SYSPRO is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to simplify business complexity for manufacturers and distributors. Highly flexible, SYSPRO can be deployed in the cloud, on premise, or through a hybrid model, and is accessed from any device, at anytime, anywhere. SYSPRO is licensed through a perpetual or subscription pricing model.
SYSPRO provides an end-to-end, fully integrated business solution that includes accounting, inventory management, order management, planning and scheduling, supply chain management, warehouse management, production management, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, self-service portal, and manufacturing operations management applications.

SYSPRO’s focuses on delivering advanced, useful, and easy-to-adopt tools that help its customers integrate technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, cloud, and consumer-grade user experience (UX) into their ERP system.
As an industry-built solution, serving manufacturers and distributors for over 40 years, SYSPRO offers implementation frameworks built on proven best practices and extensive expertise.

SYSPRO's mobile solution, Espresso, gives users anytime, anywhere access to their business processes and data. Not all modules or functionality may be available on Espresso.

Key benefits of SYSPRO

• Get a unified view of your business from one solution.
• Go beyond knowing who your customers are to leveraging behavioral insights to deliver them more value.
• Digitize and stabilize the supply chain.
• Scale with infrastructure that is built for change.
• Make data-driven decisions.


Business size



Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany and 5 others, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Mexico, United States

Supported Languages

Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish


Main desktop view
Search function on Espresso mobile app
Custom Part Structure
Customer Query
Manufacturing operations management
Job Query
Bill of Materials
Purchase order query
Sales order entry
Inventory query
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SYSPRO video SYSPRO video SYSPRO screenshot: Main desktop view SYSPRO screenshot: Search function on Espresso mobile app SYSPRO screenshot: Custom Part Structure SYSPRO screenshot: Customer Query SYSPRO screenshot: Scheduling SYSPRO screenshot: Manufacturing operations management SYSPRO screenshot: Job Query SYSPRO screenshot: Bill of Materials SYSPRO screenshot: Purchase order query SYSPRO screenshot: Sales order entry SYSPRO screenshot: Inventory query


Total features of SYSPRO: 126

  • API
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Accounting
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Audit Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Barcode Printing
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Barcoding/RFID
  • Bill of Material Analysis
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Bills of Material
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • CRM
  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Cataloguing/Categorisation
  • Change Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Client Management
  • Client Portal
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Collections Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Contact Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Cost Estimating
  • Cost Tracking
  • Cost-to-Completion Tracking
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Customer Database
  • Customizable Fields
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Distribution Management
  • Document Automation
  • Document Management
  • Document Storage
  • EDI
  • ERP
  • Electronic Payments
  • Email Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Estimating
  • Expense Claims
  • Expense Tracking
  • FDA Compliance
  • Financial Management
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Forecasting
  • General Ledger
  • Historical Trend Analysis
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Invoice Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Job Costing
  • Job Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Job Tracking
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Mobile Access
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Multi-Company
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Department/Project
  • Natural Language Search
  • Offline Access
  • Order Entry
  • Order Management
  • Order Processing
  • Order Tracking
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Pipeline Management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Procurement Management
  • Production Management
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Project Accounting
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • RFID Scanning
  • Real Time Data
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Referral Tracking
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Returns Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Sales Tax Management
  • Scheduled / Automated Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Search/Filter
  • Segmentation
  • Self Service Portal
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Shipping Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Task Management
  • Territory Management
  • Traceability
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Workflow Management
  • eCommerce Management



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Overall rating

4.2 /5
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Customer Support

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Verified Reviewer
Overall rating
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Company size: 501-1,000 Employees
  • Used Daily for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 8.0 /10

Perfect ERP system on a tight budget

Reviewed on 12/9/2018


Syspro is the perfect ERP for small organisations that simply do not need to scale-ability of much larger and better marketed ERP systems. The software, using its MS-SQL database will give you almost any report you require, otherwise you can extract the data you need, import it into your favourite spreadsheet program and compile those reports you need. Using SRS (Syspro Reporting Services) you can easily compile forms and reports and make them look how you want.


Without a good and easily accessible local resource/service agent, the customisation possibilities are terribly daunting.

John F.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Food Production
  • Company size: 501-1,000 Employees
  • Used Daily for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

Simple to use and reliable ERP

Reviewed on 25/11/2019

Syspro was implemented to give us a solid, robust and scalable ERP solution that met the majority...

Syspro was implemented to give us a solid, robust and scalable ERP solution that met the majority of our needs. We needed a system that would meet our core needs but also allow us to create the functionality that didn't exist without significant reengineering costs. Syspro was able to do this for us. The Syspro teams, and the VARs, all have experienced business analysts, project managers, and devs. They will work alongside you to develop a solid strategy for success.


Right out of the box Syspro implements many best practise recommendations and for most businesses that's a great start. You can get up and running very quickly without having to customize Syspro. A key feature though is the extensibility of the software.

We all have that internal process that no one could call best practise. It's unique to us, it's ugly and painful but we just can't live without it. Fortunately, Syspro gives you a very robust business object framework to deal with these situations. You can easily create customized features and external applications using your own programming tools like Visual Studio but that integrate seamlessly with Syspro.

Business objects allow you to enforce strict data schemas so you can be confident that inbound data meets the Syspro standards - you only want good data going in! We have been able to develop numerous add ons and custom applications that add real value to our Syspro implementation.

Like any major ERP software, Syspro cannot be everything to everyone. While the core functionality is extensive and varied the ability to quickly build new features that tie directly into Syspro is a sure way to improve your ROI.


Patching is always a challenge. Syspro allows you to heavily customize the core product with custom scripts, screens and add ons. As a result, a solid testing strategy is needed to make sure that all customizations are properly tested in your dev environment before deploying to production.

Things can occasionally go wrong with a specific port (patch) and core functionality can be impacted. Syspro are quick to respond to these issues though. Syspro doesn't publish hotfix availability for every known issue so be sure to ask your VAR when patching if there are any that are relevant to you.

Anthony M.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Construction
  • Company size: 51-200 Employees
  • Used Daily for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 3.0 /10

Syspro is feature rich, complex and does not fit our industry or our company

Reviewed on 20/4/2018

It seems that there are basically two camps of Syspro users: those that love the ERP, and those...

It seems that there are basically two camps of Syspro users: those that love the ERP, and those that hate the ERP. That is evident in both the official and unofficial forums on the web. Overall, we can see the reporting advantages, but we are in the camp that Syspro is just not a good fit for us. We are the rare company that is in the middle - we don't hate Syspro, but we don't like it either. We definitely have more cons than pros.


Our installation of Syspro uses SQL, which allows for a great amount of reporting options. The data can also be extracted to Excel or an Access database. You can also utilize SSRS to generate reports.


1. We are unable to receive inventory in a prior period. We are a repair service and subcontractor. We will order equipment and parts on the last day of the month. However, we will not receive invoices for those parts until the next month. If we roll our period forward, then we are unable to receive inventory in that prior month. As many of our customers have service budgets, often we have to bill items through a month end; billing in a different period can mess up our customer budgets. But if we are unable to receive inventory in our prior month, then we have to "hold" the month open. That throws off our AR. Although AR and Inventory can be closed separately, it will not work as no new Sales Orders can be open due to a period mismatch between Inventory and AR. That essentially means that we have to choose between Cash (AR Receipts) or Inventory being correct. The other will be off unless we juggle daily processes (like stop recording AR Cash Receipts in the ERP). This is a huge problem as often the prices on our inventory purchases can vary daily. As such, we often do not have an exact cost until our invoice is received from our vendor. As such, inventory is often required to be received in a prior period.

2. There are multiple ways in which to set permissions for users. We upgraded a few years ago from Syspro 6.1 to Syspro 7.0. Upon doing so, many users lost permissions. We have a service contract with Syspro (directly, not through a VAR), and they told us it should not have done that. They worked with us and could not find out why that occurred. After a few weeks, we ended up opening all permissions to everyone in order for people to perform their duties. Syspro never provided us with a resolution. This is not an optimal setup.

Michael G.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

Excellent product! Been using it since 1999.

Reviewed on 17/8/2016


We have been using Syspro since 1999 and have found it to be an excellent product to run our business. We utilize Syspro to run all of our domestic and international business and to seamlessly tie our businesses together. At any point and time we have complete visibility across the entire business. We use almost all of the core component modules (accounting, inventory, sales, WIP, Purchasing, etc.) that Syspro offers and we find the software fast, stable and extremely accurate. This is the thing I like best about this product; that it is extremely stable and accurate. I would think anyone in the market for an ERP would consider this a number one criteria and I have seen too often where other products miss this mark. With Syspro, I have found that things just work. I run a distributed system across a WAN with many users in different locations; and everything works and ties out. I rarely have any issue with the functionality of Syspro. A close second to its stability is its openness of its data. There are numerous applications that we have written to augment functionality to closer align the software with how we conduct business. This is only possible because we are able to access the data utilizing their E.NET features which allows us to execute transactions without bypassing the business logic.


We are a 24 hour shop situated across the globe. Because of this, we have users in the system effectively all the time. End of Month closures and balancing functions require exclusive access in order to perform those functions. It would be better if we could perform those functions without exclusivity of the databases.

Thomas J.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Wholesale
  • Company size: 51-200 Employees
  • Used Daily for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 8.0 /10

User-friendly and Easy to Customize

Reviewed on 10/7/2020

Overall it is a very good software for the money and easy to use with plenty of customization...

Overall it is a very good software for the money and easy to use with plenty of customization options available.


The software is easy to navigate and use and contains everything we need out of an ERP. In situations where more complex or different functionality is needed, Syspro makes it very easy to integrate with third-party softwares. There are lots of companies that offer Syspro integration out of the box, and the user base is a great community. There are also lots of customization options within Syspro that allow you to tailor the product to your company's needs without worry of those customizations not being supported by the software or the next upgrade. Administration of the software also is pretty easy.


If you don't run the latest version of the software that supports the browser-based interface, remote use for sales people is a little clunkier since you would have to access a windows PC either via VPN or remote desktop. But the browser-based product seems like it will work much better on mobile devices on the go.

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Below are some frequently asked questions for SYSPRO.

SYSPRO offers the following pricing plans:

  • Starting from:
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

SYSPRO pricing is based on customer requirements, the number of users and software deployment.

We do not have any information about SYSPRO features

SYSPRO has the following typical customers:

Self Employed, 2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1,000, 1,001+

SYSPRO supports the following languages:

Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish

SYSPRO supports the following devices:

Android (Mobile), iPhone (Mobile), iPad (Mobile)

SYSPRO integrates with the following applications:

Avalara, Configure One, Dovetail, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prophix, UniPoint Quality Management Software

SYSPRO offers the following support options:

Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat

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