Car Rental Software are a type of digital system used by automobile rental companies and transportation agencies to manage their operations, employees, customers, and fleets. They apply to for-hire vehicles that generate revenue and must be booked in advance, such as rental cars, chauffeured limousines, shuttles, and coaches. Vehicle rental software tend to be highly customisable, enabling car reservation agents, rental assistants, office managers, and even renters to navigate fleet inventories, view or compare rates, and carry out customer-facing activities. Car rental businesses can deploy them to authorise customers, display rate tables, store customer data, dispatch vehicles and drivers, manage staff, process deposits, pay fines, track fleets, schedule maintenance, and produce accounting records. They can also use them to equip vehicles with the necessary equipment, such as GPSs, booster seats, snow chains, winter tires, or racks. Some vehicle rental tools also enable office managers to communicate and coordinate their activities with garages, mechanics, brokers, car dealers, and insurance companies. As car rental management software can help streamline a series of online operations, such as scheduling, data validation, fleet tracking, payment processing, and maintenance tracking, they could enable rental companies to harness digitalisation and expand their customer base. Another benefit of car rental systems is their ability to boost brand awareness through digital marketing and interface branding options. When it comes to car rental tools, three of the most common features are booking management, fleet management, and fines management. Many types of car hire software could be considered an extension of Fleet Management and Equipment Rental Software, though their self-service vehicle matching and selection features make them more comparable to stand-alone Online Booking Systems.

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Established in 2018, Coastr aims at revolutionsing the car rental market, with its AI and IoT (Telematics) enabled Car Rental Management Software that is cloud-based. Coastr's fully Digital Platform, provides independent car rental businesses with the latest tools and technology. Read more about Coastr
HQ Rental Software serves as the online headquarters for car rental businesses with tools for managing online bookings, availability, maintenance, rates, & more Read more about HQ Rental Software
OpenFleet is a cloud-based fleet management solution designed to help car sharing businesses, dealerships, and rental companies manage reservations, users, vehicles, and payments. It comes with an automatic rental platform, which lets rental businesses manage fleet bookings, maintenance & billing. Read more about OpenFleet
RENTALL is a web (cloud) based fleet rental software that allows you to manage a fleet from any part of the world. We strive to offer your rental business comprehensive and versatile SaaS solutions through our state-of-the-art platform Read more about RENTALL
RentWorks is a car rental solution that provides essential tools for car rental companies, dealerships, franchisees, and independents worldwide. Read more about RentWorks
aReservation is a SaaS reservation management software that helps tour operators manage online ticket sales and rental bookings on a centralized platform. It allows users to set event timing based on daily weather forecasts and sunset or sunrise predictions. Read more about aReservation
Rent centric is an on-demand, web-based vehicle rental software for small and medium organizations Read more about Rent Centric
Easy Rent Pro is a Windows and cloud-based car rental software for small and medium sized multi-location car rental businesses manage their daily operations Read more about Easy Rent Pro
ATOM Mobility provides all the technology users need to launch and scale their own vehicle-sharing business - whether it is a kick-scooter, scooter, bike, moped, or car-sharing. ATOM Mobility provides white-label mobile apps for riders, management dashboards, operational team apps, connection with IoT/vehicles/smart locks, and other integrations. Read more about ATOM
For over 20 years,ASAP Rent mission is dedicated to developing solutions designed specifically for the needs of the vehicle rental industry. Read more about ASAP Rent
Ratality is the only software solution where you can manage your entire bus, coach, and vehicle rental companies from a single cloud-based platform. Manage your operations more efficiently, optimise revenues via revenue management and increase passenger loyalty through the build-in loyalty program Read more about Ratality
Rently is a car rental management system that allows businesses to optimize resource usage and streamline online reservation processes. With integrated booking, payment, and fleet maintenance functionality, Rently provides end-to-end management of all car rental operations. Read more about Rently
CARS+ is a complete car rental software solution designed to connect car rental businesses directly to customers, partners, & brokers. This software can be used by auto-rental companies of all sizes & is customizable to suit the needs of any business with tools for frontdesk & backend management. Read more about CARS+
RentSyst — is software to automate business processes with full control of car rental and convenient order processing. With its help, order management is greatly simplified and also increases the revenue and profitability of each car. Read more about RentSyst
Wheels Car Rental System is cost effective way to both run your car rental operation and collect reservations from your website and online travel partners. Read more about Wheels Car Rental
MyRent is a cloud-based rental solution which helps dealerships, showrooms and agencies with vehicle booking and quote management. Key features include client data management, an interactive calendar, reservation management, contract creation, payment process, digital signature, damage report. Read more about MyRent
Sharefox helps online rental businesses find suitable rental software to aid the effective operation of the business. With the help of highly certified professionals, teams can get insights and recommendations on the right tools to use for businesses. Read more about Sharefox
Jugnoo aims to streamline business operations for bike rental and scooter share companies by digitizing functions through mobile apps. Key features include online booking, contract & fleet management, bike tracking, billing & invoicing, customer database, API, rate chart, and split billing. Read more about Jugnoo
Reservationengine is an all-in-one vehicle rental booking & management system with GPS integration, most suitable for use by car, bike, & boat rental companies Read more about Reservationengine
RentGuruz is a cloud-based business management software designed for auto rental businesses, which offers tools for managing reservations, agreements, customers, inventory, maintenance alerts, invoicing, payments, reporting, and more Read more about RentGuruz
Wheelbase is a web-based booking and fleet management system specially designed for RV rentals companies. Read more about Wheelbase Pro
CRBMS (Car Rental Broker Management System) is a web-based car rental platform that helps car hire brokers handle operational aspects of the business more efficiently. The system can be configured by a broker depending upon the specific requirements of the organization. Read more about CRBMS
Bulbthings is a vehicle and asset management software that helps rental businesses with booking and vehicle management task automation, as well as improving customer service thanks to a robust mobile experience. Read more about Bulbthings
Yo!Rent is a readymade marketplace software capable of powering numerous types of online rental businesses including heavy equipment rental, car rental, bike rental, furniture rental, dress rental and more. It is also a white-label solution and comes with one year of free marketing support. Read more about Yo!Rent
AllRide Apps provides smart applications for Transport & Delivery businesses to help them maximize operational efficiency with an optimal amount of automation, and AI-based predictive analysis and forecasting. Read more about AllRide Apps
Fleetlane is a mobility and fleet management software for automotive retailers offering best-in-class rental, valet and fleet tracking automation with actionable reporting. Read more about Fleetlane
PASEO is a transportation dispatch platform, which helps car rentals, land transit service providers and tour operators automate processes for bookings & back-office accounting. The solution lets users send flight updates across multiple locations to establish communication between all stakeholders. Read more about PASEO
FleetWire is a booking system that allows users to manage their direct and car-sharing vehicle rentals all in one place. Automatic ID check, e-sign rental agreements, auto-messaging, calendar sync between car-sharing platforms like Turo, and much more. Read more about
Technology to digitize mobility services. 360° software for vehicle rental management. Read more about Flit2GO
This application can be used to rent any type of vehicle that leaves your facility and returns back to the same location. Read more about RV Rental Manager eXpress
DAMAGE iD brings integrity to the Rental Market. It protects one's assets by providing high-definition photos or videos which prove the condition of one's fleet. Read more about DAMAGE iD
Proactive Transportation Management System (TMS) addresses the need to implement a complete system that optimizes current transportation business processes and provides a single integrated solution that covers all the aspects of the transportation and heavy equipment industry. Read more about Proactive Car Rental System
The CRX booking engine is a reservations/lead generation solution for small to medium sized car rental agencies. Join our family and compete with majors on equal footing on the various network websites Read more about Revolution Reservation System
Fleet X is a cloud-based car rental management platform that helps small to medium vehicle rental companies manage customers & services. The solution offers features including a calendar view, grid view, vehicle history, agreement builder, editable elements, statistics, re-organizers, and more. Read more about Fleet X
Rentificial is a cloud-based smart rental management solution which assists firms with managing pickup, drop-offs and assets maintenance. Key features of Rentificial include contract management, inventory tracking, insurance, customer information, website integration and predefined templates. Read more about Rentificial
IRIUM SOFTWARE provides ERP solutions dedicated exclusively to dealers, distributors, repair agents, rental companies and importers of equipment in the agricultural machinery, public works, handling, heavy goods vehicle and recreational motorbike sectors. Read more about Irium-software
The UFOFLEET EVOS is an operating system for electric fleets. It offers features such as driver behavior monitoring, vehicle tracking, booking and more. Read more about UFODRIVE Mobility Solutions
Cangooroo Booking Engine is a cloud-based reservation platform designed to help small to large travel agencies manage accommodation and tour prices on a unified platform. Key features include quotations, online merchandising, multi-channel product distribution, a white label interface, & reporting. Read more about Cangooroo Booking Engine
Fiare Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platforms combines extensive functionality with ease of use and a fully responsive design that ensures the best user experience in all channels. Whether lead generation or e-commerce sites, conveniently control your marketplace with our admin management features. Read more about Fiare
Renthub is a cloud-based vehicle and equipment rental software, which helps businesses manage websites, track reservations, and determine missed payments. Features include customer data, marketing campaign creation, barcode scanning, online check-in, and automatic upselling. Read more about RentHub
PM II RENT is a software tool that assists rental companies with inventory management, contact storage, order handling, and more. Read more about PM II RENT
PM II BASIC is a hybrid enterprise resource planning software that includes management of orders, contacts, projects, documents & more. Read more about PM II Basic
ShopLoaner is a web-based application that tracks mileage, cost of car rental, and location of the vehicle as well as gives you real-time access to see the status of your fleet. It is a cloud-based solution that helps shops manage their loaner fleets and track customers. Read more about ShopLoaner
Car rental software is customized to streamline the day-to-day activities of the car, bike, lorry, boat, and equipment rental business. Read more about Bullvoice
bookyt is a cloud-based car rental solution, which helps small to large businesses in automobile, construction, transportation, and other sectors manage marketing operations, tariff calculations, online payments, and inventory processes. The platform offers various features such as reporting, billing, online bookings, digital signatures, customer... Read more about bookyt
With Moiboo software the business efficiency can be increased by 80% and the activities of the business can be efficiently managed. Read more about Moiboo Software
Speed Car Rental System is a multi-tenant cloud-based software solution to help manage the car rental business in a more user-friendly and efficient way. Speed software is integrated software that allows users to access their data from any mobile device or computer, making it easy to keep track of the inventory and rates, and manage fleets. Read more about Speed Car Rental System
RENT-RIDE A Saudi system that works on cloud computing with a nominal subscription fee. Where there is no need for any equipment on your part, The system manages the most important components of the car rental company through a modular network. It connects fleet management, people and business Read more about Vehicle Rental System

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