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The HR system Apployed offers all the functionalities you need to successfully manage your personnel administration. In addition, you gain more insight into employees or departments. This valuable information allows you to monitor tasks and gain insights into the performance of various business metrics. Read more about Apployed
Illizeo: Leading provider of HR Cloud solutions for SMEs in Europe. Optimizes employee processes, consolidates HR tasks, and offers automated workflows, seamless integrations, and customizable reports. User-friendly, adaptable, exceptional support. Streamline operations, drive growth. Read more about Illizeo
KAMI Workforce is an HR management solution that helps streamline HR operations, manage loan requests, handle tax compliance, and more on a unified platform. Read more about KAMI Workforce
Payroll is a desktop accounting solution designed to handle your company's payroll needs. Read more about Payroll
Roll by ADP is a mobile payroll app designed to make running payroll easy for small business owners, Roll gives users the ability to manage their employees' timecards, track deductions, and taxes, view reports in real time, manage payouts, and more. Read more about Roll by ADP
Optimise your workforce, make quick informed decisions, and empower your employees with TechnologyOne’s HR and Payroll software. Focus on the job at hand with real-time analysis and reporting on your people and have the tools for advanced strategic workforce planning at your fingertips. Read more about Human Resources & Payroll
Blue-collar HRMS is a cloud-based AI/ML-enabled HR software that helps digitize the complete HR operations starting from the onboarding to offboarding process of an employee in the organization. Read more about Blue-collar HRMS
Mool is a tax optimization and salary personalization tool that helps businesses streamline personal finance processes through efficient tax planning, smart investments, insurance, and borrowing choices. Read more about Mool
DP Next Gen HCM helps businesses make it easier for managers and employees alike by handling payroll, HR tools, and more. With ADP Next Gen HCM, users can manage their employees’ benefits, time and attendance records, and employee perks from one easy dashboard with access to flexible administration tools in order to provide a better work... Read more about ADP Next Gen HCM
Wisely by ADP is a comprehensive, fully-integrated solution that enables businesses to offer an array of payment options, including payroll, market-leading benefits, and financial wellness programs. The solution also offers Earned Wage Access, a new way for employees to get paid faster without disrupting their regular payroll schedule. Read more about Wisely by ADP
ADP Celergo is a way for businesses to keep track of their employees' hours and paychecks across multiple countries. This solution allows users to easily track employee info, handle payroll processing, and automate HR tasks, including reports and benefits automation. Read more about ADP Celergo
HR Blizz, developed by Mercans, is a global payroll solution trusted by various businesses across the globe. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for HR professionals to navigate and manage global payroll operations efficiently. Read more about HR Blizz
Eliminate complexities of hiring and running your team remotely as Juggl handles it all - from org charts to people directories, document management to onboarding, time tracking to approvals, localized benefits to invoicing. Make each aspect of your HR process more strategic with the power of Juggl! Read more about Juggl
Gusto Embedded is a payroll API providing modular, customizable, and pre-built UI flows for development teams. This solution can help companies develop payroll and HR solutions that meet their unique needs. As a plug-and-play API solution, Gusto Embedded allows developers to leverage Gusto's extensive features and capabilities to build complete... Read more about Gusto Embedded
Warp is the best cloud based payroll platform for founders to run their companies. Never waste time on payroll operations again. Read more about Warp
Lessor's secure and efficient payroll and HR system is designed to streamline payroll processes and prioritize data protection. Read more about Lessor

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