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Red Points is the most widely used AI-driven platform to recover digital revenue. Red Points' software actively fights online fraud by scanning the Internet on behalf of its clients to automatically find and take down intellectual property infringements that are, in effect, stealing revenue. Read more about Red Points
Origo is a cloud-based legal case management software empowering brand and IP protection professionals in their daily work. Read more about Origo
A patent management software where you can search for patents, store important information, collaborate with your team and monitor your competitors. Read more about IAMIP Platform
Vitrium Systems is an Enterprise Content Protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that offers file-level encryption, protection, access controls, and content engagement analytics. Read more about Vitrium Security
HeliosComplete helps businesses manage portfolios, communication, applications, docketing, and maintenance operations. The platform lets users streamline the product onboarding process by importing and verifying portfolio data and updating bibliographies, due dates, inventors, and other information. Read more about HeliosComplete
ClaimMaster is a Microsoft Word add-in for automated proofreading, drafting, and analysis of patent claims, patent application drafts, and Office Action responses. Read more about ClaimMaster
WebTMS is a comprehensive and intuitive IP management platform that supports the efficient handling of all IP matters. The automatic diary and workflow tools ensure no deadlines are missed. Document management and collaboration functionalities along with e-discovery capabilities offer you high visibility into IP-related tasks. Read more about WebTMS
Alt Legal is a distinctively different kind of IP docketing solution. We focus on making trademark professionals’ lives easier. We drive automation across all phases of the trademark lifecycle. Alt Legal has direct connections to the USPTO, CIPO and integrates CompuMark data for 180+ IP Offices. Read more about Alt Legal
TM Cloud is a trademark & intellectual property management solution designed for all jurisdictions, with automatic USPTO status updates, and free data intake.Global access to trademark and patent databases Read more about TM Cloud
Scanmarket provides contract and compliance management solutions for actively managing contractual terms and risks, from departmental to enterprise implementations Read more about Scanmarket
Rightsline is a cloud-based software designed to help sales, finance, and legal teams manage intellectual property catalogs, deals, inventory, and rights via a unified portal. The platform includes a customer relationship management (CRM) module, which lets organizations create and maintain a database of companions and parties involved in deals... Read more about Rightsline
Equinox is an intellectual property (IP) management software for agencies, startups, and attorneys that runs on Windows. It comes with built-in tools for managing dockets, IP portfolios, IP renewals, information disclosure, client communication, fees, reports, and submission deadlines. Read more about Equinox IPMS
Unlock hidden insights in the global Patent Database! Accelerate your patent analysis, and make more informed decisions Read more about Orbit Intelligence
PatSeer is a powerful IP analytics software. PatSeer is world’s only hybrid search engine that allows the users to leverage all the benefits of a Publication based database, Simple Family-Based databases, Extended Family based database, and Application based database. Read more about PatSeer
PetSnap's connected innovation intelligence platform helps you connect the right dots at every step of your innovation funnel. Read more about PatSnap
9Lenses is an interactive assessment platform that allows marketing & sales teams to identify qualified prospects that convert to larger deals in less time. Interactive assessments are used to engage audiences, identify serious buyers, and enable sales teams to focus conversations on top needs. Read more about 9Lenses
No Downloads. No Software to install. As a top rated Intellectual Property Management Software suite, see for yourself why thousands of IP professionals trust AppColl® for their IP Management. Read more about AppColl Prosecution Manager
IPzen is a legal case and trademark portfolio management tool build by lawyers, for lawyers. IPzen gives you complete access to your trademarks and related files. Read more about IPzen
Wellspring IP Management is a cloud-based intellectual property management solution that helps small to large businesses capture and streamline processes for managing knowledge assets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents. The centralized platform allows users to gain visibility into portfolios. Read more about Wellspring IP Management
MarqVision helps global brands detect and remove counterfeits from online marketplaces, e-commerce sites, social media, and NFT platforms. Harnessing image recognition and semantic analysis, the AI-powered, anti-counterfeiting SaaS platform makes it faster than ever before to take down counterfeit. Read more about MarqVision
Swoop, by SnapDragon, is a SaaS brand protection suite dedicated to fighting fakes and protecting brands. Using clients’ IP rights and backed by AI-driven technology, it monitors marketplaces, social media, domains, search engine results, apps, and NFT marketplaces. Read more about Swoop
PATOffice is a cloud-based all-in-one solution for patent monitoring, research & analysis. With its modern user interface, detailed monitoring features and AI approach, you can easily keep track of your patent portfolio as well as that of your competitors. Additionally it helps you stay IP compliant Read more about PATOffice
TrademarkNow is an intelligent web-based trademark management platform designed to help enterprise companies, law firms & branding agencies search, watch, research & analyze trademarks with a range of products including ExaMatch, NameCheck, NameWatch, Competitor Watch, Portfolio 360, & more. Read more about Portfolio 360
PatentCAM is an intellectual property management software designed to help research and development (R&D) and legal teams categorize technical information and review patent landscapes. Managers can store, comment, and collaborate with colleagues on patent portfolios in a centralized repository. Read more about PatentCAM
Corsearch is a brand protection solution that allows businesses to track gray trade, impersonation, counterfeits, and other infringements across various online channels. It offers various risk-based assessments, data clustering, and detection tools to help companies effectively protect their intellectual property (IP). Read more about Corsearch
Sentryc is a brand and trademark protection platform that continuously monitors marketplaces and social media sites to identify counterfeit products and sellers, allowing businesses to send international takedown requests. Read more about Sentryc
Pris IP Manager is software for the control and management of intellectual property assets. Through it, brand and patent managers can supervise deadlines, track citations made in magazines, develop strategic management, and make budget projections. Read more about Pris IP Manager
Bernstein is a web-based software designed to help start-ups and high-tech companies utilize blockchain technology to protect intellectual properties and digital assets. Ideas are uploaded, certified three times, and locally encrypted. Read more about Bernstein
Complete management software suite offering solutions tailored to your workflow and flexible reporting & dashboard tools. Read more about DIAMS
Darts-ip is an intellectual property management software designed to help law firms, IP managers, attorneys, paralegals, and businesses in the pharmaceutical industry collect data, assess risks, identify opportunities, and build global litigation strategies. Administrators can search data related to various cases including trademarks, patents,... Read more about Darts-ip
Rolling Trademarks is the management tool for a 360 vision of all your trademarks, registrations and renewals. Anytime, any device. Read more about Rolling Trademarks
We protect intellectual and industrial property rights online through AI technology and act against infringements. Read more about Smart Protection
Digip offers an all-in-one digital trademark registration and surveillance service for businesses of all sizes. Read more about digip
IP management solution that helps companies and law firms with trademark filing and portfolio management globally. Read more about Trama
A comprehensive dashboard and custom report solution used to support R&D and innovation teams. Cypris analyzes and tracks data points from various countries every day to display on its innovation dashboard, including key opinion leaders, patents, research papers, new entrants, startups, and more. Read more about Cypris
Symphony is an Intellectual Property (IP) management tool that brings together patents and trademark data. It enables portfolio managers to automate data transfers, reminders, payments, budgeting, and decision-making using prosecution metrics, spend analysis, and cost projections. Read more about Symphony
Patent Monitor is a SaaS solution for classifying and filtering large numbers of patents. By using a unique combination of NLP and Machine Learning, Patent Monitor can reduce manual workloads by around 80% and can reproduce your expert's classification behavior. Read more about Patent Monitor
iQ.Suite aaS is a cloud-based enterprise email management and security solution for companies using Microsoft 365. It offers a comprehensive set of features including content-driven encryption, insider threat detection, wrong recipient protection, and more. iQ.Suite aaS offers malware and spam detection to minimize risk and secure emails from... Read more about iQ.Suite aaS
CopyKitten AIR is an intellectual property rights infringement management software that combines state-of-the-art detection, comparison and legal action management tools to make the process of detection, comparison and action against IP Violations across geographies. Read more about CopyKitten
InnovationQ+ is our AI-powered tool with IEEE and One Petro content, offering fast, informed decision-making for improved productivity, outcomes, and a competitive edge. Perfect for entities seeking to accelerate innovation. Read more about InnovationQ
Markify ProSearch is trademark search software that uses AI-driven technology. It provides users with rapid and cost-effective access to the data, automation, and analysis needed to make informed decisions about trademark filings. Markify ProSearch can help take control of trademark screening and analysis, with an AI-driven trademark search... Read more about Markify ProSearch
Comprehensive and streamlined approach to managing your patents, trademarks, designs, and more. Read more about Equinox Corporate+

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