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Your patients, face-to-face in your own virtual clinic. Easy communication with patients with just one click. Read more about HasHealth
NetSuite provides organizations with an integrated system of cloud applications that helps them run their business. More than 36,000 organizations around the world use NetSuite to more easily grow and adapt to change. Read more about NetSuite
GOFRUGAL has been the #1 pharmacy software provider for the past decade and caters to all needs from invoice entry, inventory management, expiry management, sales bill, reordering, scheduled drug index, and helps pharmacies run their businesses smoothly. Read more about GoFrugal
Winpharm helps independent and long term care (LTC) pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals manage billing, sales, purchases, prescriptions, refills, and more. The platform enables users to create custom eCare plans, define goals, evaluate issues, and set follow-up alerts for patients. Read more about Winpharm
A dispensing, retail software & ERP system that covers all daily pharmacy routines and operations in one single software solution. Ideal for pharmacies with 50+ employees. Manage prescriptions, handle drugs effectively and keep track of the levels of pharmaceutical stock across all stores and more. Read more about LS Retail
Designed around patient care and operational efficiencies, PioneerRx connects the front-end to the back office, providing both patient and staff with real-time information. We have streamlined all of pharmacy software needs, including scheduling, inventory management, provisioning, and billing. Read more about PioneerRX
For nearly 40 years, BestRx has remained a family business committed to providing independent pharmacies with the tools needed to operate more efficiently and profitably. Read more about BestRx
RxVantage is a communication and collaboration tool designed to connect healthcare providers and practices with life science experts and reps within the industry. The cloud-based platform combines educational resources from life science companies with self service access for medical practices. Read more about RxVantage
Rx30’s end-to-end pharmacy software provides an easy-to-use platform with a fully-integrated POS system, e-care, and clinical opportunities solutions. Rx30 offers fully-automated e-scripts, automated prescription processing, and more than 80 integrations. Read more about Rx30 Pharmacy System
PrimeRx is a pharmacy management system for independent, retail pharmacies, multi-store owners, and hospitals which supports custom workflows and automated fill, bill and communication processes. Users can also manage patient and provider intake, process claims, and more, conveniently online. Read more about PrimeRx
Yelo is the best SAAS software solution for Pharmacy businesses. Yelo provides the local entrepreneurs with a complete tech suite to run and automate their business operations. With Yelo, get Branded Pharmacy Ordering System, Dashboard for Seamless Order Management and Delivery Management Software. Read more about Yelo
Helix Core by perforce is version control and collaboration management software designed to help businesses streamline source codes and digital assets management operations via a unified portal. The platform enables development teams of all sizes to collaborate on different projects and share files. Read more about Helix Core
Abacus Pharmacy Plus is a pharmacy software that helps businesses in the healthcare sector scan, process, and manage prescriptions. Key features include document imaging, purchase order management, inventory control, claim reconciliation, and eSign capture. Read more about Abacus Pharmacy Plus
The fastest way to compare documents and generate accurate redlines. Remove sensitive metadata left in the documents you need to share and manage your transactions. Read more about Litera Compare
PKonRx is a pharmacy management system designed to help pharmaceutical companies handle prescriptions, workflow configuration, debit or credit card processing, barcode scanning, and other administrative operations on a centralized platform. Read more about SRS Pharmacy Systems
VIP Pharmacy is a pharmacy management software that helps staff members handle drugs reordering, accounts receivable, data backups, and more on a centralized platform. It comes with a built-in national DEA and NPI doctor database, which streamlines the prescription verification process. Read more about VIP Pharmacy Management System
Mobile MediClaim is designed to help pharmacies streamline medical billing processes. Pharmacies can get credentialed with medical plans and document and bill for their services directly. Read more about Mobile MediClaim
Scalable pharmacy systems and technology you can count on. Flexible to work with you on your specific needs. Go beyond tools for prescription processing. Speed Scripts provides you with patient relationship management tools, MedSync, Workflow, POS, Inventory incl. 340B, LTC solution, and more. Read more about Speed Script
From order intake through delivery, the FrameworkLTC platform helps reduce time-consuming manual tasks and automates inefficient workflows so LTC pharmacies can improve their operations from order placement to final delivery via a single unified solution. Read more about FrameworkLTC
Elite™ PIMS enables efficient and scalable control of pharmacy inventory management with a centralized supply chain approach. Read more about Tecsys Elite
RxDotNet is a cloud-based pharmacy solution that helps healthcare organizations manage patient prescriptions, inventory processes, point of sale (POS), and more. The platform offers various features including custom reporting, automated dispensing, claims adjustments, and invoicing. Read more about RxDotNet
MedStar HIS is an advanced comprehensive health information and management system, which integrates all the HIS systems, processes, and machines into an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assist organizations in decision-making through MIS & analytics, enabling hospitals and doctors to serve patients better. Read more about Medstar HIS
We're the best all-in-one, cloud-based, clinic management platform for growing, ambitious clinics. Read more about Clinicea
ECP eMAR is an electronic Medication Administration Record platform designed to help pharmacies, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation or daycare centers handle new orders, document-follow ups, risk mitigation processes, and more. The mobile application allows healthcare providers to view residents' information, add notes or observations,... Read more about ECP eMAR
Medbikri is a Free to use Inventory and billing app designed for local pharmacy stores in India. Read more about Medbikri
PrimeCare by Integra is a LTC (long-term care) pharmacy software for pharmacies serving LTC facilities including assisted living, mental health, and board-and-care Read more about Primecare
SRx by SuiteRx is a comprehensive pharmacy solution for Long Term Care, Retail, Combo, 340b, and Specialty Pharmacies Read more about SRx
FDS is a cloud-based software designed to help pharmacies manage health and wellness services, medication adherence, third-party prescriptions, claims, compliance, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes a billing management module, which enables businesses to handle medical claims and verify eligibility for commercial, private,... Read more about FDS
Salesforce Health Cloud is a collaborative, all-round healthcare CRM and patient management software for healthcare providers, payers, and patients Read more about Health Cloud
Fully Hosted, Cloud-Based Solutions or on prem- Epicor delivers retail management solutions for retail businesses of all sizes to streamline operations related to point-of-sale (POS), customers, pricing, inventory, and more. Read more about Epicor for Retail
Medeil Applications support pharmacies and chain of pharmacies via a cloud-based application Read more about Medeil
MMIT is a data analysis platform that helps businesses manage therapies and eliminate access barriers for patients and prescribers. The software lets pharmaceutical manufacturers forecast performance while guiding payers through drug distribution processes. Read more about MMIT
RxBLU is a pharmacy management software that helps organizations manage re-fills, process transactions, track customer communications, handle deliveries, and more from within a unified platform. It allows team members to create patient profiles with information such as name, contact details, medication requirements, and more. Read more about RxBLU
Unlike other software, AdvancedRX also offers customization whenever it is asked for in favor of user experience, after a quick review and approval from the other users of the product, which makes it unique. Read more about Advanced Rx
Simplify medication management and optimize pharmacy coordination with Yardi eMAR, our dynamic electronic medication management solution designed for senior living. Yardi eMAR takes the paperwork out of medication administration by automating processes from start to finish. Read more about eMAR
eVitalRx is a web and mobile-based software that assists businesses in the pharmacy sector with purchasing, reporting, inventory management, and selling processes. Read more about eVitalRx
ZibMEDS is a cloud-based, white-labeled pharmacy platform designed to help pharmacy chains manage their online catalog and product sales. Key features include order management, chat, prescription refills, medication reminders, consumer and merchant apps, promotion management, and reporting. Read more about ZibMEDS
Medicin Pharmacy Management Software is a pharmacy management solution to help pharmacists with their daily pharmacy responsibilities and tasks. Read more about Medicin Pharmacy Management Software
VPL TrajectRx™ is a clinically-minded, cost-conscious shipping, tracking, and compliance solution specifically designed to modernize outbound pharmacy operations from start to finish. Read more about VPL TrajectRx
hCue is a medical practice management software which combines EMR, pharmacy billing, clinic management, and medical store management software in one integrated medical software suite, allowing users to manage medical records, appointments, and more anytime, anywhere via any internet-enabled device. Read more about hCue Pharmacy Software
POS software tailored specially for retail, distribution and small businesses. Manage daily sales, inventory, purchasing, financials and customers with ease. Read more about Alfa POS
Award-winning pharmacy software for independent retail, specialty, direct-to-consumer and mail-order pharmacies. Read more about Newleaf
Emporos POS is the leading pharmacy commerce system, offering a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS), mobile bedside delivery, accounts receivable, payroll deduction, light-guided automated will call, and over-the-counter (OTC) inventory management solutions. Read more about Emporos POS
NRx by QS/1 is a pharmacy management system which includes tools for processing claims, managing inventory, customizing prescription filling workflows, and more Read more about NRx
SystemOne by QS/1 is a management system for pharmacies and businesses involved in sale or rental of home medical equipment/durable medical equipment (HME/DME) Read more about SystemOne
DoctorLive HMS is a hospital management system (HMS) solution designed to help physicians manage patient records, treatment procedures, pharmacy and laboratory operations, billing, payments, and more. The platform enables users to store appointment details and demographics in a centralized database. Read more about DoctorLive HMS
awintaONE offers a comprehensive software solution for pharmacies. The modern merchandise management system is characterized by a flexible interface, high security and maximum availability. After installation on a central server, the application allows access to any number of branches. Read more about awintaONE
RCA Farma is a pharmacy management system, which assists the business in controlling multiple activities, from the determination of pricing strategies for products to the preparation of management reports that measure the performance of the company over a specific period. Read more about RCA Farma
ApoSync is an app aimed at pharmacy workers or pharmacy teams and supports them in their everyday tasks. Its functions serve to facilitate work, information, and learning. The aim is to streamline routine tasks, such as batch checking. Read more about ApoSync

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