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PowerDMS is a cloud-based software platform that automatically disseminates, collects signatures on, and tracks your organization’s policies and procedures. Read more about PowerDMS
SmartDraw is an all-in-one diagramming software, which offers tools for designing flowcharts, floor plans, org charts, CAD drawings, electrical designs, landscaping designs, and more. SmartDraw can be used online or offline to build and edit custom flowcharts and designs. Read more about SmartDraw
All-In-One Cloud-Based Public Safety Management Platform. Reduce Time Spent on Paperwork by 50% to Get Your Officers Back to Work. Read more about Omnigo
FaceUp is a comprehensive whistleblowing platform. It is an easy-to-use solution with a customizable form, advanced report management, and maximum data security. FaceUp is compliant with international whistleblowing laws and already trusted by over 2,700 organizations. Try FaceUp for free today. Read more about FaceUp Whistleblowing System
PowerDetails is an employee scheduling software designed to help law enforcement agencies manage administrative operations such as extra-duty, off-duty, and overtime monitoring, communications, billing, and job management, among other processes. Read more about PowerDETAILS
SAFE, by Tracker Products, is a cloud-based evidence management solution designed to help police departments, state highway patrols, law firms, and forensic labs manage the collection, processing, and storage of information. The platform enables users to track physical as well as digital assets. Read more about SAFE
Rhodium Incident Management Suite is a cloud-based incident management solution designed for public safety agencies such as emergency medical service providers, fire departments, aviation authorities, manufacturing or industrial facilities, school campuses and law enforcement forces. Read more about Rhodium Incident Management Suite
Pipl is the world's leading provider of online identity information with over 3 billion cross-referenced online identities. Read more about Pipl
eFORCE Software provides solutions for public safety and law enforcement agencies regarding court and jail management and transportation dispatch systems. Key features include case and records management, case notes, warrant tracking, inmate accounting and management, API, and property logs. Read more about eFORCE
Caseboard is a Portuguese-language database integration platform that uses various features, such as complex network and relationship analysis functions, to investigate and combat fraud in phone calls, business and banking transactions, tax information, and more. Read more about Caseboard
OPS-COM is the most flexible and scalable cloud-based parking and violations solution available that includes both LPR and pay-by-phone Read more about OperationsCommander
Matrix is a web-based legal case management solution that enables businesses in the legal industry to manage documents, stakeholders, appointments, and more. Users can create reports, organize their data, and gain visibility into daily workflows, cases, or appointments from a personalized dashboard. Read more about Matrix
Designed and field-tested by law enforcement, CivicRMS is the ultimate high-performance records management system with single-entry data input and advanced integrations. With an easy to use, modern incident and crime data reporting, CivicRMS is the platform to improve your department's efficiencies. Read more about CivicRMS
Digital forensics tool that streamlines your investigations. Recover and analyze the evidence from multiple sources in one case. Read more about Magnet AXIOM
Column Case Management is a web-based investigation management solution designed for law enforcement, financial services, and investigative industries Read more about Column Case Management
CommandCentral by Motorola Solutions is a public safety command center software that facilitates central surveillance of emergencies and helps mobilize workflows and information so that first responders get the information they need quickly Read more about Motorola Command Center Software
WeTip 2.0 is redefining anonymous tip reporting with our new dedicated phone lines and configurable tip management system. It helps users to collect tips through calls, texts, or QR codes hyperlinked to web-based forms. Read more about WeTip
WebEOC is an emergency management software that helps local, state, and federal agencies prepare action plans in order to handle infrastructure or natural disasters and workplace violence. Read more about WebEOC
digiTICKET is an eCitation software designed to help state and local government organizations to create, submit, and manage violation tickets via a unified portal. The platform enables users to streamline data entry, ticket transferring, and record management operations. Read more about digiTICKET
CityGuards for Police is a mobile app and platform that has established a proven track record for enhancing community engagement between Police Officers and local residents and businesses. Read more about CityGuards
Veritone Redact is a cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution for automatically redacting sensitive information & faces from image or video-based evidence. The software automatically detects faces & manually-defined sensitive information, and records a full audit log of activity. Read more about Veritone Redact
Visallo is an investigative link analysis platform with machine learning algorithms for fraud detection, cyber, law enforcement, intelligence and insider threat. It helps analysts and investigators make more rigorous and defensible conclusions by visualizing complex connections in data. Read more about Visallo
Mark43 is a public safety software which combines 3 solutions for computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management (RMS), and data analytics and intelligence, helping agencies streamline and manage emergency responses, mission-critical data, and more. Read more about Mark43
VCM is a legal management platform designed to help private investigators, claims adjusters, law enforcement analysts, and corporate firms handle cases in collaboration with team members or clients. Key features include invoicing, document management, reporting, expense tracking, and more. Read more about VCM
ViolationAdmin is a web-based law enforcement software that enables universities and safety officers to manage parking tickets, compliance, traffic violations, online payments, and reinforcement of parking regulations. Read more about ViolationAdmin
RollKall makes it easy to find and accept off duty assignments. Read more about RollKall
Geoteamz City is a collaboration platform designed to help city, county, state, and federal government agencies and departments in the United States address various citywide problems. It enables organizations to communicate with police, utilities, fire, public works, and other departments, manage incidents, and track equipment via a unified portal. Read more about respond+
Rave 911 Suite provides 9-1-1 teams, first responders and emergency managers powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching and responding to emergencies more efficiently and effectively. Read more about Rave 911 Suite
LEFTA is a web-based law enforcement field training application that allows field training officers (FTO), correctional officers, and sheriffs to implement a field training program and conduct on-the-job performance monitoring. LEFTA's custom field training program can document and track FTO training of any law/correctional officer as well as... Read more about LEFTA
LexisNexis Accurint Virtual Crime Center is a next-gen analytics and data-sharing platform that enables law enforcement personnel to better target investigations, generate leads and solve crimes faster. Read more about Accurint Virtual Crime Center
Omnixx Enterprise is a cloud-based suite of software solutions designed to help businesses in the public safety and law enforcement industries collect, access, analyze, and share information. It comprises Omnixx Enterprise Platform and Omnixx Force, which allow teams to operate any client using desktop, mobile, web, or other handheld devices. Read more about Omnixx Enterprise
Public Safety Suite is designed to help public safety agencies in small to midsize cities handle natural disasters, drug epidemics, budget shortages, and other disasters via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to streamline operations related to computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management system (RMS), 911, and jail. Read more about Public Safety Suite
Rave Aware is a solution for public safety agencies to share data, speed response, and collaborate on incidents across jurisdictions. Read more about Rave Aware
CPTRAX for Windows provides real-time enterprise-wide alerting and auditing for Windows servers, workstations, and Active Directory environments. File Systems, Active Directory, GPOs and Logon+Logoff. Flexible and customizable scheduled reporting provides regular email reports and graphs. Read more about CPTRAX for Windows
Gov2biz is a comprehensive SaaS platform for government licensing and permitting agencies, providing everything they need to regulate business, professional, and occupational licenses in one place. Read more about Gov2biz
We are the world’s only blockchain intelligence ecosystem developed by government investigators and financial compliance experts. Read more about QLUE
Commshop is the only asset, inventory, + workorder management solution that can integrate directly with radios + radio systems. Purpose-built for organizations that manage + maintain radios + communications equipment assets. Read more about Commshop
Track + manage equipment + assets with 1 powerful, secure user-friendly software. Knowing more about your assets and equipment lets you worry less about your assets and equipment. From Mcmtech, leaders in mission-critical asset mgmt. Read more about Motiontrack
Commasset: asset + inventory software solution that integrates directly with radios for organizations managing communication equipment. Read more about Commasset
Motion360 is an asset and inventory management software solution with an integrated work order ticketing system that works to eliminate your duplicate processes, reduce errors, increase accountability, and improve your output. Read more about Motion360
Quartermaster is a cloud-based and on-premise inventory management solution that helps team members handle asset and inventory requests and distribution, which reduces loss and increases accountability. Read more about Quartermaster
BEAGLE is a compact analysis software designed to make Investigations easier. Read more about BEAGLE
Davidhorn offers a digital evidence capture and management solution that enables the capture and efficient management of digital evidence (EMS). Read more about DavidHorn

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