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N-able Passportal + Documentation Manager is a cloud-based password protection solution designed for managed service providers (MSPs), which offers password change automation, credential injection, auditing, reporting, and privileged client documentation capabilities Read more about Passportal
Uniqkey is a European-based password and access management solution tailored for businesses. Engineered with IT professionals in mind and designed for an effortless user experience, our platform streamlines password management while offering centralized access control for administrators. Read more about Uniqkey
Passwork is a self-hosted password manager for business, that stores passwords in structured folders, allowing logins to be shared among invited user groups with custom role-based permissions, while tracking activity Read more about Passwork
LastPass provides secure password management. LastPass is the most convenient way for businesses to improve their password hygiene and security, without compromising ease of use and employee productivity. Read more about LastPass
1Password remembers your passwords for you. All your secrets are secure and always available, safe behind the one password that only you know. Read more about 1Password
Okta is an enterprise grade identity management service, built from the ground up in the cloud and delivered with an unwavering focus on customer success. With Okta, IT can manage access across any application, person or device. Whether the people are employees, partners or customers or the applications are in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile... Read more about Okta
KeePass is a free open source password management and safekeeping tool. It is lightweight and portable, and easy to use. KeePass stores all your passwords in an encrypted database stored on your computer or on an online server, with the option of using a combination of key files or master password. Read more about KeePass
Jamf Pro is a comprehensive mobile device management tool for IT pros to manage, deploy and secure their Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs. Read more about Jamf Pro
Duo Security provides a Trusted Access platform offering multiple two-factor authentication methods, mobile apps, and an Access Gateway for Single Sign-On (SSO) Read more about Duo Security
Millions of people & thousands of businesses depend on Keeper's password manager and digital vault to substantially reduce risk of a data breach. Read more about Keeper Security
RoboForm is a password manager & form filler tool which automatically remembers passwords, logs users into websites, fills long web forms, and more Read more about RoboForm
IT Glue is a cloud-based, SOC 2-compliant IT documentation solution which is designed to help MSPs manage documentation and reduce time spent searching for information. The platform offers flexible asset tracking, relationship mapping, documentation automation, workflows, checklists, and more. Read more about IT Glue
JumpCloud’s extensive support for credential management incorporates the industry’s most trusted approaches for both password and secure shell access to server Read more about JumpCloud Directory Platform
Bitwarden is an open source password manager that enables users to securely store and share credentials with end-to-end encryption. Read more about Bitwarden
LogMeOnce is a cloud-based password and identity management solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage login credentials, provide secure access to documents, applications and services via a unified portal. The platform allows organizations to protect user accounts against hack attempts and identity theft by scanning the dark web for stolen... Read more about LogMeOnce
OneLogin’s cloud based identity management platform provides secure single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and directory integration with AD, LDAP. In addition to the above features, Gartner has recently named OneLogin a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Access Management. Read more about OneLogin
TeamPassword enables teams of all sizes to share and manage passwords to apps, services and tools, with a mobile-friendly web app & browser extension included. Read more about TeamPassword
Twilio Account Security offers digital identity verification and intelligence tools to build mutual trust between business and consumer. Read more about Account Security
Secure cloud-based password management, organization, and sharing in the cloud with 256-bit encryption, user access control, and activity tracking Read more about Zoho Vault
Cloud-based email signatures platform that helps businesses of all sizes and industries that use Google Workspace. It includes several functions such as creating email signatures, editing absence messages, creating custom groups, and more. Avoid labor lawsuits and data breaches. Read more about Conecta Suite
TeamsID is a cloud-based password manager which synchronizes records, automates backups, and also offers native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chrome Read more about TeamsID
Your workforce and service desk need self-service password reset and synchronization from anywhere using the web, mobile, phone, Slack, Chrome Ext, Teams/Outlook and even chatbot. Our Windows credential provider is perfect for remote workforce not on VPN. Learn More: Read more about Avatier Identity Anywhere
50% of all IT help desk tickets are password resets. That’s why Jamf Connect keeps account credentials in sync between the Mac and cloud-identity provider ensuring employees stay on task instead of making trips to IT. Read more about Jamf Connect
PortalGuard is a hybrid cloud solution for adding secured, compliant portal-based authentication with Single Sign-On and Self Service Password Reset support. Read more about PortalGuard
EssentialPIM is a cloud-based personal information management software designed to help small to midsize businesses view, store, and manage all personal and important information in a secure and centralized database. The platform enables organizations to update, edit, and organize appointments, notes, contacts, passwords, tasks, and emails across... Read more about EssentialPIM
WatchGuard AuthPoint is an identity security and multi-factor authentication (MFA) software that provides various security features to protect identities, assets, accounts, and sensitive information. Businesses can implement multi-factor authentication to user login, adding an extra layer of protection to their authentication process. Read more about WatchGuard AuthPoint
Sticky password is a web-based password and identity management solution for individuals and companies of all sizes. Read more about Sticky Password
Elevate organizational security using NordPass Business — a secure and easy-to-use password manager packed with a variety of advanced security features such as ToTP authenticator, breach monitoring, multi-factor authentication, company-wide settings, single sign-on options, and more. Read more about NordPass Business
Secret Server Password Manager is a privileged access and passwords management platform designed to help IT admins and IT security professionals manage administrative processes and monitor all password management-related operations across the organization. Read more about Secret Server Password Manager
Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities of enterprises. Read more about ManageEngine Password Manager Pro
CyberArk Privileged Account Security helps control access to administrative & privileged accounts to reduce information leaks & risk by automating policies Read more about CyberArk Privileged Access Manager
VaultOne is an identity and access management software designed to help businesses secure users' credentials and control access permissions to infrastructures, websites, servers, databases, and applications from a centralized platform. Read more about VaultOne
DigitalPersona is an identity management software that helps businesses healthcare, law enforcement, finance, and other sectors access applications through various authentication methods including biometrics, one-time passwords, and smartcards. Read more about DigitalPersona
Specops Password Auditor is a password audit tool that scans Active Directory accounts to identify potential vulnerabilities. This tool is designed to improve authentication and password security while helping organizations meet compliance standards. It can generate reports that list accounts with various vulnerabilities, such as expired,... Read more about Specops Password Auditor
Bitium is a cloud-based identity platform that includes single sign-on, password management, and analytics for companies of all sizes. It provides the ability to manage access to various web-based applications including Salesforce, Google Apps for Work, Office 365, and Slack. Read more about Bitium
Passly is an identity and access management software designed to help businesses of all sizes handle employee access to corporate resources. It allows IT teams to capture and store passwords for personal or shared accounts, applications, and websites in a centralized repository. Read more about Passly
SSRPM is a self-service password reset software designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, and other industries allow users to reset credentials by answering specific security questions. Its account claiming module lets organizations secure handover processes for accounts and credentials using a unique claim ID. Read more about SSRPM
Eliminate passwords completely for a more secure and frictionless login experience. Read more about Beyond Identity
Specops Password Policy is a cloud-based software designed to help organizations ensure password security in the Active Directory environment. The platform allows users to create and establish multiple password policies and group policies. Users can configure rules by GPO level, group, user, or computer with custom password complexity, dictionaries... Read more about Specops Password Policy
Hypervault is a cloud-based password management software designed to help businesses securely store passwords and other confidential data, such as credentials, keys or licenses, in a centralized vault. Supervisors can sort data in specific folders, subfolders, or workspaces and organize them based on custom tags. Read more about Hypervault
KeePassXC is an open-source password management solution that helps users securely store encrypted personal data, such as usernames, URLs, attachments, passwords, and notes on a centralized platform. It allows team members to store all entries in custom groups and define user-specific titles and icons for all entries. Read more about KeePassXC
Password Reset PRO is a web-based self-service password reset (SSPR) software, which enables businesses to provide secure access to external users to unlock their account and change or reset domain passwords. Read more about Password Reset PRO
Password Boss is a cloud-based password management software, which helps businesses store and synchronize credentials and other personal details across multiple devices, facilitating safe login to websites, applications, WiFi, and more and preventing security breaches. Read more about Password Boss
Our enterprise self-service password reset solution allows users to securely reset their Active Directory passwords themselves. The product can be used for the purpose of updating local cached credentials, even when they are off VPN. This can be done by initiating the reset process right from the Windows logon screen on their workstations. With... Read more about Specops uReset
Devolutions Hub is a cloud-based password management and security solution, which assists IT teams with password management and access control. Key features include data security, two-factor authentication, user management, activity logs, policy management, reporting, and network security. Read more about Devolutions Hub
BioSig-ID is an authentication software designed to help businesses identify users by capturing their movements or gestures while drawing a password using their finger or mouse. It enables organizations to protect digital content or assets using gesture biometric passwords and provide multi-factor authentication to users. Read more about BioSig-ID
NetIQ Identity Manager is a comprehensive identity and access management solution offered by Micro Focus. It is designed to help organizations manage user identities and access permissions across the enterprise, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive data and applications. Read more about NetIQ Identity Manager

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