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eSkilled SMS and LMS is a complete RTO management tool that will help your RTO enrol students, organise training schedules, manage assessments, track and report on progress and issue certificates to students all in one fully integrated system. Read more about eSkilled
e-khool LMS aims to to deliver the secure learning materials to the learners through white labelled learning platform. e-khool LMS is better suitable for professional training and coaching, online university, K12 learning app and corporate training. Read more about e-khool LMS
Mangus is an online platform that offers companies the license to use its technology to organize e-learning courses oriented to the professional training of the staff. Mangus makes it possible to choose between the development of tailor-made courses or ready-made training programs. Read more about Mangus
Descomplica is a distance learning tool using current methodologies that focuses on dynamic learning, with text, audio, and video content. This platform makes it possible to incorporate corporate development programs created by leading experts in the industry. Read more about Descomplica
e-School ERP helps your school to transform your manual school into a complete digital school by providing the ultimate school automation ERP software application... Read more about e-School ERP
Training Post is a learning management system (LMS) with plans for individual organizations or training providers who wish to give their clients their own portal. Read more about Training Post
Smart Classes provides learning institutions with class management tools to conduct and manage remote learning processes. Key features include student staff management, online classes, exams, attendance and fee collection management, student or tutor chat tools, and more. Read more about Smart Classes
Learnworks is a SaaS platform that provides all the tools needed to create and manage online courses for education, training, and information purposes. Optionally, customizable off-the-shelf courses can serve as a starting point. Management of courses and students is integrated within the platform. Read more about Learnworks Learning Platform
Hotshot is an LMS system that targets legal firms and law students, providing them with a collaborative platform to share information on corporate, litigation, and business skills. Key attributes include data analysis, depositions, mobile learning, asynchronous learning, and course authoring tools. Read more about Hotshot
Sutra helps agencies and individuals organize content and discussions for their courses, training programs, and community. Key attributes include file sharing, moderation, blended & social learning, course publishing & tracking, content & group management, forums, mobile access, learner portal, etc. Read more about Sutra
Meet your workforce's critical training and compliance needs with the award-winning, all-in-one learning management software that integrates with your current systems, streamlines certification & training, automates compliance, and more. Read more about Seertech Learning
Bundled with powerful features, Virtual Slate includes an intuitive user interface, customizable branding, eCommerce integrations, and reporting dashboards. Read more about Virtual Slate
Businesses can sell Moodle courses with an existing WordPress website or via a new eCommerce website such as WooCommerce. Users can create blogs, web pages and other content to promote courses across customers. Read more about enrolmart
SmartCorporate LMS is an AI-powered, cloud-based, and customizable learning management system developed to help corporates train their employees. Read more about SmartCorporate LMS
Self-Directed Learning Engine is a platform that drives employee engagement through personalized learning. Read more about Self-Directed Learning Engine
Redink Classroom specializes in providing a Digital Gradebook for our new-age teachers, helping them to collaborate with fellow teachers in real-time and provide accurate reports to the management and parents. Read more about Redink
Encapsulating knowledge, technology & the art of care enveloped within a heart, MedLern prepares your hospital staff to deal with increasingly complex patient care needs & navigate through a constantly changing healthcare environment. Read more about MedLern
The web-based nectar LMS with a completely responsive design enables efficient management of diverse learning media thanks to innovative features, clear user guidance, and ease of use. With nectar, digital learning is made easy. Read more about nectar LMS
Edisapp eLearn LMS is a cloud-based learning management system. It provides users with the tools needed to create and plan courses and lessons, distribute feedback and make assessment reports. Read more about Edisapp eLearn LMS
PlaybookBuilder is a cloud-based Knowledge Management platform. It houses all the process, tools, training, and best practices of an organization so it can move fast but keep everyone connected and updated. Read more about Playbook Builder
TraineryLMS engages learners, closes training gaps, streamlines administration and delivers a strong ROI. Read more about Trainery LMS
Motivate Cloud combines a gamified, socialized LMS environment with the ability to learn at your own pace. The interactive courses are designed to help you achieve your goals faster and smarter. Read more about Motivate Cloud
Zywave is a training and education tool for employees. It helps to mitigate the risks of having poorly or untrained staff which can open your company up to claims and lost revenue. Read more about Education & Training - Client Cloud
Campus platform is a “people first” cloud-native learning management system that encompasses all aspects of education processes in ONE human-centric solution. Read more about Campus
Lambda Suite helps you grow and scale your online training business with the combined power of eCommerce, learning, and analytics. Use Lambda Suite and take your next step for your training business. Read more about Lambda Suite
Beedoo artificial intelligence (AI) was created through an algorithm capable of developing personalized trails for each individual. Read more about Beedoo
Storiz is a French Next Generation Training LCMS* which allows you to create digital contents and to distribute tailored Blended Learning courses. 1) Create content with Storiz Back-office 2) Publish training modules with Storiz Front-office 3) Liven up your courses with Board Hybrid by Klaxoon Read more about Storiz
Edqualis is a customizable LMS designed for equitable learning. Read more about EdQualis
Enterprise software to optimize crew skills, knowledge and behaviour. Marine Learning Systems' focus is on providing the most sophisticated, flexible and reliable way to deliver and manage mariner training and assessment, on shore and at sea. Read more about MarineLMS
The EAD LMS Estúdio platform is ideal for those looking for an easy to manage and elegant solution, with an intuitive interface, you can easily create and sell your courses. Indicated for those who want to sell and teach online courses or just train employees, customers and/or suppliers. Read more about LMS Estúdio
inClass is a cloud-based SaaS virtual classroom platform, that transforms every conventional classroom of schools, colleges, or universities into a boundary-less virtual space where students and teachers can interact in a face-to-face real-life session very easily. Read more about inClass
MEDAD Cloud Platform is designed to enable educational institutes, government organizations, and corporations to align their academic, administrative, and training processes and accelerate their digital transformation journeys while fostering institutional innovation. Read more about MEDAD

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