instruments,and other related applications (EBR, QMS, DMS, LMS). Read more about Caliber LIMS
Prolis is a laboratory information system designed to help hospitals and reference laboratories of all sizes manage & streamline routine tasks. Prolis' automated reporting capabilities let users create reports and schedule test result delivery across patients, clients & co-workers. Read more about Prolis
Benchling is a cloud-based informatics platform that assists research and development teams with managing workflows and data. Key features include sample tracking, collaboration, file exportation, process optimization, custom fields, request fulfillment, and analytics. Read more about Benchling
LabCollector is a laboratory management solution and electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for small to larger sized labs, R&D, academics and pharmacy groups Read more about LabCollector LIMS
Labguru is an electronic lab notebook (ELN) platform designed to help laboratories and businesses in pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries document experiments, manage inventory, monitor research progress, and more. Read more about Labguru
Dendi LIS is a cloud-based laboratory information system which helps molecular diagnostics and toxicology laboratories with sample tracking and regulatory compliance. Key features include process automation, workflow management, inventory management, and reporting. Read more about Dendi LIS
ULab is a cloud-based platform for the management, scheduling, and sharing of lab equipment. ULab provides all the tools you need to run your lab safely, sustainably, and efficiently. With ULab you can improve the ROI on your capital investments. Read more about ULab
AlisQI is a cloud-based quality management system designed to help manufacturing businesses implement quality procedures and streamline quality assurance (QA) and analysis operations via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to create custom forms and tables to capture data on process testing, wastage, raw materials, calibration,... Read more about AlisQI
STARLIMS is a laboratory information management system that helps businesses interpret and manage clinical data. The platform enables managers to handle clinical trials, research and development (R&D), and manufacturing processes. Read more about STARLIMS
Orchard Harvest is a laboratory information system that helps businesses streamline and automate data workflows using system integrations. Administrators can maintain an audit trail and track lab samples as well as specimens’ statuses across all stages of testing. Read more about Orchard Software
Avalon Laboratory System is a modular LIS (Laboratory Information System) for managing all the production needs of clinical, toxicology & esoteric laboratories Read more about Avalon Laboratory System
NEXUS Pro is a modular laboratory information management system (LIMS) made in Pakistan. It is specifically designed and developed to manage and automate information systems of pathology labs or diagnostic centers. Read more about NEXUS Pro
Since 1983, Comp Pro Med has been solely focused on developing a word-class, customer-centric LIS. The value model of the Polytech LIS software is centered around three critical area: product quality, unmatched support and transparent pricing. Read more about Polytech LIS
LIMSey is a cloud-based lab management software designed for engineering and mechanical testing laboratories. Manage your lab's process, automate resource scheduling, communicate priorities, generate Microsoft Word test reports, support ISO 17025 requirements, and more. Read more about LIMSey
Disa*Lab is an on-premise laboratory information system (LIS) that helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations manage laboratory workflows related to auditing, reports management, quality control, sample tracking, and more from a unified platform. It lets administrators configure user access rights, manage multiple workstations, access... Read more about Disa*Lab
Data+ Research is a fully compliant & customizable application development platform for health and life-science industries, offering a wide range of apps for clinical data management, drug development, patient registries, biobank and lab management and more Read more about Data+
labfolder is a cloud-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) designed to help scientists and research organizations document, manage, organize and share research data. The centralized platform allows users to create or upload files in multiple formats including text, graphs, sketches, and more. Read more about Labfolder
FindMolecule is a chemical inventory management system and electronic lab notebook for biologists and chemists in both commercial and academic laboratories. The secure, web based software provides features for order tracking, barcode scanning, health & safety management, structure searches, and more Read more about FindMolecule
LabWare LIMS is a cloud-based LIMS solution which helps biobanks, diagnostic reference laboratories, CRO research institutions & more automate the entire laboratory workflow lifecycle. Users can utilize predefined templates to improve laboratory systems & reduce configuration costs. Read more about LabWare LIMS
Salute's cloud-based EHS software is an all-in-one solution to manage risk and compliance more efficiently, providing safety leaders the easiest, most flexible platform for tracking, managing, and communicating key environmental health and safety data. Read more about Salute Safety
Ovation LIMS is a cloud-based laboratory information management system designed to help businesses streamline the entire laboratory administrative operations, from managing orders to tracking samples and delivering results back to providers. It enables professionals to optimize workflows and support the functions of molecular diagnostics laboratori... Read more about Ovation LIMS
Fully automated LIS with Physician & Patient Portals, Sales Portal, EHR Integrations, Instrument Interfaces, built-in billing module, QC module, phlebotomist portal. All testing modules available. Read more about Labgen LIS
eLabInventory is a cloud-based sample management software specifically created for laboratories. Read more about eLabInventory
LABY harmonizes processes, ensures data integrity and traceability, automates tasks, and capitalizes on laboratory knowledge to reduce costs and spend more time on value-added activities. This solution allows you to base your forecasts and decisions on reliable information and quickly use exploitable data with the aim to accelerate scientific... Read more about LABY
ImageJ is a scientific image processing solution that can edit, analyze, process, and save 8-bit, 16-bit integer, and 32-bit floating-point images. Read more about ImageJ
The CGM SCHUYLAB Laboratory Information System offers multi-language support and is scalable to meet the needs of a small physician office lab or a large, multi-site reference laboratory. Read more about CGM SCHUYLAB
IBM Clinical Development is a SaaS clinical trial solution, which provides features such as patient engagement, electronic data capture, reporting and analytics, Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA), Watson AI-powered medical coding, randomization, trial supply management, and eConsent. Read more about IBM Clinical Development
Nova-LIMS is laboratory information management system, which helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies manage all laboratory processes such as testing, data collection, scheduling & reporting. The centralized platform allows users to track inventory and receive real-time notifications on orders. Read more about Novatek Suite
Pillar Science is a cloud-based research project management platform designed to help research laboratories analyze data, manage projects & streamline workflows. Key features include task management, secure data storage, team communication, access control, financial reporting & statistical analysis. Read more about Pillar Science
LimitLIS is a cloud-based laboratory information system designed to manage laboratory workflows and increase laboratory system efficiency Read more about LimitLIS
Qualis LIMS is an easy-to-use but very versatile and advanced Laboratory Management System that can be used across all industry verticals. Read more about QuaLIS LIMS
LASTRADA is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that helps businesses in the construction and geotechnical industry manage quality of construction materials. It enables organizations to store information related to equipment, products, designs, and sites in a centralized repository. Read more about LASTRADA
[FP]-LIMS is a laboratory information management system designed for quality departments, test laboratories, and research and development (R&D) centers in the automobile, foundry, recycling, and other industries. Key features include sample management, data import/export, and regulatory compliance Read more about [FP]-LIMS

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