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Easy Payslip is a cloud-based payroll management software designed to help small businesses manage employee leaves, payslips, reports, and more via a unified portal. The platform automatically calculates taxes, multiple rates, commissions, overtimes, deductions, and allowances and sends payslips to employees via email. Read more about Easy Payslip
Ichiban Payroll Guru is a payroll software designed to help businesses in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, retail, and other industries manage salary slips, pay structures, staff members' leaves, and more from within a unified platform. Organizations can track employees' certificates, passport expiry dates, birthdays, and payroll details... Read more about Ichiban Payroll Guru
Cloud-based technology for end-to-end human capital management needs including payroll, time and labor management, HR, benefits administration, recruitment, performance management, and scheduling. The flexible and customizable system is built to grow with a company. Read more about Centrally HR
BIPO Payroll is a high-performance secure payroll management system which supports multi-country payroll Read more about BIPO Payroll
Blue Marble Payroll is a software platform for managing international payrolls. It simplifies employee payments across multiple countries and currencies. Key benefits include cloud accessibility, scalability, transparency, advanced controls, aggregated reporting, and multinational compliance. Read more about Blue Marble Payroll
Nucleus HR is a human resources management software designed to help businesses collect large amounts of data from active and inactive employees, such as family structure, medical data, performance information, and more. Read more about Nucleus HR
The Kimedics workforce management platform is a single software solution that enables a collaborative environment between medical groups and other connected organizations such as hospitals, staffing vendors, CVO's, payroll suppliers and other BPO organizations. Read more about Kimedics
KTBSonline is Kelly Benefits’ total benefits solution technology platform, providing convenience to employers, employees, and brokers. It offers a web portal for businesses of all sizes to manage benefits enrollment and administration processes. Read more about KTBSonline
Infoniqa aims to cover all tasks required of a medium-sized HR department. This ranges from applicant management to personnel administration and development and time recording. The software includes payroll functions. Alternatively, the provider can take care of the payroll. Read more about Infoniqa
The application makes payroll advances more flexible for a company's employees. This tool can be used by employees of member companies. The objective is to facilitate the availability of payroll advances at no cost, to deal with unforeseen or unexpected expenses. Read more about Payflow
Portal is a web app developed by Portal Tech for businesses in all sectors. It helps manage payroll and expenses for distributed teams, contractors, and remote workers. Key features include single-click cross-border payouts, legal contracts, auto-generated invoices, and customizable expense reports. Read more about Portal
AI-powered software for shift planning and time tracking for the healthcare industry and other system-relevant branches. Read more about Planerio
The complete employee management software for small and medium businesses: time & attendance, vacations and leave, payroll delivery, employees’ expenses and more. Read more about Dipendenti in Cloud
WorQ aids blue-collar workforce management with an integrated end-to-end platform. Read more about WorQ
Labor is software that has been designed to generate payrolls for a company's employees. Its functions make it possible to take into account different parameters and concepts for the personalized calculation of each payroll. It makes it possible to access historical data and prepare standardized reports. Read more about Labor
Sage 50cloud Payroll is designed to help businesses manage salaries, benefits, pensions, payslips, and more via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to automatically calculate deductions, payments, employee loans, and holiday pay, process monthly, weekly, four weekly, or two-weekly payrolls, make payments through online banking,... Read more about Sage 50cloud Payroll
TimeWatchR is a web-based time tracking software designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as marketing, design, programming, logistics, HR, sales, or any other field track work hours. The platform lets teams accurately track work, plan and schedule events, and receive timely email reminders. Read more about TimeWatchR
Sage BusinessWorks is an intuitive and user-friendly accounting and payroll solution for accounting and HR departments. Read more about Sage BusinessWorks
Canopy consolidates all HR data and apps into a centralized platform, allowing firms to reduce costs, improve employee experience, and increase operational efficiency. Key attributes include employee profiles & database, payroll & time-off management, reporting, onboarding, and applicant tracking. Read more about Canopy
Folha de Pagamento is a personnel department management tool, responsible for automating payroll routines and calculations, including a number of variants, such as family allowances, union bonuses, health and risk premiums, alimony, and more. Read more about Folha de Pagamento
Questor Gestão Contábil is a digital solution for accounting offices, responsible for digitalizing processes, automating highly complex calculations, organizing documentation, and centralizing control of operations on a platform divided into different management modules. Read more about Questor Gestão Contábil
Workbeat is a cloud-based human resource management tool which helps midsize and large businesses in retail, events, design, construction, and other sectors organize employee records, manage payroll processes, and streamline internal communications. The solution lets managers categorize organizational structure by positions or job descriptions,... Read more about Workbeat
NaviPayroll is an online system that can be implemented and run on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The NaviPayroll set-up wizard ensures an efficient process so users can quickly begin benefiting from NaviPayroll. Data entry and calculations are completed efficiently and the ability to post, store, and report upon detailed ledger entries... Read more about NaviPayroll
The essential part of every organization is effective Payroll and HR software. This software aims to manage, organize and automate your employee’s salary as well as financial records. Read more about SAN Payroll
SalaryBox is an employee attendance and payroll management solution that helps businesses manage employee attendance, track leaves, and one-click payroll management. Read more about SalaryBox
Deskera People is a cloud-based human resources software designed to help businesses streamline hiring, payroll, leaves, attendance, and expense reporting processes. The platform enables organizations to ensure compliance with country, state, and company-specific requirements via a unified portal. Read more about Deskera People
MX-SmartPayer is a cloud-based payroll management software designed to help businesses streamline salaries, taxes, human resources, and other operations via a unified portal. The platform offers commitment forms for staff and employer, establishes advancement and indexation rates, and automatically calculates CSST and unemployment insurance... Read more about MX-SmartPayer
SiriusPayroll365 is an integrated business central HMRC recognized payroll software that streamlines payroll processes, so your HR and Finance departments can ensure accuracy, timeliness, and compliance. Read more about SiriusPayroll365
MYOB PayGlobal is a comprehensive payroll and workforce management system, designed for larger Australian and New Zealand businesses to streamline payroll processes with accuracy. Read more about MYOB PayGlobal
Cloud-based integrated global HR and payroll system. Streamline your Human Resource and Global Payroll process using a single platform. Read more about Wolke One People
Smartly is cloud-based payroll software that helps businesses pay employees on time in accordance with legislation. It includes a self-service portal that allows employees to access their payroll details, approvals, payslips, timesheets, and more. Read more about Smartly
AddettoHR is an HR lifecycle management software that allows businesses to handle employee functions from recruitment to retirement. Read more about AddettoHR
Effitrac HRMS is a cloud-based human resources (HR) and payroll platform that allows businesses to manage employee information, leave and attendance, payroll, and more. Self-service functionality empowers employees to access and manage their personal records and payroll details, apply for leave, and track attendance. Read more about Effitrac HRMS and Payroll Software
Simplify processes, improve accuracy, and take control of business operations with PowerSchool Unified Administration Atrieve, our finance and HR software built specifically for K-12 schools and districts in Canada. Read more about PowerSchool Unified Administration Atrieve
cuteOffice ERP provides tools that streamline the entire office operations and improve productivity. Read more about cuteOffice
Denali Payroll is an on-premise payroll software designed to help small to mid-sized businesses deliver on-time salary payments to employees. It is a comprehensive solution with an easy-to-use interface that offers automatic payroll tax calculation, tax form preparation and filing, real-time updates, customizable reporting, and more. Denali... Read more about Denali Payroll
Zeal provides the premium backend infrastructure you need to offer your ideal payroll product! Go live quickly using our white label components or build custom features using our APIs. However you want to build payroll, Zeal is here to help. Read more about Zeal
Sigem is a solution responsible for centralizing and automating the operations of human resources and payroll. Its multiplatform format allows access from mobile devices and has integration via web services with different applications. Read more about Sigem
ExeQtiva is a cloud-based software solution focused on enterprise payroll. The application includes salary tabulators and is supported on the basis of electronic employee records. The platform is available from any device with internet access. Read more about exeQtiva
Higlobe is company that provides global payments without transaction fees. Read more about Higlobe
Bitákora is the payroll software that redefines the concept of online settlement. When any new thing is registered, BItákora will immediately calculate the payments and deductions associated with the payroll (social security, withholding at the source, etc.), but beyond that, it will have the PILA, the provisions, and the detailed accounting up to... Read more about Bitákora
Payroll software designed by UK experts within the field of pay to specifically tackle the challenges faced by pay professionals day in and day out across all sectors. Read more about Advanced Payroll
Ultimatix Payroll & HRMS is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage payroll, recruitments, regulatory compliance, business expenses, and employee databases, along with all of their other HR-related processes. This solution is used by businesses of all sizes, and it provides a complete set of tools for managing employee requisitions,... Read more about Ultimatix Payroll & HRMS
WoCo is a new-age HRTech software that automates mundane HR processes for SMEs and enables businesses to focus on employee engagement & performance improvement. WoCo simplifies Core HR, Time & Attendance, Dynamic Shifts, ESS, Compliances, Payroll & productivity. Read more about WoCo

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