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Understand your customers, your brand, and your market with Brandwatch’s advanced Consumer Intelligence platform. Read more about Brandwatch
Sprinkl offers social media management products to help brands improve their presence on social media, increasing engagement, improving insight and becoming more strategic. It is a social experience management platform with a suite of apps to ensure brand consistency among customers and staff. Read more about Sprinklr
YouScan is a social listening platform powered by image recognition technology. It provides instant access to customer conversations happening online, enabling enterprises and agencies to listen, analyze and turn social data into action. Read more about YouScan
Mentionlytics is a web & social media monitoring solution for tracking brand mentions across social platforms in order to find leads and gain business insights Read more about Mentionlytics
Search TV, radio, online news and social media in real-time with the industry's fastest media monitoring service. Read more about Critical Mention
Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence. Read more about Sprout Social
Mention allows you to monitor what’s being said about you online and on social media. Listening, no matter who’s talking, is key to growing your business - how else will you know what people think and what their needs are? Whether you want to monitor your company name, your competitor, or a phrase related to your business, you should be able to... Read more about Mention is a reputation management solution, which helps multi-location businesses monitor and improve online ratings, reviews, customer experience, traffic, and more. Its centralized dashboard lets companies collect data and provides a 360-degree view of online and offline reputation. Read more about Reputation
RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that lets businesses schedule and publish posts across all social media platforms. Staff members can add a post to multiple social media accounts, schedule it for any time in the future, and get notifications when the post has been published. Read more about RecurPost
Oktopost is the only social media management platform architected for B2B. Oktopost enables marketers to manage social content at scale, amplify reach, and integrate social with a marketing and sales stack. Read more about Oktopost
Meltwater media intelligence tracks over 275,000 global online news sources, and has partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring. Social media listening covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, comment, review sites, forums, message boards and over 300 million blogs. Read more about Meltwater
Cision is a PR management platform that provides one of the most comprehensive global databases of media contacts and outlets and can be used for journalist and influencer identification and outreach, media monitoring and analytics, and press release distribution. Read more about Cision
facelift as a social media management tool gives you the power to monitor your brand awareness and share of voice. Read more about facelift
Moonio offers a comprehensive set of tools for brands and creators to connect, and all the necessary features to run hassle-free, successful collaborations. Read more about Moonio
Infegy Atlas is a social media marketing and analytics software designed to help businesses manage clients, monitor competitors’ activities, and build brand reputation. The cloud-based platform allows marketing teams to manage keywords, convert leads into customers, and generate custom reports via a unified platform. Read more about Infegy Atlas
Mediatoolkit is a web & social media monitoring tool which enables brands to monitor & analyze all online mentions of their brand, find brand influencers & more Read more about Determ
KP16 is a market research solution that provides features such as customer segmentation, benchmarking, conditional logic, panel management, real time data, customizable templates, statistical analysis, and visual analytics. Read more about KPI6
Talkwalker is a cloud-based social media and analytics platform, which assists businesses with social listening and influencer marketing. Key features include team communications, channel management, content analysis, automated alerts, data intelligence, engagement tracking, and brand management. Read more about Talkwalker
adhook provides technology for Google & Social Media brand management to plan & publish activities and coordinate collaboration across teams. Read more about Adhook
Konnect Insights is a cloud-based platform, which helps manage brand reputation, customer details, feedback, and customer experience for businesses across aviation, finance, food and beverage, IT, hospitality, retail, media and various other industries. Read more about Konnect Insights
Maximize your social media impact with content intelligence and data analysis for social media managers 🚀 Get into competitive analysis and take the lead! Read more about Welovroi
Digimind is a social listening and market intelligence platform designed to help marketers and analysts with brand reputation, competitive intelligence, consumer insights, trend tracking, influencers identification and campaign analysis. Read more about Digimind
An AI-powered tool that helps businesses monitor, analyze, and track digital conversations across social media and the web. Read more about Emojot
Fanpage Karma is a leading social media management solution that facilitates the boring and stressful parts of managing a presence across all social media platforms, and lets people focus on the things that they really value: sharing their messages and content to an ever-growing number of fans. Read more about Fanpage Karma
EMR, Practice Management, behavioral, educational and mental health data collection software including curricula. Read more about UnitusTI
Supercharge your influencer marketing with Click Analytics: discover the perfect influencers, analyze their performance, detect fraud, track competitors, and streamline collaboration. Maximize efficiency, engage your target audience, and revolutionize your marketing strategies! Read more about Click Analytic
BrandBastion Lite helps you to monitor, reply, hide and analyze all social media conversations faster than ever and from one place. Make social media management a breeze with our AI-powered solution! Read more about BrandBastion Lite
Atribus is a cloud-based consumer intelligence tool that allows users to monitor mentions related to influencers, topics, brands, or other keywords across websites, blogs, forums, social networks, digital newspapers, and more. It allows users to create custom alerts for specific keywords, which can then be used to monitor conversations about a... Read more about Atribus
QuickMetrix is a new-generation digital customer engagement management platform for Social Listening, Online Reputation Management , Social CRM, Social Publishing, Surveys & Crisis Management. Get Insights on your brand and compare with competition Build Executive Dashboards and Reports to share wi Read more about QuickMetrix
All-in-One Social media management tool to monitor the competitors, brand reputation, schedule and analyze content in-bulk from a centralized location. Get 37+ apps with HipSocial for just $14.99/month. Read more about HipSocial
Reech Influence Cloud technology enables brands and their partners to autonomously manage & optimize all of their influence activities. With our solution, you can identify, qualify and activate influencers, draw up contracts, measure the performance of your campaigns and monitor influencer trends. Read more about Reech Influence Cloud
LOOQME Hub is a platform to analyze, track and plan brand communications. We have full scale coverage results both for social media and mainstream and is moving to the prediction of results with data science at hand. Read more about LOOQME Hub
With Datawalt, you will be able to access updated reports for each area, obtain a complete view of your company and better evaluate the performance of your operations for future decisions. Read more about Datawalt
Ovonts is a cloud-based influencer marketing and omnichannel social commerce enablement platform. It is built on an open architecture powered by modules, custom analytics and workflow tools to empower your work the way you do with influencers, creators, content, managers and teams. Read more about Ovonts
iCrowdNewswire is press release solution providing the latest in ad driven communications targeting. It allows users to land their messages with geographic and demographic targeting precision from million of sites worldwide. Read more about iCrowdNewsire ReleaseLive
Orlo is an AI-enabled software designed to help businesses streamline marketing engagement, social listening, and performance analytics operations via a unified platform. It enables marketing and customer service professionals to enhance the company’s reputation and improve Read more about Orlo
Radarr is a cloud-based social media listening marketing tool, which helps businesses manage brand reputation, monitor online conversations, and detect customer sentiments in real-time. Features include campaign tracking, crisis monitoring, data visualization, forecasting, and benchmarking. Read more about Radarr
Enterprise culture intelligence solution that quantifies culture in real-time for smart decision-making & upholding brand value. Read more about ELEFense
Utilize a centralized dashboard to perform sentiment analysis, competitor research, and promote social media posts across all handles. Read more about BuzzSense
Customer engagement platform leveraging digital and social networks to enhance they way businesses interact with their audiences. Read more about Experia
To handle digital and social media interactions, from gathering timely insight to enhancing performance and actively managing brand reputation, Walee Enterprise is designed for brands and agencies. Read more about Walee Enterprise
Analyze your brand beyond your networks. Our social listening solution lets you monitor and track topics related to your brand in multiple digital channels. Read more about Bunker DB Listening

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