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CGM LABDAQ is a laboratory information system (LIS) that provides healthcare organizations, veterinary offices, reference laboratories, and hospitals with tools to manage electronic medical records (EMR) and other administrative operations. Read more about CGM LABDAQ
NovoPath 360 is a web-based laboratory information system (LIS) that helps healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical sciences organizations streamline pathology workflows, handle claims, generate customized reports, and more from a centralized platform. It enables pathologists to evaluate specimen data, automate case distributions, collaborate with... Read more about NovoPath 360
A laboratory information system (LIS) that's comprehensive, flexible, and scalable. LigoLab Informatics Platform creates market differentiation by enabling clinical and pathological labs to become super-efficient and much more profitable. Read more about LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform
Psyche Systems is a web-based laboratory information management solution, which assists hospitals and clinical labs with reflex test scheduling, culture accessioning and record locking. Its key features include datasheet monitoring, quality assurance, synoptic reporting and patient management. Read more about WindoPath
Prolis is a laboratory information system designed to help hospitals and reference laboratories of all sizes manage & streamline routine tasks. Prolis' automated reporting capabilities let users create reports and schedule test result delivery across patients, clients & co-workers. Read more about Prolis
Labguru is an electronic lab notebook (ELN) platform designed to help laboratories and businesses in pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries document experiments, manage inventory, monitor research progress, and more. Read more about Labguru
Dendi LIS is a cloud-based laboratory information system which helps molecular diagnostics and toxicology laboratories with sample tracking and regulatory compliance. Key features include process automation, workflow management, inventory management, and reporting. Read more about Dendi LIS
Orchard Harvest is a laboratory information system that helps businesses streamline and automate data workflows using system integrations. Administrators can maintain an audit trail and track lab samples as well as specimens’ statuses across all stages of testing. Read more about Orchard Software
Avalon Laboratory System is a modular LIS (Laboratory Information System) for managing all the production needs of clinical, toxicology & esoteric laboratories Read more about Avalon Laboratory System
Apex LIS is a cloud-based laboratory information solution designed to help businesses in the healthcare sector automate processes for diagnostic testing & ensure the regulatory compliance of lab equipment. Apex LIS lets users store all information in a unified repository for future reference. Read more about Apex LIS
Since 1983, Comp Pro Med has been solely focused on developing a word-class, customer-centric LIS. The value model of the Polytech LIS software is centered around three critical area: product quality, unmatched support and transparent pricing. Read more about Polytech LIS
MedStar HIS is an advanced comprehensive health information and management system, which integrates all the HIS systems, processes, and machines into an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assist organizations in decision-making through MIS & analytics, enabling hospitals and doctors to serve patients better. Read more about Medstar HIS
Disa*Lab is an on-premise laboratory information system (LIS) that helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations manage laboratory workflows related to auditing, reports management, quality control, sample tracking, and more from a unified platform. It lets administrators configure user access rights, manage multiple workstations, access... Read more about Disa*Lab
Fully automated LIS with Physician & Patient Portals, Sales Portal, EHR Integrations, Instrument Interfaces, built-in billing module, QC module, phlebotomist portal. All testing modules available. Read more about Labgen LIS
QLAB is a web-based laboratory information system (LIS) that helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations automate laboratory processes, such as asset location tracking, document management, quality assurance, and more from a unified platform. It lets staff members categorize digital files, view medical reports, design document workflows, and... Read more about QLAB
LABY harmonizes processes, ensures data integrity and traceability, automates tasks, and capitalizes on laboratory knowledge to reduce costs and spend more time on value-added activities. This solution allows you to base your forecasts and decisions on reliable information and quickly use exploitable data with the aim to accelerate scientific... Read more about LABY
The CGM SCHUYLAB Laboratory Information System offers multi-language support and is scalable to meet the needs of a small physician office lab or a large, multi-site reference laboratory. Read more about CGM SCHUYLAB
Uncountable is a cloud-based laboratory information management system, designed to help chemical, material, and life sciences organizations manage and share experiment data, utilize visualization tools to gain insights, and promote collaboration among team members. Read more about Uncountable
MyDentLab is a cloud-based dental lab management software that helps businesses handle patients' cases and share files with dentists on a unified platform. Read more about MyDentlab
LIS 365 is a cloud-based laboratory information management system which helps manage patient samples & associated lab data. LIS 365 comes with an interface monitoring tool, which allows users to define and set alerts on parameters such as file counts, export queue pending minutes, & more. Read more about LIS365
GoRev LIMS is a complete solution geared to optimize and streamline a multitude of laboratory processes. Read more about GoRev
Dotmatics bridges data so scientists are able to make critical decisions and uncover life-changing discoveries with confidence in a world that stores, connect, and contextualizes all of your data into one place. Read more about Dotmatics
AccuLab is a cloud-based laboratory information system (LIS) platform, which helps small labs, lab chains, central/regional labs, medical centers, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions manage patient onboarding, insurance management, home visits, and more. It includes various features such as a doctor portal, reporting, quality assurance,... Read more about AccuLab
TrueMedIT is the premier laboratory information management system (LIMS) on the market today, providing unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and ease of use to optimize the lab's workflow, increase productivity, and streamline operations. Read more about TrueMedIT
CodonLims is equipped with an extensive array of functionalities, all presented in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It provides real-time updates on various lab activities. From tracking inventory levels and ongoing experiments to managing tasks and monitoring regulatory compliance statuses, every detail is right at your fingertips.... Read more about CodonLIMS
Transform your lab business with PreciseMDX's intelligent platform. Connect labs, providers, and patients for better experiences and increased profitability. Read more about PreciseMDX

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