Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are digital solution packages that enable companies to integrate and manage their business processes on a single unified system. Such types of centralised management platforms allow managers to visualise, monitor, and allocate resources for specific operations. These may relate to procurement, inventory management, distribution, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and customer relationship management. ERP systems are used by professionals in a variety of fields, such as accounting, warehouse management, inventory control, purchasing, and project management. With these tools, managers can access and utilise inventory, order, finance, project, and facilities data from the same dashboard. For example, they can be used to draft quotes, place orders, generate estimates, send invoices, carry out appraisals, monitor inventory across warehouses, assign tasks, manage projects, access customer experience data, and generate performance reports. ERP systems can help streamline communication across departments and branches, improving business insight and lowering operational costs by helping to implement best practices. They facilitate the flow of information between business areas via real-time data updates and reports, consolidating such data, optimising data integrity, and helping to lower compliance risk. They can also help simplify the software infrastructure, potentially helping to reduce the number of tools needed to run a business and lowering management costs. Typical features of ERP solutions include billing & invoicing, financial management, project management, reporting/analytics, and supply chain management. ERP software is related to Business Management Software, MRP Systems, Supply Chain Management Software, Inventory Management Software, and Manufacturing Software.

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ERPFlex is integrated management software for small and midsize companies, with which it is possible to control budgets and sales orders, manage accounts payable and receivable, issue bills and invoices, automate production routines, make purchase quotations, and more. Available in Portuguese. Read more about ERPFlex
PedidoOK is a system for business management, sales, and eCommerce, responsible for issuing invoices, cash flow control, accounts payable and receivable, automatic calculation of taxes, and more, plus it can integrate with marketplaces, such as Mercado Livre and Americanas. Available in Portuguese. Read more about PedidoOK
SINC is an integrated business management system for different sectors, such as distributors, assemblers, and service providers, that makes it possible to automate processes, reduce activity execution time, and establish a broad view of operations in real time. It is available in Portuguese. Read more about SINC
Today, business companies must engage with ERP implementation to run their operations smoothly. Captals is the perfect answer for ERP system implementation for such business companies. Read more about ERP
Lexos is an ERP tool for automated commercial management that allows the control of sales at the cash register, registration of customers and products, inventory management with color or size grid, issuance of invoices and tax coupons, access to management reports, and more. Read more about Lexos
OTK is an intelligent online management system that makes it possible to control purchase requests, receipts, and suppliers, and it provides an overview of operations, such as stock movements, issuing bills, monthly and annual budget planning, and more. Read more about OTK
Director is a modular management platform for business growth that makes it possible to integrate information and routines, control business logistics, coordinate stock movements, generate orders, issue invoices, adopt multiple pricing tables, and more. It is available in Portuguese. Read more about Director
MatchingCore is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large businesses streamline resource management via artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Read more about MatchingCore
MyHeaven is a Portuguese-language business management software system for the retail sector that integrates operations, enabling control of budgets and proposals, registration of purchase quotations from different suppliers, the issuance of invoices, delivery expediting, and inventory management. Read more about Myheaven
eGestor is a complete business management software solution that makes it possible to monitor cash flow, control sales or stock movement, and issue bills and invoices, providing users access to dozens of management reports that assist in strategic decision-making. Available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Read more about eGestor
Backoffice is an in-code platform for the creation of financial, operational, administrative, sales, marketing, and human resources management software. Users can choose from more than 20 ready-made system templates and import dozens of customizable components. Available in Portuguese. Read more about VTB Solutions
SysTeam ERP is an intelligent business management system with which companies can centralize the accounting and budgetary control of the business, access highly accurate and real-time information, manage the supply chain, reduce operating costs, and more. The system is only available in Portuguese. Read more about SysTeam ERP
VS INDUSTRIAL is a Portuguese-language software system for automated process management in the industrial sector that makes it possible to control purchase orders and make budgets, as well as manage inventory movements with component inspection records, analyze billing, and more. Read more about VS Industrial
A cloud-based tool that offers users access to a single platform from which they can track their sales, handle their invoices, manage their money, and perform a variety of other tasks. Read more about Katana
BizSuite: A fully versatile, integrated, customizable, and open-source operations management system supported by expertly designed business applications. BizSuite’s innate database can cater to your business needs namely; CRM, sales, project, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, etc. Read more about BizSuite
artis.net is a cloud-based enterprise resource management (ERP) solution that helps manage customer invoices, digital contracts, inventory data, progress reports, and more. Read more about artis.net
SYFol is a no-code platform on Microsoft SharePoint that converts files and folders into manageable records. Businesses can extract transaction data from bank statements, invoices, and receipts and view them in the form of a dashboard. Some features include document management, templates, checklists, triggers, ticketing management, and task... Read more about SYFol
Cavallo for BC is an order management platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It enables users to optimize their order entry, workflow, customer management, and more by starting with the best of BC and integrating Cavallo’s enterprise-grade products. Read more about Cavallo for BC
CertiCraft is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large cannabis businesses manage compliance operations. It fully digitizes and automates your relationship with Health Canada and the CRA, and in doing so, saves our customers far more time, headache, and cost than any other system out there. We save Canadian cannabis producers time, money,... Read more about CertiCraft
Dash-App is an ERP solution that helps businesses access transactions to correct or adjust quantities or prices according to requirements and synchronize data to Quickbooks Online. Read more about Dash-App
Zeymo ERP helps users transform their manufacturing/wholesale business with powerful integrated modules, a user-friendly interface & a versatile 5-in-1 mobile app for diverse roles. Read more about Zeymo
Cegid XRP Flex connects all your teams for seamless business management in real-time. The flexibility of its Cloud platform allows precise accounting and financial management of your activity in constant connection with your operations. You easily integrate all accounting, multi-company, and inter-entity flows, precisely follow your budgets,... Read more about CEGID XRP FLEX
Enterprise Hub is an ideal small business ERP software solution for growing small business retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, or E-Tailers. Enterprise Hub delivers a complete small business ERP solution to manage a small business’s entire operations. Read more about Enterprise Hub
Nuvem Gestor is management software for beauty salons, spas, and beauty clinics that can be integrated with a company's website to offer diverse resources for controlling services or stock, as well as a complete agenda to help organize appointments, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Read more about NuvemGestor
Deskera enables fast growing businesses to operate more efficiently by providing them with an integrated platform that connects accounting, inventory and warehouse management, order fulfillment, procurement, sales and marketing, and human resource operations. Read more about Deskera ERP
Introducing De Rouze, our flagship ERP solution that aims to tackle operational inefficiencies commonly faced by businesses. With a wide range of customizable features and functionalities, De Rouze ERP can cater to the unique needs of any business. Read more about De Rouze
QUASAR ERP Banking is designed exclusively for the banking sector. It is directly coupled to core banking in a natural and automatic way, regardless of the platform. QUASAR ERP Banking integrates not only with core banking on the cloud but can also combine on-premise & hybrid. Likewise, with the core of previous generations or current-future... Read more about QUASAR ERP Banking
Swiss21 is the comprehensive management platform for SMEs. Read more about Swiss21
eVitalyst is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software catering to businesses in the manufacturing, trading, insurance, and construction industries. It helps administrators manage finance, inventory, purchasing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, and human resource operations. Read more about eVitalyst

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