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Issuu is a content creation and distribution software designed to help businesses in publishing, real estate, education, travel, sports, and other industries transform PDF, images, or text into digital content and share them across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Designers can embed magazines, personalized sales collateral, and marketing catalogs on corporate websites and optimize content to improve rankings or outreach on search engines.

Using Issuu, publishers can create custom reading experiences for audiences by adding background colors or logos to the interface and creating, distributing, and promoting content using visual stories and virtual subscriptions. Marketers can create articles, GIFs, presentations, brochures, or catalogs, drive campaigns across social platforms, and monitor the number of reads, impressions, or average time spent by audiences. Designers can also share created content with employees, targeted audiences, or customers and collaborate with editorial teams to handle approvals.

Issuu integrates with various third-party systems such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign, and Google Drive. Managers can also track the status or deadlines on tasks, assign articles to team members, and create visual stories for Facebook and Instagram to engage with followers.

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Key benefits of Issuu

• Integrate Issuu into your marketing tech stack to automate content marketing and distribution for web, blog, social, email and more.
• Transform PDFs into online flipbooks, and retain visual design aesthetics, optimized for mobile
• Easily embed videos and live links into flat designs to make content more engaging and interactive
• Embed content into websites, blogs, landing pages, and LMSs
• Remix content into stories for Instagram and Facebook, GIFs for email campaigns and more.
• Measure campaign success with statistics.


Business size


Pricing starting from:


  • Free Trial
  • Subscription
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Easy upload and integrations
Add links and video
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Optimized for all devices
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Issuu video Issuu screenshot: Easy upload and integrations Issuu screenshot: Add links and video Issuu screenshot: Sharing on social Issuu screenshot: SEO detected links Issuu screenshot: Optimized for all devices


Total features of Issuu: 40

  • API
  • Advertising Management
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Approval Process Control
  • Booking Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Cataloguing/Categorisation
  • Circulation Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Distribution Management
  • Document Management
  • Dynamic Content
  • Engagement Analytics
  • File Sharing
  • Interactive Content
  • Layout & Design
  • Magazines
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers
  • Publish Scheduling
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • SEO Management
  • Social Advertising
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Status Tracking
  • Task Planning
  • Templates
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Video Management
  • Video Support
  • Workflow Management



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Overall rating

4.7 /5
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Customer Support

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Crystal W.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Media Production
  • Company size: 11-50 Employees
  • Used Other for 1+ year
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

Engaging and Easy to Use

Reviewed on 18/12/2020

Overall, I have been quite happy with Issuu.

Overall, I have been quite happy with Issuu.


Issuu offers a very simple, easy to use and easy to understand platform which is refreshing. I also appreciate the options to add extra content like articles/stories to increase engagement on different devices.


The only problem we have run into with Issuu is the limited update and replace options. Other programs we have used in the past offered the option to replace a single page in the total publication - rather then having to re-upload the entire publication. When we are putting together a 100+ page publication, having to re-upload and re-link the entire thing if we find an issue on a single page can be a bit frustrating.

Rose L.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Graphic Design
  • Company size: 2-10 Employees
  • Used Monthly for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

We Couldn't Function without Issuu

Reviewed on 29/12/2020

We love Issuu! Not only has this helped us to convert more sales, but it helps our clients display...

We love Issuu! Not only has this helped us to convert more sales, but it helps our clients display their pricing & other offerings in a way that's really unique, easy to use, and beautiful.

There's really no reason NOT to give this company a shot, as they allow you to get started with no strings (or moolah) involved.


For the last ten or so years, we've been uploading our magazine designs to Issuu so other creatives can see how our templates look and can be displayed.

It's the only site we've found that allows users to flip through a publication like an actual magazine while allowing for clickable links. You can also choose to send over your publication digitally by sending clients your Issuu url, and you can hide your publication from the public, if needed.

Without Issuu, we wouldn't have sold thousands and thousands of our magazine templates. Their product was a GAME-CHANGER!


Without paying for a premium account, ads will be displayed below your publication. It definitely wasn't a deal-breaker, as we continue to use (and love) the free version of their software.

For larger businesses, I'd suggest upgrading so clients have a seamless branding experience across all platforms.

Bradley W.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Education Management
  • Company size: 51-200 Employees
  • Used Daily for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

Issuu sets the standard

Reviewed on 25/4/2021

I teach to a great variety of audiences. It's nice to know they can find my course materials...

I teach to a great variety of audiences. It's nice to know they can find my course materials easily. And once they find me, they can find all my materials in a convenient and easy-to-use form.


The creation of the PDF format was a leap forward. Without ways to share and view PDF files, the move toward a "paperless society" was problematic at best. Issuu helped users solve that problem. With Issuu, we can upload files and share links with many users via email or social media. The interface is clean and easy to use with enough customizability to make it look clean almost anywhere.


The one feature I miss in the free version is the ability to embed my PDF files on my websites. This is a rather basic function. I know the company has to make money and this is a feature that is worth paying for. It just hurts that it was free.

Ivan enrique R.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Music
  • Company size: Self Employed
  • Used Other for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Likelihood to recommend 6.0 /10

Perusal Material

Reviewed on 22/12/2020

I am rather satisfied with the product.

I am rather satisfied with the product.


The opportunity to upload original material for others to peruse in a personal website is good. The ability to maintain it secure could be better but is also good.


I would love it to be more affordable or have student options, or even options for super small business that don’t yet make profit.

Betsy J.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Design
  • Company size: Self Employed
  • Used Weekly for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

A straightforward tool that has helped my business grow

Reviewed on 5/1/2021


I love how simple the platform is for both publishers and consumers. I'm a relatively light user, but I have never once felt the need tp even consider other platforms. It has an attractive interface and makes my job easier.


I sometimes feel the language in the UX and in tutorials and the pricing model etc is so specific to typical magazines where there is a single design distributed to the masses. I have a very different use case where I sell customer one-off magazine designs to clients and use Issuu to work through revisions and approvals with them. I also maintain my issuu profile as a way to showcase my work. I'm sure there are lots of other unique use cases too. Really, this is such a small nit, but it is the one thing I would complain about if I had to.

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Issuu FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Issuu.

Issuu offers the following pricing plans:

  • Starting from: US$22.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

We do not have any information about Issuu features

Issuu has the following typical customers:

Self Employed, 2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1,000, 1,001+

We do not have any information about what languages Issuu supports

Issuu supports the following devices:

Android (Mobile), iPhone (Mobile), iPad (Mobile)

Issuu integrates with the following applications:

Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Docs, Google Drive, Mailchimp

Issuu offers the following support options:

Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base

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