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Tipalti future-proofs your multi-entity finance operations by providing end-to-end AP automation and payments solution for multi-entity companies in a single platform. Helping global finance departments manage growth and scale compliantly. Integrates with NetSuite, Quickbooks and many more Read more about Tipalti
Diligent Entities helps your organization store, access, manage and report on your entity information anytime, anywhere. Improve compliance, make better informed decisions and grow your organization sustainably. Read more about Diligent Entities
Deel is the global compliance and management solution for international businesses. Hire in over 150 countries without ever needing to set up new foreign entities. No worrying about local laws, complicated tax systems, or international payroll needed. Read more about Deel
Athennian is a cloud-based business entity and subsidiary data governance solution that drives teams to be transaction, audit, and compliance-ready. Organizations leverage Athennian to automate workflows for ownership, governance, tax, and corporate compliance. Read more about Athennian
Wrike is a project management platform used by 20,000+ companies worldwide. Use custom features such as shared dashboards, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, team calendars, and automated reports to help improve your entity management. Centralize information and keep stakeholders in the loop with Wrike. Read more about Wrike
Remote offers international payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance and HR management for businesses big and small. Because Remote fully owns local legal entities in all our covered countries and employs labor law attorneys, we bring superior flexibility, speed, and cost efficiency to our customers. Read more about Remote
EntityKeeper provides a comprehensive solution that enables you to manage entities, build complex org charts, track filing deadlines and maintain compliance, automate entity filings and more. Read more about EntityKeeper
VobeSoft is a business software solution that configures a cloud database into business solutions without coding. Companies can use a pre-defined template or build custom enterprise applications. Read more about VobeSoft
Scanmarket provides contract and compliance management solutions for actively managing contractual terms and risks, from departmental to enterprise implementations Read more about Scanmarket
Manage legal entities and corporate records with a clearly visualized organizational structure and extensive search capabilities. Keep the subsidiary information (e.g., corporate structure, ownership, the number of shares, board members, auditors, & procuration holders) up to date for all entities. Read more about ContractZen
Knowliah is a legal case management solution for businesses of all sizes, which helps users manage & store critical information on a unified platform. It comes with an automated contextualization engine which lets users quickly locate relevant documents related to a specific case, customer or issue. Read more about Knowliah
Filejet was built to serve businesses that manage multiple entities, and want a more automated and efficient way of doing that. Read more about Filejet
Traact is a cloud-based platform that provides streamlined and efficient legal operations solutions by automating unbillable admin tasks. It helps law firms and legal professional automate contract management, permit & license, dispute & litigation, entity management, etc. Read more about Traact
The Entities Module, which is part of the DiliTrust Governance Suite, is designed to help you manage and control your subsidiaries and holdings. A tool designed for legal departments, c-suites and boards within private and public organizations and industries of all sizes. Read more about DiliTrust Governance Suite
Orchestra provides equity management software for growth companies so they can manage stakeholder requirements & relationships on one platform. Read more about Orchestra
GaLexy is a cloud-based enterprise legal management software which enables legal departments of all sizes to manage contracts, documents & legal spending Read more about Legal Suite
Capboard is the equity management software that is used to have a clear visibility over your company's equity, stakeholders and investors. It allows to easily manage equity plans, speed up fundraising and due diligence, and make simulations about future equity transactions, all in a few clicks. Read more about Capboard
iWorQ is a cloud-based operations management solution for public works and community development departments. The platform offers tools for managing permits, business licenses, planning and zoning, work orders, fleets, assets, facilities, projects, employees, and more. Read more about iWorQ
Corporify is a leading European cloud-based solution for legal entity management and corporate housekeeping. The platform is a game-changer for legal teams at corporates, modern legal service providers and investment funds (PE/VC). It covers the full end-to-end entity lifecycle, from tracking securities to automated document generation and... Read more about Corporify
Mission Control is a project management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Read more about Mission Control
Legisway is a cloud-based software for the centralized management of corporate legal information. The platform tracks legal documentation, such as contract lifecycles. It also authorizes access, automates tasks, and generates alerts, reports, and activity charts. Read more about Legisway
Use Lextree from Berkman Solutions to manage legal entities, contracts, compliance, and risk with software-as-a-service that is secure and easy to use. Unlimited Users, Unlimited Entities, Unlimited Contracts. Used by clients to manage entities in 80 countries in every industry. Read more about Lextree
The UniCourt Enterprise API delivers real-time state and federal court data via LegalTech’s only API-first platform for business development, litigation strategy, docket management, and more. Read more about UniCourt Enterprise API
Manage payroll, cross-country payments, local and IC compliances, taxes, benefits, etc., of your remote team in 150+ countries. All this without the need to set up local entities or subsidiaries. Read more about Skuad
MediSked Connect centralizes and manages information in order to transform service delivery across provider agencies with simple modules for scheduling, billing, individual plans and outcomes, reporting, and documentation. Read more about MediSked Connect
Elevate your equity with the most affordable RSU management available. Upstock makes RSUs accessible for all companies at any stage. Read more about Upstock
CRES Real Estate Solution powers PMS systems with cutting edge tools, such dashboards, centralization, and critical date alerts by automating wokflows. Read more about CRES
Automate your SMSF administration through direct-connect data feeds, tax statements, and bulk-processing corporate actions. Read more about Class Super continuously and automatically detects and documents changes in businesses and IT landscapes. Data from third-party applications that companies use to run business processes, monitor the IT landscape and control IT service management can be seamlessly integrated. Read more about
EnGlobe is a company secretarial and corporate compliance solution for large corporations and financial institutions with governance and entity management tools Read more about EnGlobe
TrustQuay 5Series, formerly Microgen 5Series, is a trust and corporate administration software for wealth managers. The platform comprises a range of integrated modules including entity management, accounting, investments, time & expense tracking, billing, and more. Read more about TrustQuay 5Series
Harbor Compliance is a cloud-based compliance and entity management solution that comprises modules for entity management, license management, records management, and tax management. The all-in-one system allows businesses to eliminate multiple legacy solutions and manage compliance from one place. Read more about Harbor Compliance
Computershare GEMS is a cloud-based entity management system designed to help businesses manage their global entities, compliance, documents, tax, and more. The platform aids corporations with ensuring they are in line with regulatory requirements and helps them to identify risks. Read more about Computershare GEMS
Legalinc is a cloud-based entity management solution for lawyers and in-house legal teams. The platform offers tools such as global entity support, document automation, automatic alerts and reminders, ad-hoc reporting, organizational workflow management, and more. Read more about Legalinc
IncParadise is a cloud-based entity management solution for businesses in any industry. The platform provides features including company management, email integration, audit trails, order tracking, document storage, mail forwarding, subscription management, and more. Read more about IncParadise
Group Vision Web is a legal entity management solution that offers tools for managing and tracking entity data. The platform, which can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, also offers integrated modules for document management and structure chart building. Read more about Group Vision Web
Weagree is global leading contract automation and contract lifecycle management (CLM) + AI-driven software solution for law firms and legal departments of large corporations, SMEs, and financial institutions who wants to accelerate their legal services. Read more about Weagree Wizard
Kuberno is an entity management solution platform designed by governance professionals to enable company secretariat teams to manage group entities more efficiently. Read more about Kuberno
Centralize care management tasks from the assessment through planning, service authorization, record management, and documentation. Read more about MediSked Coordinate
social.sic is software for managing social initiative and social economy entities like residences, leisure centers, or job centers. It is a comprehensive web-based management program that helps to improve the internal organization of centers, covering all the administration on a single platform. Read more about social.sic
hCue is a management tool for enterprises. It brings corporate records, files, calendars, task delegation, and reporting together into a single knowledge base to facilitate workplace collaboration. Users can draft organization charts, share data, meet compliance deadlines, and prep for audits. Read more about hCue
Fides is a legal entity management software that helps businesses automate corporate housekeeping workflows with built-in legal guidance personalized for each company and jurisdiction. Read more about Fides

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