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The Canvas Learning Management Platform, built by Instructure, is the open, extensible learning management system that educators use and learners love. Read more about CANVAS
Gradelink is an easy-to-use student information system to help your school save time, improve enrollment, and fulfill its mission. Read more about Gradelink
Alma builds critical SIS tooling that significantly improves school operations and empowers educators to foster better student outcomes, so we can help you create the greatest generation of educators, so that they can create the greatest generation of students. Read more about Alma SIS
An advanced gradebook is only the start. Edsby allows teachers to capture evidence of learning, even in early years, against standards using latest assessment schemes. Educators can triangulate on and communicate learners’ progress more powerfully than with any other system. Read more about Edsby
Hero is a student behavior management software which helps K-12 schools manage classroom activity, referrals & tardiness, and track incidents, behavior & more Read more about Hero
The Kiddom education platform places everything schools and districts need for teaching and learning in one place. We help educators bridge the gap between curriculum, instruction, and assessments, creating a centralized hub that eliminates disparate tools, saves teachers time, and schools money. Read more about Kiddom
SCL is a cloud-based school administration solution designed to help educational institutions manage and streamline academic processes with learning modules. Teachers can record student details, attendance, and grades in a centralized database and communicate with parents via secure messaging. Read more about SCL
Teachmint is a global education infrastructure company that reimagines teaching, learning, and administration with the help of cutting-edge technology. We offer the best ERP, LMS & Digital Content solutions to boost your institute’s growth! Read more about Teachmint
Advanced grading module that ensures data security & integrates with your core SIS. Say hi to efficient & accurate grading. Read more about Classter
TeacherEase is an easy web-based student management software designed for small to medium sized districts & schools. Run your school efficiently & affordably with limited IT resources. Save time & make information available to authorized staff. Read more about TeacherEase
The SchoolCues gradebook is the best option in the market for small schools with limited budgets and resources. Access anytime, anywhere. Subjects, students, and teachers can easily be set up in just seconds. SchoolCues' gradebook supports multiple grading and reporting formats. Read more about SchoolCues
CollegeOne Suite unifies and automates academic, administrative, teaching, finance, accounting, billing, online payments, online learning, and much more, thereby eliminating unnecessary duplication of work. Our platform offers a wide array of popular features. Read more about CollegeOne Suite
Schoolbox is an integrated learning management system, community portal, and engagement platform for K-12 schools. Schoolbox offers course planning, assessment and reporting, and comprehensive scheduling tools as part of a virtual learning environment that connects teachers, students, and parents. Read more about Schoolbox
Teach 'n Go is a modern, intuitive, powerful school management system for learning centres and education businesses. It is designed to help educational institutions of all sizes manage scheduling, attendance, billing and payments, student data and much more. Read more about Teach n Go
Sycamore School is a feature-rich, affordable school management system with top-rated customer support that gives small to mid-sized private schools the power to streamline day-to-day operations, enhance reporting, and transform communication between educators, parents, and students. Read more about Sycamore School
Kinderpedia empowers teachers and managers with the tools to create a fully functional virtual school. Meaning that they can mark attendance, host online classes, grade the students and so many more! Read more about KINDERPEDIA
PraxiSchool is a cloud-based school management software that allows schools to manage all aspects of school administration, teaching, accounting, parent portal and more in a practical environment. The gradebook is designed to reduce clicks and is one of the highest rated features in PraxiSchool. Read more about PraxiSchool
DreamClass is a cloud-based class management system for educational organizations including K12 schools, colleges, sports academies, music schools, and dance studios. The platform offers tools for managing programs, students, admissions, teachers, attendance, grading, assessments, and more. Read more about DreamClass
MySchool is built as a fully featured secure web based school administration platform for K12 schools. Used in over 16 countries, MySchool has a customer satisfaction rating of +98% for support. Read more about MySchool
MySchoolWorx is a school management app for private K-12 school staff and students which supports all the tools needed to manage classroom activities, student information & parent communications, including online enrollment, lesson plans, grades & assignments, plus custom reporting, & more Read more about MySchoolWorx is an easy-to-use school management software for small to large K-12 schools. It provides intelligent features designed to simplify tasks, such as an automated student scheduler that distributes classes into available time slots. The student information system (SIS) is fully integrated with all the platform's... Read more about
Chalk is a cloud-based software. It is deployed to your computer as a web application and can be accessed from any internet browser. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses with only a few employees to large corporations with thousands of employees. Read more about Chalk
Kritik is a powerful peer-grading SaaS platform that facilitates accurate student-to-student assessments and saves professors time on grading. Read more about Kritik
With Gradebook Module, teachers can easily manage the grades and records of the students. This feature automatically compute and update grades in real time hence reduces the scope of human error. Read more about Fedena
Vision Student Information System is a cloud-based SIS for charter, public, and private schools administration, including gradebook features. Read more about Vision SIS
Beehively is a school administration system designed to help educational institutions manage distance learning processes, record students' grades, streamline communication across targeted groups, and more. Teachers can use grade books to create customizable reports. Read more about Beehively
Teachers use ThinkWave Educator gradebook software to easily record and calculate daily results. Parents and students stay involved with Grades Online. ThinkWave Administrator makes it easy for schools to manage grades, attendance, and reporting. Read more about ThinkWave Educator
SchoolBrains is a student information system for k-12 schools which provides tools to manage student information, set academic goals and track school activities Read more about SchoolBrains
Jupiter is a web-based learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS) for K-12, scalable from the smallest charter schools to districts with 100,000s of students. It is the gradebook teachers love! Flexible. Intuitive shortcuts. Homework online. Tests online. Essays online. Lessons online. Simplify scheduling, attendance,... Read more about Jupiter
TeacherPlus Gradebook is a teacher gradebook system that integrates with Administrator's Plus student information system for managing grades, scores, skills, and narratives. Features include real-time dashboards, a parent portal, live grade uploading, reports, grading tables, skills banks, and more. Read more about TeacherPlus Gradebook
EduHappy is a learning management system (LMS) designed specifically to cover all school learning & education processes across multiple schools and curriculum. It has virtual classrooms for online meetings and video conference. Read more about EDUHAPPY
i-Nucleus is a multilingual management information system for schools, colleges, academies and learning centres of any size. i-Nucleus replaces all the different applications into a single and integrated environment, removing the gaps caused by separate working practices. Read more about i-Nucleus
Comprehensive, flexible, secure & single-database MarkersPro SIS that scales for your district! MarkersPro is a cloud-based K-12 student information system software that was specifically created to help schools strike a perfect balance of features, cost, customization, and ease of use. Read more about MarkersPro
SEDUCA is a next generation Learning Management System. It is web-based, 100% online 24/7, developed in compliance with the standards and best practices of the market in terms of security and infrastructure, and oriented to K-12 schools. Read more about SEDUCA
MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository. Read more about MNprogram
NoRedInk is an eLearning software designed to help educational institutions conduct assessments, manage student data, and track learners’ progress. It enables students to organize ideas, edit passages, improve grammar and writing skills, and submit writing samples to teachers for review. Read more about NoRedInk
Edvance is a web-based school information management software that enables staff, students, administrators and parents to securely share information online. Integrated solution combining SIS, LMS, Admissions, Parent-teacher conferences, robust search and reporting. Read more about Edvance
WebAssign is a learning management system (LMS) that helps secondary and higher educational institutions manage processes related to course creation, assignment distribution, grading, and more. Faculties can schedule classes, set assignment due dates, grade essays, and share resources with learners. Read more about WebAssign
OpenEduCat is an open-source school management solution that helps educational institutions manage engagement, communication, and collaboration with students, teachers, and staff members. The course management tool lets users plan curriculum, transcripts, exam schedules, course hierarchies, and more Read more about OpenEduCat
Ellevation is a gradebook software that helps educators and EL administrators collect and store data from various sources in a centralized interface to form language development goals. It lets managers plan strategies and activities to engage linguistically diverse students in the class. Read more about Ellevation
MyClassboard is a SaaS-based school management software solution featuring modules spanning administration, fee collection, messaging, academic grading and more Read more about MyClassboard
Create, proctor, and manage online exams. TomaEtest allows higher education staff to shorten and simplify the exam process while ensuring integrity and improving results. Read more about TomaEtest
Libro de calificaciones, hojas de matrícula, informes de matrícula, constancias de estudio, cuadros de honor, entre otros informes. Todos son parametrizables y con opciones de configuración. Read more about Ciudad Educativa
Free education management system for schools, parents, teachers and students. Cloud based school ERP with attendance management, transportation management, bus tracker, fee management, student management, assignment/homework management, staff management, student management, and more. Read more about Education Progress Tracker
ForeSight GPS (guided path to success) is a learning management and progress tracking tool for tutors & students to create success roadmaps & manage goals Read more about ForeSight Academics
Idukay is a cloud-based academic management software designed to help K–12 schools digitize administrative processes such as curriculum planning, student management, parent-child monitoring, and more. Read more about Idukay
Driving GradeBook is a cloud-based grading tool solution for driving schools. This application reduces human dependency; and instructors, admins, students and parents can check driving progresses anytime. Read more about Driving GradeBook
Homeschool Tracker is a web-based homeschool recordkeeping software designed to help businesses create reusable lesson plans and generate report cards for transcripts. It lets teams track days of school using session or time spent fields. Read more about Homeschool Tracker
French online school management software covering administration, school life, communication, billing and accounting for schools. Read more about Ecole Futée
Flup integrates communication, educational processes, online classes, and school accounting in one place. It uses the Flup app to facilitate contact between teachers, students, and parents. At the same time, it serves as a platform for information exchange via access to the cloud. Read more about Flup

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