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GitLab is an integrated, open source DevOps lifecycle management platform for software development teams to plan, code, test, deploy & monitor product changes Read more about GitLab
Tired of software that lets you do just enough to dream of what you could accomplish with more control? Issuetrak lets you manage issue creation, resolution, reporting and more exactly the way you want. Get more for free - our knowledge base, task manager, and many other features come standard! Read more about Issuetrak
Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is designed to help businesses manage the physical and virtual computing infrastructure including data centers, colocations, and edge computing. Read more about Nlyte DCIM
Fully integrated change management with workflow support, custom forms and configurable approval Read more about Canfigure
Wrike is a change management platform trusted by more than two million users across the globe. Features include shared Kanban boards, versatile Gantt charts, and custom-built reports. Use Wrike’s intuitive software to adapt quickly and keep your teams on track to achieve their deliverables. Read more about Wrike
Formerly known as Jira Service Desk, Jira Service Management is an IT service management solution built on the popular Jira platform that unlocks high-velocity teams. Empowered teams can deliver great, coordinated service experiences, without the complexity of traditional ITSM. Read more about JIRA Service Management
Freshservice helps in effective change planning, evaluation and automates the approval process to minimize mundane tasks. Read more about Freshservice
BOSSDesk is an integrated ITIL Service Desk/Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution available for both Cloud and On-Premise. BOSSDesk has been highly ranked by customers for providing an affordable solution, great user experience, wide range of features, and excellent US based customer support. Read more about BOSSDesk
STRATWs ONE is a cloud-based strategic management software designed to help businesses track and measure organizational performance according to defined goals and objectives. Managers can monitor employees’ performance through analytical reports and consolidate data from different sources to facilitate decision-making processes. Read more about STRATWs ONE
ContentKing is a real-time SEO auditing and monitoring platform that provides you with full-situational awareness so you can improve and maintain visibility. With 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting, you’ll have the most up-to-date insights on your SEO performance without needing to waiting for a crawl. Read more about ContentKing
Device42 is an IT infrastructure solution for the management of assets, devices, IP addresses, cabling, inter-dependencies, role-based access, auditing and more Read more about Device42
Alloy Navigator is an all-inclusive IT Service and Asset Management solution that provides thoughtful answers to your toughest IT challenges. Read more about Alloy Navigator
ChangeGear Service Desk is a cloud-based ITSM platform that helps organizations to manage IT services, resolve requests, and facilitate ticket routing Read more about ChangeGear
Giva is a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant ITIL help desk software for any size organization. Highly customizable, but easy to deploy and accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop, eHelpDesk provides features for measuring customer satisfaction, responsiveness and team productivity. Read more about Giva
Keto is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses establish automated workflows and manage innovations, projects, teams, tasks, risks, resources, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes customizable data models, which let organizations configure data processing architecture to handle functions related to data filtering,... Read more about Keto
nOps is an automated FinOps platform helping customers reduce their AWS costs by up to 50% on auto-pilot. Our mission at nOps is to empower our customers with automated solutions to create an effortless experience to optimize cloud resources, giving them the freedom to focus on innovation, growth, Read more about nOps
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Read more about EHS Insight
Track the progress of your strategic plan with Balanced Scorecard Software, Strategy Maps, dashboards, and instantly generated exports in PDF, PPT, and Excel. Read more about ESM+Strategy
Motadata ServiceOps is an ITSM platform that can streamline business processes and provide complete enterprise service management. Read more about Motadata ServiceOps
GLPI is an IT Service Management software based on open source technologies. It is a suite for IT, project, financial and user management. GLPI can support companies of any size, and offers both on-premises and cloud (SaaS) solutions. Read more about GLPi
IdeaScale is the leading Idea and Innovation Management Software that empowers organizations to crowdsource ideas from its business ecosystem of employees, customers, partners, industry, and academia, collaborate on a mass scale and execute the best ideas. Read more about IdeaScale
WorkTogether is a collaborative intranet program for Italian companies with over 100 employees. It provides business leaders with over 40 customizable modules, enabling them to engage staff, restructure internal communications, manage projects, build knowledge bases, and create approval processes. Read more about WorkTogether
Lemon Learning is a digital adoption platform aiming at empowering employees to become fully-fledged players in digitalization. Directly integrated into users' software whatever their nature (CRM, HRIS, ERP, etc.), Lemon Learning help users navigate through their daily business processes. Read more about Lemon Learning
ISM is a ITIL cloud-based IT service management tool for including Help Desk, ITAM, and Knowledge Management. Read more about Intelligent Service Management
Workflow management software that's flexible, scalable and powerful. Automate business processes quickly and integrate with other systems easily Read more about Integrify
Wavity Help & Service Desk solution helps maintain and operate employee and customer satisfaction. It caters to organizations of all sizes and contains real-time analytics. Read more about Wavity Help & Service Desk
tts performance suite is a market-leading DAP used by global enterprises and organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. It is designed for company-wide digital transformation and provides employees with the necessary information for their daily work in digital workplaces. Read more about tts performance suite
For details, please visit 4me's blog posts on change management at: Read more about 4me
Cognician activates behavior change at scale with a digital change management platform. This empowers leaders to foster behaviors that contribute to developing strong, aligned, and energetic teams that feel valued. Read more about Cognician
Jamio is a no-code business process management platform designed to create cloud applications. The applications created on Jamio openwork platform helps companies drive digital transformation. It can automate and simplify company procedures, manage documents , offer collaboration tools and much more Read more about Jamio openwork
OnScreen step by step walkthroughs to help business users complete any task live in any application. Business process guides created in minutes by power users or trainers. Trusted by top Enterprise organizations to improve training & onboarding users on SAP, Salesforce, or any business application. Read more about OnScreen
BrainStorm QuickHelp helps mid-size and enterprise companies dramatically improve change management initiatives. Our highly personalized approach to change management reduces user frustration, alleviates IT workloads, and helps organizations achieve their change management goals. Read more about BrainStorm
ClickLearn ensures digital adoption by enabling organizations to easily onboard users in their business systems, for example, Microsoft D365, SAP, or Oracle. ClickLearn saves content authors time by automating the creation of training materials and documentation. Read more about ClickLearn
Spekit is a cloud-based software that provides businesses with sales enablement resources and training content for employees. It enables managers to collect and store knowledge across all business units in a centralized repository and automatically organize Salesforce metadata and processes. Read more about Spekit
A hybrid application dependency mapping platform enables creation of interactive, real-time maps of your IT environment. Offers detailed visibility, real-time data, quick time to value, and is simple and easy to use. Read more about Faddom
Virima is a SaaS platform for businesses to manage IT operations and report potential challenges. It provides IT insights for decision-making through automated infrastructure discoveries and service mapping. The platform is designed to help companies simplify IT operations and systems management. Read more about Virima
Used by Loom, Hopin, Amplitude, and Courier, LaunchNotes is the world's first end-to-end product success platform that empowers product teams to deliver change to necessary stakeholders through multiple channels with just a few clicks; resulting 2-3x increase in product engagement. Read more about LaunchNotes
C2 ITSM is an integrated IT service management software designed for organizations looking to provide highly refined quality service delivery. It’s also an ITIL-ready and codeless service desk built for reaching ultimate automation potential and operating best-in-class ticketing. Read more about C2-ITSM
Newired is a 100% code free, enterprise digital adoption solution which helps companies guide, analyze & optimize user experience. Create interactive guidance layers on top of existing web-based apps or websites to provide step-by-step guidance. Read more about Newired
évolt is a collaborative platform that enables teams and organizations to lead all their projects in a user-centered way. The solution delivers a suite of specialized applications/tools, expert methods, and templates to support teams in every aspect of their work. Read more about évolt
Planview Enterprise One enables EPMO and strategic planning leaders to translate strategy into delivery with roadmaps that connect investments, outcomes, business capabilities, technology and financials. Read more about Planview Portfolios
Whether you're a retailer managing the link between point of sale and the back office, a manufacturer seeking to improve quality processes, or a public company working to tighten IT controls — every organization using the IBM i needs to think about change management control. Read more about Implementer
ADOPT is a digital adoption solution, which helps businesses create, manage, & distribute training content to streamline the implementation of new technologies. It enables organizations to provide on-demand training, track progress, & customize communication as per user role, language, or location. Read more about Adopt
A mobile-friendly, integrated, scalable Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) system designed to learn from your experiences. With SOLABS organization builds all the required controls and visibility to continuously improve in real time. Read more about SOLABS QM10
SmartSolve is a SaaS enterprise complete QMS, vigilance and post-market surveillance, supplier, compliance, and risk management solutions for life sciences. Read more about SmartSolve
Startly is an all-in-one, fully integrated IT Service Management and Professional Services Automation platform. It will help your company track time and expense, manage projects, help desk, ticketing, change and asset management, and enforce organizational governance policies. Read more about Startly
Howspace empowers organizations to bring their people together to learn, collaborate, and arrive at decisions that drive progress. Our platform helps guide shared journeys, make sense of large-scale conversations, and ensures that everyone has a role in creating impact. Read more about Howspace
Do change requests require approval by the steering committee before you become active as a project manager? Flexibly select the suitable option for approval. Whether via tickets or open items - change management is mapped transparently and in line with processes. Read more about Projektron BCS
Mission Control is a project management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Read more about Mission Control

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