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GIS software for field data collection
TreePlotter INVENTORY is a cloud-based GIS solution for field data collection and inventory management. Built on a web based GIS platform and optimized for mobile use, the app can be used by government, private businesses, and non-profit organizations worldwide. Read more about Tree Plotter INVENTORY
Location Intelligence platform for large scale location data
CleverMaps is analytical and visualisation platform for any scale location data. Location analysis can be a game changer. Shops, branches, kiosks, cars, people are all expensive resources. To save money you just need the context for your sound decisions. And that is what we bring in our platform. Read more about CleverMaps
Earth observation data collection system for developers
EarthCache is a cloud-based platform which offers developers with APIs to collect and add Earth observation data while building applications and workflows. It provides tools that assist users with data sourcing, fusion, processing, and storage. Read more about EarthCache
Mapping & analytics system for visualizing data by location
ArcGIS by Esri is an integrated suite of geographic information system (GIS) software, providing a compliant platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping, with ArcGIS Online offering a web-based solution accessible anywhere, anytime for the creation & sharing of 3D map visualizations Read more about ArcGIS
Web-based CMMS system for SMBs
Asset Essentials is a cloud-based maintenance solution developed for daily advanced maintenance operations management. Read more about Asset Essentials
e-Government management solution
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Read more about GovPilot
Cartographic and map designing tool for Adobe Illustrator
MAPublisher is a suite of mapping tools for Adobe Illustrator, which helps organizations create maps and manage layers within a graphical interface. Features include line plotting, labeling, location or dimension cropping, georeferencing, and grid and index customization. Read more about MAPublisher
Mapping solution for visualizing, analyzing, & sharing data
eSpatial is a mapping software that enables organizations to transform data into clear, visual maps and graphs that yield valuable business insights Read more about eSpatial
Open-source, data analysis & location intelligence platform
CARTO is an open-source, cloud based Location Intelligence platform enabling users to gain insight and reach business outcomes by visualizing and analyzing data Read more about CARTO
Browser-based 3D site surveying
Propeller is a web-based analytics & data visualization platform which allows users to measure & map their worksites through 3D site surveys. The software is designed to streamline stockpile measurements, design conformance & road-grade checks, and volumetrics, and enable visual assessment of sites. Read more about Propeller Platform
Cloud-based location intelligence and GIS solution
Mapsimise is a cloud-based location intelligence solution designed to help enterprises pin business data including store locations, assets, properties, appointments, and more on a map. Teams can utilize Mapsimise’s drawing tools to perform spatial queries and mark territories. Read more about Mapsimise
Windows-based GIS mapping software
Simple GIS Client is a Windows-based GIS mapping software designed to assist organizations with field data collection, trip planning, and navigation. Features include thematic mapping, access control, multi-user management, offline access, project creation, data visualization, and analytics. Read more about Simple GIS Client
Real estate mapping, online mapping & parcel maps
LandVision™ GIS application provides comprehensive property research, analysis, presentation and collaboration tools. Read more about LandVision
BOSS811 - A Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution
BOSS811 is Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for the Damage Prevention Industry. BOSS811 increases efficiency, reduces cost, is easy to use, and interoperates with GIS Solutions to manage excavation requests. BOSS Solutions also provides an award winning Help Desk Software solution. Read more about BOSS811
Serve real-time, location-aware risk reports via mobile app
We help H&S consultants to engage more closely with clients and put a mobile solution in their clients' hands. We help large, distributed organisations to collect and share safety data in realtime. Our platform is designed to help make users safer. Read more about SaferMe
Online to offline marketing platform
BRIDGE by Leadformance is an online-to-offline marketing platform for brands and retailers, for managing store locators, local store pages, and online listings Read more about BRIDGE Store Locator
Geolocation API for websites, web apps & mobile apps
PointPin is a JSON API that provides websites, web apps, and native iOS and Android apps with hosted IP geolocation and useful location data Read more about Pointpin
GPS tracking & fleet management solution
Geooco is a whitelabel GPS tracking & fleet management solution designed to provide companies, public sectors & personal households with the tools to track the location of vehicles in real-time, receive notifications, & generate reports with live monitoring, geofencing, a history player, & more Read more about Geooco. Fleet Management
Job costing, invoicing, and construction management software
Cyanic Job Book lets construction businesses manage jobs, work hours, and billing, and store information related to clients and job locations in a centralized repository. It automatically organizes material cost for jobs, labor, and equipment, enabling organizations to generate and export invoices. Read more about Cyanic Job Book
Geographic information system for creating & publishing maps
ZeeMaps is a geographic information system (GIS) designed to help businesses create and publish maps across websites. It enables organizations to analyze spatial locations, display visual information through maps and 3D scenes, show real-time traffic overlays, and aggregate regional data via a unified platform. Read more about ZeeMaps
Help your visitors to find your store
All in One web store locator is compatible with all platforms, all devices and almost all browsers. Embed all retailer's locations and store locations in less than 10 mins. Copy and paste two-liner codes and get started with web store locator. Read more about AIO Store Locator
Indoor navigation & mapping engine
Jibestream's indoor mapping platform gives developers the power to create, control and customize maps that are geospatially accurate to the world Read more about Jibestream
Geographic information system (GIS) data solutions
DMTI Spatial is a cloud-based geographic information system designed to help small to large businesses in insurance, financial services, telecommunications, government, marketing, retail, utilities and other sectors gain actionable insights across operations through real-time location intelligence Read more about DMTI Spatial
Geographic information system (GIS) for organizations
PolicyMap is a cloud-based geographic information system (GIS), which helps academic and financial institutions, healthcare centers, and governmental organizations generate demographic data for research purposes. Key features include multi-layered mapping, user management, and trend analysis. Read more about PolicyMap
Land Mapping & Analysis
Pandell GIS is a cloud-based geographic information system (GIS) that helps enterprises create a visual representation of customers’ land rights data through integration with Esri ArcGIS. It enables users to link land agreements, tracts or legal descriptions with relevant layers in GIS maps. Read more about Pandell GIS
GIS solution for creating and sharing custom maps
Scribble Maps is a web mapping visualization software, which helps hobbyists, students, government, and the military, annotate maps, filter and analyze data, plot territories, optimize routes, and more. Read more about Scribble Maps
Open-source geographic information system (GIS)
SAGA is an open-source geographic information system (GIS) designed to help businesses create and display geographical data on digital maps. Key features include spatial analysis, mapping, data visualization, georeferencing, configurable workflows, reporting, and more. Read more about SAGA
Online mapping & analysis tool for geographical information
Cloud-based geographical information system for municipal authorities, network operators, and earthmoving companies. The mapping platform and viewer visualize information about the above and underground spatial situation. Before users start digging, it is possible to make a risk analysis. Read more about GO InfraMaps
Information and navigation system for emergency services
CityGIS is a modular geographical information system designed to help businesses collaborate with integrated control-room systems (GMS) and mobile data terminals (MDT). The platform primarily focuses on public order and safety (OOV) services such as fire or police departments and ambulances. Read more about CityGIS
Gaja Matrix is a digital geographic information system (GIS)
Gaja Matrix is a comprehensive GI system for city administration. The software provides mapping materials for planning projects in various sectors, such as civil engineering, infrastructure, landscape planning, and real estate. Each sector has its own dedicated portal. Read more about Gaja Matrix
GIS software for real estate businesses is a SaaS platform designed to help real estate businesses conduct and analyze building inspections using AI-based tools. The platform enables teams to collect high resolution satellite and street view images from Google and CycloMedia. Read more about
Overstory tracks vegetation growth via satellite images
The Overstory platform monitors the development of natural vegetation on the planet. It uses high-resolution satellite and hyperspectral images. Specialized algorithms are used to forecast the future development of vegetation. Read more about Overstory
Geographic information system for creating & publishing maps
BatchGeo is a geographic information system (GIS) designed to help organizations create visual maps by uploading information from spreadsheets, web pages, and databases using a drag-and-drop interface. It enables employees to add details such as addresses, states, zip codes, latitudes, or longitudes for adding custom pins to maps. Read more about BatchGeo
Interactive maps for businesses
Custom mapping solutions tailored to your needs with Maps, Geocoding, Routing and Elevation APIs. Read more about Jawg Maps