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Zonka Feedback is a multi-channel survey & feedback platform which allows users to build survey forms, generate real-time reports, and receive instant alerts Read more about Zonka Feedback
SurveyMonkey Enterprise is a customer satisfaction solution designed to help businesses in IT, healthcare, education, and other sectors collect, assess, and share survey responses with teams. Administrators can secure confidential data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance... Read more about SurveyMonkey Enterprise
Staffino offers a complete solution for managing customer experience that links CX data with business and revenue. Using advanced technology, the software is an easy-to-use online platform that helps over 50 companies in more than 30 countries gain a better understanding of their customer's journeys Read more about Staffino
QuestionPro is an advanced research suite of tools to let you conduct surveys and research securely and seamlessly. We offer SaaS software to collect feedback and perform data analytics to help you make smarter decisions. Read more about QuestionPro
The Alchemer Platform is the ideal solution for teams, departments, or for an entire organization looking to close the feedback loop with their customers and employees. Read more about Alchemer
Send mass texts or bulk SMS campaigns with this text message marketing platform for businesses. Send texts with coupons, reminders and special offers. Drive donations for your churches, nonprofits or political campaigns. SimpleTexting gives you need to make your message heard. Read more about SimpleTexting
TextMagic is an all-in-one text-messaging service for business to bulk send notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations, and SMS marketing campaigns Read more about TextMagic
JustCall is an AI-driven platform for instant Voice, SMS, WhatsApp connections. Streamlines workflows, integrates with 100+ CRMs, trusted by 6,000+ global firms. Features: call management, messaging, sales tools, real-time AI insights, CRM integration, global phone numbers in 70+ countries. Read more about JustCall
SlickText is an SMS marketing platform that enabling organizations grow marketing lists, message customers, share coupons, and raise brand awareness. Read more about SlickText
EZ Texting delivers the smartest, fastest, easiest, and most reliable ways to connect with your audience. Read more about EZ Texting
Avochato is an SMS/text messaging and live chat solution for marketing, sales & support teams, which allows users to send, receive, and collaborate on messages from customers Read more about Avochato
TextP2P offers in text surveys without any external links in order for participants to the take the survey. This means your response rates will be 10X! TextP2P provides single choice, multiple choice, or qualitative answers. All responses are graphed and detailed responses can be exported. Read more about TextP2P
Mobile Text Alerts helps businesses grow their sales through SMS marketing. Our online dashboard and mobile app allows users to send and receive mass text messages, manage subscribers, segment lists, engage in 2-way conversations, connect integrations and interact with messaging analytics. Read more about Mobile Text Alerts
CallHub is an easy to use, all-in-one campaigning and organizing platform. CallHub makes it easy for organizations of any size to connect with their audience and drive change. Read more about CallHub
Trumpia is an SMS marketing automation tool, which helps manage and streamline text messaging automation, customer targeting, campaign management and more. Catering to businesses of all sizes, the SaaS solution aids users in driving ROI through enhanced customer communication across channels. Read more about Trumpia
GetFeedback is easy-to-use online survey software designed to improve response rates. Read more about GetFeedback
Heymarket provides business text messaging for marketing, sales, support & operations teams, with shared inboxes, mobile apps, message templates, and more Read more about Heymarket
Delighted is a cloud-based customer feedback collection system that uses single question surveys across multiple channels including email, SMS, web link and website integration to gather and analyse customer, employee, partner and vendor experience insights, while monitoring NPS scores in real time Read more about Delighted
Curogram provides a complete solution to an enhanced patient engagement experience. Features include: secure two-way texting, electronic patient forms, smart appointment booking and reminders, mass texting, automated survey and rating requests, online payments and multi-user telemedicine. Read more about Curogram
MessageMedia is a global leader in business SMS services, providing mobile messaging solutions for small to large-sized businesses. MessageMedia's text messaging service enables customers to send and manage texts from web, email or API to engage customer through mobile experiences. Read more about Sinch MessageMedia
Routee, powered by AMD Telecom, provides Web and API Communication as a Service solutions, so as to expand and simplify communication capabilities between people, applications, corporations, and technology. Organizations are able to utilize forms of messaging, voice, and verification. Read more about ROUTEE
UltraSMSScript is a fully-featured, white-labeled SMS Software platform designed to serve startups, SMEs, ad/media agencies, and marketing providers. Businesses can pay a 1-time fee for the platform and install UltraSMSScript on their own servers. They can also allow UltraSMSScript to host it for them using the monthly hosted plans! Read more about UltraSMSScript
MessageDesk is a cloud-based SMS marketing software that helps businesses in the professional services, field management, and medical industries facilitate communication with customers and on-field personnel through messaging. Features include scheduling, one-on-one texting, templates, and more. Read more about MessageDesk
eContact is an integrated operations & customer outreach platform that optimizes every contact and delivers actionable insights. Read more about eContact
AIO is an on-premise and cloud-based omnichannel marketing software that helps businesses of all sizes manage digital campaigns and streamline client communication through emails, SMS and more. Read more about AIO
Custobar is a cloud-based marketing automation platform designed to help businesses of all sizes create, launch, and manage marketing campaigns. The platform enables organizations to gather and store data about sales, marketing, communication, and customer services from multiple sources on a unified portal for future reference. Read more about Custobar
TextSanity is a cloud-based solution, which assists businesses of all sizes with SMS marketing and large-scale messaging. Key features include a contact database, response management, tagging, file attachments, web-forms, campaign management, data collection, and campaign scheduling. Read more about TextSanity
Using our Traffic solution, you can deliver information to customers in a matter of seconds. SMS marketing is a powerful driving force in modern business, and when used appropriately and wisely, can substantially increase profits and the visibility of the business. Read more about
JookSMS is a cloud-based SMS marketing solution designed to help businesses manage marketing strategies, promotions and more using text messages. The platform enables organizations to track sent and received messages, as well as team activities, in real-time. Read more about JookSMS
The Messaging Portal by LINK Mobility is a service for companies to send messages worldwide via delivery channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Threema which can be selected by the customer. These particular services are utilized according to their respective advantages and disadvantages. Read more about Messaging Portal
SPAM & SCAM likely messages can be a major problem for companies that rely on dialing campaigns to make sales and grow their business. These types of unwanted messages can cost your company time, money and customers. Read more about iNexus
Avis-Locataire is a real estate software suite dedicated to property managers, construction companies and service companies. Read more about Avis Locataire
TextAnywhere is an SMS survey software designed to help businesses of all sizes collect survey data from respondents through text messages. The application enables organizations to send promotional content, ad hoc updates and other personalized information to customers or team members via text messages. Read more about TextAnywhere
Verint® Experience Management™ is a customer experience (CX) suite of solutions designed to help businesses such as eCommerce, retail, public sector, government, financial services, telecom, energy, communication, healthcare, consumer, media, hospitality, travel, and more. Read more about Verint Experience Management
Message Launch is a cloud-based software designed to help organizations communicate with internal and external stakeholders via email and text messages. The platform enables organizations to create a contact database and capture and store customer information like name, email, phone numbers, birthday, profession, interests, and more for marketing... Read more about Message Launch
Ask your customers, patients, employees etc. about the quality of your services and products after an interaction via SMS. Use SMS in mobile market research. A separate reception number enables direct reception of responses. Read more about eCall
Go4Clients is a digital communication platform that allows companies to automate their customer interactions. Read more about Go4Clients

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