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Poltio is a customer engagement platform that uses interactive content and engaged data to engage users across multiple channels. Poltio’s customizable UI/UX technology allows organizations of all sizes, across industries, to create a personal relationship with their customers at scale. Read more about Poltio
ApplyOn is a workflow management system specializing in banking, financial services, and insurance and enabling companies of any size to digitalize customer onboarding processes. Read more about ApplyOn
Berg CRM is a customer relationship management system that helps businesses organize sales processes, automatize commission settlements, and build client databases. The platform enables managers to automatically track notes, emails, and calls between the company and the client. Read more about Berg CRM
infra-struktur is a cloud-based CRM platform, which helps small to large businesses in retail, graphic designing, and other sectors manage customer contacts, call notes, appointments, documents, and more. The solution offers various features such as task management, messaging, user groups, file storage, communication history, and calendar sharing.... Read more about infra-struktur
CRM & Marketing Automation Software designed for businesses to grow. Read more about Prosoftly
Sales Bacon provides you all the tools you need to supercharge your marketing efforts from SMS marketing to ringless voicemail and much more. Read more about Sales Bacon
CRM to manage the pipeline flow and optimize investor relation management with powerful insights. Read more about AURA
Dailybiz is a SaaS software that optimizes business management thanks to complete functional coverage: sales, purchases, CRM, accounting, business management and taxation. Flexible & customizable solutions according to the problems of each company. Read more about Dailybiz
Customer Database App is a CRM solution that aims at small businesses. It's quick to set up and easy to use, you can import customer information from CSV file(s), and create custom workflows and custom fields. Read more about Customer Database App
Real-time, completely customizable, and intuitively collaborative, Attio is a completely new kind of CRM. Read more about Attio
Free reservations platform for F&B brands and lifestyle venues with zero subscription fees or cover charges. Merchants can accept bookings across multiple channels (including Google products), implement variable deposits and pre-payments to reduce no-shows, and control their full customer database. Read more about Reservation Platform
SULTS is a modular software system available only in Portuguese for managing business processes and projects. It enables companies to integrate different business areas, manage the online execution of tasks, adopt an internal communication system, and access an intelligent agenda. Read more about SULTS
Procedo is a system for commercial and project management, making it possible to manage each step of the sales funnel, monitor opportunities from their origin, identify competitors, coordinate activities, establish proposal approval flows, and more. Available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Read more about Procedo
Nectar is a Portuguese-language CRM platform that assists in managing sales operations and is responsible for keeping corporate data organized. Read more about Nectar
Forekast is a best-in-class client relationship manager (CRM) with CSM and KAM functionality baked into it's core. Read more about Forekast
Powerful solution for empowering organizations to easily unify their customer data into one single platform. Read more about Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud
Kondesk is a customer relationship management platform that helps education immigration consultancies handle leads, allot tasks to employees, track commissions, and access notifications about follow-ups. Read more about Kondesk
PerfectView is a customer relationship management software that is used by businesses of all sizes to store customer information and data, as well as manage customer relationships. It includes a range of features such as contact management, lead tracking, sales automation, customer surveys, and more. Read more about PerfectView
Corenio is a cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Create and edit products, and activate them on multiple marketplaces. Receive your orders in Corenio, and synchronize all your warehouse stocks to multiple marketplaces or any other third party. And much more! Read more about Corenio
Averox Services CRM can help businesses increase customer satisfaction and improve customer experience while also reducing the time needed to find, follow up on and manage leads. Averox is a simple CRM solution that will help businesses become more productive and profitable. Read more about Averox Services CRM
Whether it's increasing sales, engaging leads, managing customers, or campaigning, Twistoe offers creative & effective solutions to free up your time, make your job easier, and organize your company. Read more about Twistoe
Emplifi Service Cloud provides end-to-end care and support for your customer, throughout their journey. Read more about Emplifi Service Cloud
Saalz is a customer relationship management platform that helps businesses enrich data and generate leads. Users can view exchanges, notes, and tasks from within a unified interface. Read more about Saalz
ailead is a Japanese language web conferencing tool that leverages artificial intelligence technology to help organizations collect, analyze, and visualize business negotiation data. Teams can automate processes involved in creating meeting notes. Read more about ailead
FYNXT offers a leading low code & modular Forex CRM Platform for Multi-Asset Brokers and other FIs. Choose us as your Next-Gen Fintech Partner. Read more about FYNXT
Easybox is a flexible ERP service that allows companies to manage people, finances and their support chains. By simplifying and automating their processes, entrepreneurs can reduce costs and increase income. In addition, Easybox provides extensive training and unparalleled service. Read more about Easybox
MYBREEX combines software, hardware, and service so businesses can digitize and automate incoming and outgoing invoicing, quotations, work orders, and more. Pair MYBREEX with other business apps, such as Mollie, Codabox Teamleader, and more. Read more about MYBREEX
Miss CRM allows is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that instantly spots gaps in sales, delays in payments, and even simple mistakes as well as allows real-time alerts/notifications to be sent out for every activity on an integrated system. Read more about Miss CRM
TAG is a CRM platform that assists businesses with customer and company management including personal data database, contact management, notifications, social media marketing, knowledge base, video conference user management, contract management, electronic invoicing, warehouse management, accounting, integration, and e-commerce processes. Read more about TAG
Ekkotime is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that enables businesses to manage invoicing, handle stock movements, manage warehousing, automate contract generation, set up recurring billing, and more on a centralized platform. Read more about Ekkotime
Userlot provides a systematic approach to Customer Success. Ensuring CS teams, and their leaders, have complete visibility of their daily tasks to ensure nothing is forgotten. Tasks can be automatically created at the right time (not overloaded) from playbooks and automation to ensure clients get a consistent approach from your teams. Read more about Userlot
Axioma CRM is the solution developed by Axioma to have all the information on customers, prospects and partners under control at 360°. Read more about Axioma CRM
Eudonet is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps professional associations, fundraisers, museums, organizations in the public sector, chambers of Commerce, and higher education facilities to handle contacts, performance and their activity to improve overall collaboration. Read more about Eudonet
Discoveriez is a Japanese DX (Digital Transformation) support service that visualizes and streamlines customer-facing operations, and utilizes information collected from customers to improve products and operational flows, manage risks and optimize processes. Read more about Discoveriez
Lead Force CRM enables businesses to centralize customer data and interactions to gain insights and make informed decisions. Users can track leads, opportunities, and deals, and collaborate with team members through the sales funnel. Read more about Lead Force CRM
Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM) is a CRM truly built for 3PLs that includes an advanced logistics quoting tool. It is designed to help you win more lanes and compete with the largest 3PLs. Read more about Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM)
Save money, time and energy with the automation capabilities and flexibility of our business management platform. Read more about Kafinea
Rubeus is a Portuguese-language solution for managing recruitment processes and student retention control for educational institutions. It enables users to integrate sales funnels into the ERP system to enhance leads and increase conversions, control visit scheduling, minimize drop-outs, and more. Read more about Rubeus
Berry CRM is built to be more than just a database. It needs to be something that gives a company its fundamental needs for success in order to be truly called a business solution. It includes automation, leads management, sales pipeline, integrations, revenue insights, marketing ROI, and privacy and security. Read more about Berry CRM
Leonar is a cloud-based recruiting CRM to streamline talent acquisition through efficient sourcing, outreach automation, and talent pool management. Read more about Leonar
Smart, intelligent and automated platform for all your business management needs Read more about OneDeck
Cutting Edge CRM is a cloud-based solution that enables painting businesses to manage clients, create employee timesheets, generate staff schedules, manage invoicing, track client interactions, process credit card payments, and more from within a unified platform. Read more about Cutting Edge CRM

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